Best Toy Cash Registers for Kids to Learn Basic Money Management

We all remember having a toy cash register when we were young. In fact, I remember it being one of my most prized possessions. It’s a great way to teach your children from a young age how to manage their money, all while having fun.

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Not only that, I found that the toy cash registers I had for my children were a great way to teach them the basic principles of math, which turned out to be incredibly helpful when they entered their school years, where they were at the top of their class.

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VTech Ring & Learn Cash Register

  • Fully-functional cash register

  • Ten unique pieces

  • Pretend debit card

Hape Checkout Register Kid’s Wooden Pretend Play Set

  • Incredibly durable toy

  • Traditionally-styled

  • Card reader and a barcode scanner

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Register (Pink)

  • Incredible register

  • Including buttons

  • LED display

LeapFrog Count Along Cash Register

  • Designed with ‘touchscreen’

  • 50 phrases

  • 20 unique food items

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

  • Gender-neutral color scheme

  • Fully-featured cash register

  • Traditional ‘cha-ching’ sounds

Some of the Best Toy Cash Registers for Children to Enjoy a New Kind of Imaginative Play

Type ‘toy cash register’ into Google, and you’ll discover just under 7,000,000 results. That’s a lot of searching. To help narrow down your search, I’ve selected five of my favorites that my children absolutely adored.

1. VTech Ring & Learn Cash Register

I’ll start with my absolute favorite, which was a gift from my parents to my children, and it turned out to be one of the best. As we all know, VTech is a leading children’s toy brand, so I expected big things. In short, this cash register didn’t fail to impress.

Not only do you get the fully-functional cash register, but you’ll also find a shopping basket, complete with ten unique pieces of fruit and veg. There’s also a pretend debit card, enriching your child’s pretend play. This gives your children the complete shopping experience.

The cash register itself is highly interactive and makes sure that your children won’t get bored. There are so many buttons and gizmos that all play their own unique sounds, songs, and music tracks. There are around 80 of these sounds and clips in total.

All of the buttons light up where they’re pressed and are perfect for all kinds of education. You can teach your children about numbers, colors, food as well as promoting healthy eating.

As you would expect, the cash drawer slides open and shut, and the credit card itself provides its own sound effects when interacting with the register.

What’s Great About It: The only thing that lets this register down is the lack of play coins or notes, but this is completely made up for by the rest of the features. For example, make a transaction, and the reels at the top of the register will spin to confirm the transaction. This is perfect for all kinds of role playing activities.

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2. Hape Checkout Register Kid’s Wooden Pretend Play Set

If you’re looking for an incredibly durable toy cash register, feast your eyes on this checkout play set. Made from solid wood, this is one toy that’s built to last. This traditionally-styled toy is complete with a card reader and a barcode scanner, giving children a complete playing experience.

At the top of the register, you’ll find a bead rail which is perfect for teaching your child to count their change in every transaction. You’ll also find a selection of notes, credit cards, and coins to play with that are all styled to look like the real thing.

This means your children can play shop, cafe, restaurant or any other kind of game where a register can be used. Due to the nature of this register, it’s perfect for playing with siblings, friends or mom and dad.

What’s Great About It: Hape always puts a ton of effort into ensuring that their products are the best. That’s why all of the finishes used on this register are coated with non-toxic, child-friendly varnishes that will protect the register and your child’s well-being.

3. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Register (Pink)

This is a play cash register that my daughter absolutely adores. In fact, it’s so good that it has won over 20 awards. This incredible register comes with all of the gizmos and features you’d expect, including buttons, plastic cards, and an LED display.

But don’t worry, there’s no need to worry about battery life since the screen is powered by a solar panel, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The keypad is designed with younger children in mind, and boasts large, easy-to-read buttons that can help your children to learn math in the easiest and most entertaining way.​

With your register, you’ll find a collection of 30 US-styled bills and 40 coins, giving your children infinite possibilities during playtime. Running out of ideas? There’s an included activity guide to get you started.

What’s Great About It: If you’re looking for a realistic till experience for your child, this is it. Instead of being a full sensory experience with lights and sounds, the only sound is a beautifully traditional ‘cha-ching’ sound when the till drawer opens.

​4. LeapFrog Count Along Cash Register

Me and my children were really excited to start using the LeapFrog toy register. The register itself is designed with a modern ‘touchscreen’ style and is packed with features that your children will love.

With every interaction, the register will sing, talk and count with your children, making it even easier for them to learn and have fun. There are around 50 phrases in total.

Included, you’ll find everything you need to get started, including 20 unique food items, a plastic credit card and a collection of coins.

Easily one of the best features of this register is the level of interaction. We set up all the food items around our playroom for our children to go on a shopping spree.

Then, when they got to the till, they scanned each item, and the register told them exactly how many coins to put in the drawer. Or they could simply swipe the plastic card.

For an even more engaging shopping experience, you can play songs while your children shop, making any room feel like a proper shopping center.

What’s Great About It: What I really love about this register set is the educational factor that it has. Alongside all the counting, you can also teach colors, foods, sounds and social skills while playing with friends. This is great for your child’s development while having fun at the same time.

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​5. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

This register is very similar to the one above, but comes in a more gender-neutral color scheme, making it a great choice for all of your children to play with.

Suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 8, this simple yet fully-featured cash register had everything I was looking for. Designed to look like a traditional, old-school register, the set features large, easy-to-use buttons that have clear numbers, designed for tiny hands.

The storage drawer pops open with the traditional ‘cha-ching’ sounds for a real and authentic play experience.

One of the best features of this register is the solar-powered calculator LCD screen. This works like a proper calculator and is great for teaching your children math from an early age, perfect preparation for their school years.

What’s Great About It: To make playtime even more realistic, this set comes with a great collection of notes and coins for your children to shop with. There’s also a plastic card that works with the register.

A Brief Buying Guide for Toy Cash Registers

To help you understand the amazing benefits of a toy cash register, here is a brief yet comprehensive guide to teach you everything you need to know, helping you to make the best buying decision without any stress.

The Registers

When looking for a cash register, you’re going to want to think about what you want to take away from it. Will you be using it solely as a play toy or do you want one with a bit of an educational edge? If it’s the latter, you’ll want to see what features the cash register has that give you this.

For example, some registers come with built-in calculators. Of course, this is ideal for teaching your children how to interact with numbers as well as teaching them basic math.

The Accessories

So that your children can have an even more exciting playtime, you might want to consider looking at a register that comes with accessories. Fortunately, you’ll have so many to choose from.

If you’re looking at buying a set with accessories, look for ones with food items. These items mean you can actually recreate a complete shopping experience. You can place all of the items on your shelves or floor at home to make it really realistic.

Additionally, you’re going to want to look for a set with money. As you can see, there are so many sets that come with notes, coins, and credit cards, all of which come together to give a better, more engaging experience.

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Final Thoughts

To some, toy cash registers may just seem like just a toy, but in reality, they’re so much more than that. With so many educational benefits and so many hours of fun to be had, a toy cash register deserves a place at the top of your toy list.

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