Best Toddler Travel Beds for Children to Rest Their Sleepy Head

Whether you adore traveling or you’ve got a long journey coming up, having children alongside you can seem daunting. However, there’s no reason as to why having toddlers should hold you back when it comes to staying somewhere overnight.

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When your children are first born, it’s a different story since it’s impractical to carry a huge cot around with you. But, when your children enter their toddler years, there’s a whole world of opportunities before you.

One of the leading child-travel accessories is a travel bed. These beds are specially designed to give your toddlers all the comfort and support they need while you’re out and about in the big wide world.​

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Product Name



The Shrunks Sleepover Portable Travel Bed

  • Inflatable travel bed

  • Effortless to setup

  • Minimal hassle

Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

  • Llightweight inflatable mattress

  • Made from enforced vinyl 

  • Virtually puncture-free

Worlds Apart Junior Ready Bed

  • Comfortable and luxurious experience

  • Inflatable bed

  • Safety and comfort

My 3 Favorite Toddler-Friendly Travel Beds

Not sure what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Narrowing down your search, here are three of my favorite travel beds for your toddlers to rest their sleepy heads.

1. The Shrunks Sleepover Portable Travel Bed

Firstly, I’ll share with you a travel bed that my kids absolutely adore. Whenever you’re planning a trip, this is a must-take accessory. This inflatable travel bed is effortless to setup. In fact, it takes less than a minute. This means minimal hassle when getting ready to settle in for the night.

Included with your purchase, you’ll find a compact carry bag to store everything in neatly. You’ll also find a repair kit included, in case you ever discover a puncture, as well as an electric pump. No more will you have to sit while you exhaust your lungs trying to pump the bed up.

The bed is also a handy conventional twin size. This means you can take along your sheets from home and they’ll fit perfectly. What’s more, all the materials used in making this bed are free from harmful chemicals such BPA and lead.​

What’s Great About It: This travel bed is specially designed with bed rails on either side. Just like at home, this stops your child falling off the bed onto the floor during restless periods of sleep. This ensures everybody stays sound asleep throughout the night.

2. Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Whether you’re going camping, to a friend’s house, having a sleepover or enjoying your vacation, this travel bed will excel.

A lightweight inflatable mattress, the Hiccapop bed is a modern way to let your children rest in style and comfort.

The mattress itself is made from enforced vinyl that makes it 40% thicker than any other travel beds on the market. This ensures that the mattress is virtually puncture-free, minimizing the stressful risk of not having a usable bed while you’re away.

Also, the exterior ring of this mattress is slightly raised, as to stop your child falling off it in the night. The interior layer is designed using soft velvety materials. This makes it incredibly comfortable to sleep.

Thanks to the included turbo pump stored within the large easy-fit bag, you can inflate this mattress in less than 30-seconds. That’s less time worrying about setting it up and more time focused on spending time with your family.

What’s Great About It: Furthermore, this bed is also commonly used as a transition bed. This is because big beds can be too big, especially if your child is only used to a cot or crib. Instead, use this bed to get them used to the size.

3. Worlds Apart Junior Ready Bed

Finally, I’ve chosen this outstanding travel bed for two reasons. Firstly, it’s practical, and secondly, it has a touch of style and class. If you’re looking to give your toddler a comfortable and luxurious experience, this is the bed for you.

This inflatable bed comes with its own set of covers, meaning you’ll never have to worry about forgetting the sheets. There’s an exclusive bedhead included which wraps around the top-end of the bed, adding another level of safety and comfort to your child’s experience.

As you would expect, all these covers are removed effortlessly and are completely safe to be cleaned in the washing machine.

Additionally, you’ll also find a hand pump for inflating as well as a convenient carry bag. Everything fits perfectly into this bag, enabling you to take this bed with you, wherever your next adventure may be.

What’s Great About It: For the best experience, there are three exciting and vibrant colors and designs to choose from. This means you can choose the bed that your child will love the most, guaranteeing a peaceful night’s sleep.

Everything You Need to Know About Toddler Travel Beds

Shopping for a toddler travel bed can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. With this in mind, here are a few points to ensure you make the best purchase for you.


As the name suggests, your travel bed will be coming with you wherever you go. For this reason, you’ll want to look for one that’s lightweight and compact. As a rule of thumb, a decent travel bed can be carried in one hand with minimal strain.


Just like your toddler’s bed at home, you won’t want your travel bed to become too hot or too cold. For this, check to see how breathable the layer of material is that your toddler will sleep on.


As with all children’s products, safety is key. When it comes to travel beds, look for beds that are free from harmful chemicals, such as lead or BPA plastics. In some cases, you may even want to look for a bed that has hypoallergenic properties. These can be found on travel beds made from organic materials.


This is a bed your children will be sleeping in, so it’s essential that it’s comfortable. If you’re buying online, ensure that you purchase one with a refund policy, so you can take it swap it over if your child doesn’t like it.


Accidents and spills happen, and your travel bed is not exempt. Look for a bed with an easy-wipe surface. Additionally, if your bed comes with covers, it will be much easier for you if these covers are machine washable.


Your toddler’s first experience of a night away from home is an exciting one. With a comfortable travel bed, the experience will only ever get better. Each of the beds on my list is a fantastic choice. So now all you need to do is to decide where you’re going.

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