Best Toy Cars for Toddlers in 2017 for Endless Fun

Cars (and other vehicles) are among the most popular toys of children and toddlers. Looking for the best one for your kid? It takes a lot of knowledge to succeed. Know what your little one needs as a toddler or child how you can provide them.

Our Picks of Toy Cars for Toddlers 

We have here product reviews of the best toy cars for toddlers and kids. Take a close look at each of them and decide what’s best for your child.

1. VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck​

This dump truck is designed especially for kids particularly those who are six months to three years old.

The construction toy comes with three colorful buttons and two AAA batteries. The buttons are used to play melodies, show phrases, and teach colors.

To learn numbers, the player should drop a colorful rock into the dump truck and let it tumble into the bucket. He or she can move the push toy to see rocks rumbling inside the bucket. To start again, the player should lift the bucket and unload the rocks.

What's Great About It: The best thing about this toy is its capacity to enhance both mental and physical skills. It improves mental skills by teaching the concepts of music, numbers, words, and colors and enhances motor skills by letting the players lift and unload the rocks from the bucket.

2. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Green Race Car

This race car best suits the needs of children who are one to five years of age.

The product features VTech SmartPoint Technology andcomes with three sing along melodies and 40 unique phrases and sounds. It also has a light-up driver button that activates music, sounds, and learning in general. Likewise, it comes with two AAA batteries and includes power-off for saving batteries.

The player must push the car for it is not motorized.

What's Great About It: While it comes with a number of features, this toy is somehow an old school item for it requires the players to do some pushing. With this trait, the race car enhances the players’ motor skills.

3. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset

This learning center is best for players who are one to five years old.

In playing this set, kids should build the provided track to be able to pass vehicles through two different courses and four different levels.

It includes a car wash and a gas station. It also features a SmartPoint Van that has the capacity to teach the letter “V” and also the vehicle’s name through pretend play. Through promoting manipulative play and coming with interchangeable track pieces, this product can enhance motor skills.

What's Great About It: While improving physical skills through the act of building, this product also enhances creativity through role-playing.

​4. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car

This educational toy car is designed for kids who are six months to three years old.

It features Smart Stages technology and comes with more than 75 sing-along tunes, phrases, and songs. It also includes an interactive dashboard with activities, lights, and sounds. Likewise, this toy features three modes of play: imagination, music, and learning.

This stationary car encourages movements like crawling, pulling up, sitting up, and moving around. For ball play, it includes a ramp and three balls.

What's Great About It: The best thing about this product is its ability to teach different things to kids while encouraging physical movement.

​5. Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car with Music and Lights Electric Radio Control Toy

This toy is best for toddlers who are at least 18 months old.

It comes with removable race car driver action figure; and features music, honking sounds, and flashing headlights.

This RC cartoon race car’s functions include developing sound discrimination ability, enhance color perception, exercise finger for flexibility, stimulating imagination, and coordinating awareness and development. With these functions, your baby will be able to learn various sets of skills.

What's Great About It: From improving physical skills to stimulating the mind, this toy car encompasses a lot of learning processes that players are at liberty reap.

​6. Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Pull-Back Vehicle Set

This vehicle set is perfect for children aged nine months to four years.

It comes with four soft vehicles: family car, school bus, police car, and fire truck. This soft vehicle set is especially intended for babies and toddlers. Each piece is easy for little kids to lift and roll.

This product aims to develop these skills: fine motor, sensory, gross motor, language, problem-solving, and social-emotional.

What's Great About It: Coming with soft vehicles, this set is indeed suitable for the aforementioned ages. The huge consideration of age is especially visible in the features it promotes.

7. Kid O Go Car

This toy is best for kids who are one year old and above. It also suits the needs of the youngest drivers.

It comes with a contemporary design that features super-saturated, bright, and shiny colors that are safe for children. It has rubber wheels that won’t ruin the floor or furniture. It comes in four colors: peony pink, grass green, aqua blue, and cherry red.

The right side is easy to grasp, push and roll.

What's Great About It: Given the traits of this product, it is safe o say that it has already earned the capability to enable players to smoothly build a car and teach different things to children.

​8. Melissa & Doug Nesting and Sorting Garages and Cars

This building set is best for children aged two to four years old.

It comes with a match-and-stack set of seven wooden cars and seven stacking garages. It also features colorful garages that include counting pictures on the back walls. With this item, kids have the option to build a tower or a whole town.

The set encourages counting, problem-solving, imagination, color, and creative play. Using this set opens to various opportunities to learn and enhance ones skills.

What's Great About It: This product is a versatile set, which speaks about its abilities to teach various skills.

​9. Green Toys Scooper Vehicle

This vehicle set is designed for children who are two to ten years old.

It uses 100 percent recycled plastic and is BPA-free. It is also dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The packaging materials are also recycled and printed using soy inks.

It is good for both individual and team plays. It is portable and can easily fit a sand box, gift box, or toy box. Each vehicle measure approximately six-piece long.

What's Great About It: Using recycled materials, this item is earth-friendly. Therefore, it likewise prevents various health problems that may occur to children.

​10. Skip Hop Explore and More Pull-and-Go Toy Car, Blue

This toy car is best for kids who are at least six months old.

It comes with soft rubber wheels, engaging textures, and flexible accent. You can have it in bee or hedgehog design.

This product also comes with recycled materials and is phthalate and PVC-free.

What's Great About It: The best thing about this product is that it can grow with your kid. While it best suits little children, your child can still use it even if he or she is already a grown up.

​11. Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Race and Chase Carrier

This toy suits the needs of kids who are 18 months to five years old.

Basically, this product is a slide for miniature vehicles. It is a car carrier that is also a race track. Players can set two cars and zoom them down the ramp. The carrier can also serve as a storage container for the cars. It also comes with an easy-carry handle.

What's Great About It: This toy has numerous functions, from being a car carrier to being a race track to being a storage container. It saves space and makes cleaning up easy.

12. Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub

This toy is perfect for kids aged 18 months to five years. It is basically a toy car that you can play on water.

The product features two-vehicle ferry boat system that floats on water

It is made from 100 percent recycled plastic and does not contain PVC, BPA, or phthalates. It likewise meets FDA food contact standards.

It is easy to clean and maintain.

What's Great About It: Its uniqueness is its best quality. A toy car that can be played on water is indeed fascinating. Another great thing about this toy is being environment-friendly.

​13. Magnetic Car Loader Wooden Toy Set Melissa & Doug

Your kid should be at least 18 months old to be able to enjoy this toy. It especially suits the interests of those who are fascinated with heavy movers.

The product comes with a solid wooden truck. It includes a red truck equipped with a magnetic arm, four wooden cars (magnetic), and a trailer for carrying the cars.

It features distinct numbers and colors on each car that can inspire sorting, counting, and sequencing. It enhances hand-eye coordination, as well as motor skills.

What's Great About It: What’s great about this product is its capacity to provide various benefits to the user. Apart from improving physical skills, it also enhances mental skills. It is a simple toy that has a lot to give its players.

​14. Set of 4 Cartoon Friction Powered Push & Play Vehicles for Toddlers

This vehicle set is perfect for children who are at least 18 months old and are fond of heavy vehicles and equipment.

The product comes with a dump truck, pay loader with excavator, cement mixer, and farm tractor. It is made of sturdy plastic that is of high quality. Each vehicle is between four to eight inches long.

What's Great About It: While this toy is very simple, it has the capacity to enhance creativity and imagination. Playing with it is an effective way to stimulate the minds of kids.

​15. Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Soft Activity Toy, Puppy

This no-ordinary toy car is perfect for babies who are at least three months old.

This product is an activity toy puppy that has various features like chime and rattle ring. It comes with multiple fabrics and attaches to strollers, infant carriers, and car seats.

What's Great About It: It may look like a mere animal-shaped car, but it is full of features that can provide numerous benefits to your kid. It is likewise easy to transport.

​16. Wheeee-ls Pull Back Toy Vehicle Set with Sounds

This product is perfect for kids who are one to three years old.

This set consists of four cars designed like Disney cars. It is an activity toy that comes with different sounds: truck chimes, car rings, racer rattles, and taxi squeaks.

To make it work, pull the vehicles back and release them in order to self-propel. The whole set does not require battery use.

What's Great About It: The vehicle set is easy to use. Your kid can enjoy it as long as he or she wants, for it does not require any batteries.

How We Chose these Toddlers-favorite Toy Cars

Before coming up with the list above, we carefully examined potential products. Here are our criteria for picking the best items to recommend for toddlers:

Age appropriateness

The featured items suits children of different ages. As we chose the toys to recommend, we made sure that each of them is best and safe for a particular age group. When buying a toy for your kid, make sure that it also suits his or her age.


As you have read above, we featured items that are safe to use and contain safe materials. Toddlers and kids are very prone to adverse happenings, so it pays to prioritize their safety.


The toys above have their fair share of benefits. Each of them contributes lot in providing the various developmental needs of toddlers and kids. When buying a toy for your child, see to it that your chosen products also provide what your little one truly needs.

Developmental Needs of Children

As you know, toddlers and kids have various developmental needs that become more and more crucial as they grow up. They can get or miss them depending on their lifestyle. Here are the developmental needs of children that you should pay attention to:

Physical Development

For your child to grow healthy and strong, you should include physical fitness in your top priorities. Apart from eating the right kind and amount of food, doing regular exercise should also make it to your child’s to-do list. No, it does not need to be the normal types of exercise. All your kid needs to do is to regularly move in a way that could strengthen his or her entire body.

Playing can contribute a lot to your kid’s physical well-being. Walking, jumping, or running can greatly strengthen and develop the body; hence, it pays to play physical games.

Mental Development

Little kids’ brains are like sponges, as they tend to absorb anything it is exposed to. To help in the mental development of your little one, you should expose him or her to mind-stimulating activities. Opt for toys that can sharpen the memory, enhance creativity and imaginative skills, and develop critical thinking.

Apart from toy vehicles, other good examples of toys you may purchase are puzzles, boards, activity sets, and more. Playing with these items can keep the brain working. Using the brain regularly is crucial especially during a child’s formative years.

Emotional Development

Toddlers and kids need to explore and understand themselves while growing up. To help your little one in this stage of his or her life, you should expose him or her to various kinds of activities and environment. As for toys, those that encourage playing alone can provide a kid’s emotional needs. While it is great to play with other children, know that playing alone has its fair share of benefits too.

There is nothing wrong with playing alone, as long as you balance it with playing in groups. Both can benefit your kid in various ways. Meanwhile, playing in groups may also help in your child’s emotional development.

Social Development

As mentioned earlier, playing in groups is also important for your kid. As a person grows up, interacting with different people becomes inevitable. He or she needs to build relationships, and doing so can go smoothly with good social skills. Even simple interactions with random people require good communication skills to bear pleasant results.

These needs are indeed important for children and having them while growing up is very crucial as well. As a parent, you should make sure to help your little one get these needs as early as possible. Pay attention to their daily activities, particularly the toys and games they play.

Benefits of Toy Cars for Child Development

Yes, playing with toy vehicles is more than just having fun. It can benefit children in numerous ways. Here are the different perks of toy vehicles for your kids:

Improves mobility and motor skills.

Kids don’t play toy vehicles while just sitting down. They move, stand, and go around. Needless to say, this improves your kid’s mobility and motor skills. This is very important especially during growing up years when the body needs to develop and become stronger.

Kids need constant moving in order to get their physical development needs. The bones and muscles need to grow stronger, and nothing can make it possible apart from getting up and moving regularly. And yes, playing with toy vehicles is among the most fun ways to move the body.

It is a form of exercise.

In relation to the previous item, playing physical games is a form of exercise. While your kid is moving his or her arms, walking, and running, his or her body becomes stronger. The bones and muscles become toned and the entire body gets the development it needs while growing up.

Indeed, exercise comes in different forms. Your kid need not deliberately do some regular exercises, but instead do some fun physical activities like playing. Doing so serves two purposes because your kid gets to enjoy while getting his or her physical development needs.

It boosts self-esteem.

Being able to play the right way obviously boosts self confidence. It gives players a sense of accomplishment; thus, making them feel good about themselves. Children play to have fun; and if they are able to accomplish something, it gives them pride and joy. This becomes more visible if your little one is playing with other kids.

Never ignore and underestimate such fact, for it is in simple and ordinary activities that young kids start to explore and discover themselves.

It enhances social skills.

While kids can play toy vehicles all by themselves, they can likewise do and enjoy it with the company of their playmates. In doing the latter, they become able to connect more with other kids and improve their social skills. They learn how to share their toys, accept defeat, and be humble upon winning a game.

Playing is when children first learn to socialize with people particularly other kids. It is one thing they enjoy doing; therefore, it pays to let them freely explore themselves and communicate with other people through playing.

It encourages going outdoors.

These days, numerous kids choose to play computer games and spend much time using their gadgets. While doing so can stimulate young children’s minds, too much computer games can lead to several adverse effects. First off, it can lead to getting used to a sedentary lifestyle. Then, it can result in poor eyesight and various illnesses.

It pays to spend time outdoors. Playing with toy vehicles encourages this, which can lead to numerous health benefits.

Improves creativity and imaginative skills.

When playing with toy vehicles, children usually have something going on in their minds. They tend to imagine things and make stories that define how they move while playing. They may imagine racing with other kids or being in a real car traveling with their families.

So many thoughts and ideas can enter a child’s mind when playing with toy vehicles. It pays to allow your child to enjoy such things.


You have just learned about the best toy cars for toddlers and some facts about the developmental needs of children. Have you picked the one that suits your child? We hope the information we shared can help you provide what’s best for your little one.

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