Best Toy Vacuums for Your Kids to Experiment with in 2019

Even small children like to imitate their parents’ activities, including cleaning the house. Such imitation is crucial in healthy physical and mental development because it prepares them for life’s daily activities and encourages roleplaying, among others.

One of the activities around the house that kids like to imitate is vacuuming the floor. Of course, kids shouldn’t be allowed to use the full-sized vacuum cleaner, or even the portable handheld cleaner, for safety reasons. This is where the best toy vacuums for kids come in!

Most Fun to Play with Toy Vacuums for Your Little Ones

1. Play Circle by Battat – Neat Home Vacuum Set

Play Circle by Battat – Neat Home Vacuum Set

Suitable for: 3 to 9 years old

This light pink vacuum is the perfect gift for the young girl in your life who is interested in tidying up. Children love being a part of your vacuuming time with their on vacuum and this one provides the noise and the ease of use to allow your child to join in.

The Play Circle vacuum also comes with a dust buster, a hose and nozzle; they can use their imagination to tidy up and help with chores. This vacuum is cute and lightweight and will help your child learn good habits and have fun at the same time!

What's Great About It: The vacuum is very simple to use with only one button. It requires little set up and your child will be playing as soon as this vacuum comes in.

2. Dirt Devil Junior Upright Toy Vacuum

Suitable for: 3 to 7 years old

The Junior Lights Sounds looks like a full-sized vacuum cleaner, but in miniature, so kids can enjoy their make-believe activities more. The sounds are so much like the real thing that you may even think that the kids are using a portable vacuum cleaner without your consent! There are even LED indicator lights, similar to its full-sized counterpart.

However, the toy vacuum doesn’t have suctioning power, unlike the Dyson Ball Vacuum, which is just a minor flaw in its overall design, since many kids are content with make-believe anyway. The height and weight are also suitable for younger kids, thus contributing to the development of their gross motor skills (i.e., pushing, pulling, and lifting).

What's Great About It: This is an excellent toy for kids to learn about cleaning the house and sharing chores with others. The attractive design also adds to its appeal.

3. Disney Minnie Bowtique Vacuum

Suitable for: 3 to 6 years old

The pink Minnie Bowtique is clearly a toy vacuum, but therein lies its appeal for young girls — they can actually play with it without their parents making a fuss. The signature Minnie Mouse ribbon on its body reinforces its girls’ toy appearance, as is the case for the mini pink balls in its clear plastic vacuum chamber. When the Bowtique is turned on, these plastic balls spin and swirl in a tornado-like action, which holds their attention for several minutes.

The Bowtique doesn’t have the suction feature of the Dyson, but that doesn’t take away from its appeal. The swirling mini pink balls appear to be sufficient for kids’ imaginative play, especially when coupled with the realistic sound effects.

What's Great About It: The switching on of the toy vacuum and subsequent swirling of the pink balls reinforces the cause-and-effect relationship, a crucial life skill for toddlers.

​4. CASDON Dyson DC14

Suitable for: 3 to 8 years old

The Dyson DC14 has several things going for it, thus, its inclusion on this list of the best toy vacuums for kids. The real vacuum action means that it can actually suction lightweight items, like small beads and strips of paper, off the floor. The cyclone action that can be seen from the clear plastic chamber makes for an interesting sight, as well as a learning opportunity about how vacuum cleaners work.

Even the realistic sounds when it’s switched on add to the experience. Add in the fact that it can stand on its own, unlike the Dyson Ball, and the DC14 is a great toy. Be sure to set realistic expectation, as it’s a toy, and not your full-sized appliance.

What's Great About It: I like the overall design, from the suction power to the standalone property.

​5. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Vacuum

Suitable for: 1 to 3 years old

The Laugh & Learn is filled with so much sight and sound stimulation that its users will, indeed, laugh and learn for hours on end. The kiddie-friendly design, with its vibrant colors, immediately attracts your toddler’s attention, but it’s the features that will hold it. These include over 30 songs, tunes, and simple phrases that toddlers can learn on their own or with their parents.

In time, your child will learn new songs and words that will be beneficial to his overall development, especially in his ability to communicate with others. Fisher-Price certainly doesn’t skimp on its features or the durability of its toys.

What's Great About It: This isn’t just a toy vacuum, but a learning toy that can also be adjusted based on the learning needs of each child, thanks to the company’s Smart Stages technology.

​6. CASDON Little Henry Vacuum

Suitable for: 3 to 8 years old

The Little Henry isn’t little in terms of the number of its delightful features. The drum-type toy vacuum has enough suction power that it can pick up lightweight items from its T-shaped nozzle. The suction power comes from the battery-powered motor.

The clear tube chamber where the suctioned items are placed allows kids to see the vortex-like action, yet another source of fascination for them. The brush and pan, which can be stored inside the drum, add to the realistic functions of the toy vacuum.

What's Great About It: The real suction power, the cord and plug, and the accessories make the Little Henry big in parents’ books.

7. Kidzlane Working Toy Vacuum

Suitable for: 3 years old and up

The Kidzlane has light suction power, so it can pick up lightweight items from the floor, allowing kids to actually feel like they are being helpful. The cyclone action may be smaller in comparison to the others on this list, but it’s a great one, nonetheless. This is a minor matter considering its superior play features, including the extendable wand, flexible hose, removable T-nozzle, and easy-carry handle.

What's Great About It: This is as close to the real thing as you can get without putting your kids in harm’s way. Everything from the wheels to the handle makes it a nearly-perfect representation of a full-sized vacuum cleaner.

​8. Just Play 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

Suitable for: 3 to 6 years old

The Minnie Bowtique 2-in-1 combines an upright and a handheld toy vacuum in one, so there’s more value for your money. The small vacuum can be detached from the body so that it becomes a handheld vacuum for cleaning in smaller areas.

The LED lights and sounds, coupled with the clear plastic chamber with the mini pink balls, are still as trendy as on the Minnie Bowtique.

What's Great About It: Not too many full-sized vacuum cleaners have the same versatility as the Just Play 2-in-1, and that’s a good enough reason to make it onto this list.

​9. VTech Vacuum Push Toy

Suitable for: 1 to 3 years old

The Pop and Count can’t suction even lightweight debris, but it has a better mechanism of action — it suctions the soft-edged blocks through its power head and deposits them into the transparent chamber. Kids can then count the blocks as they are being deposited into the chamber, as well as tell the colors.

Since it’s a VTech product, you can expect many more learning features from it. These include several sound effects, sing-along songs, and tunes, which can be used as tools in improving the kids’ language and speech skills (i.e., via imitation).

What's Great About It: This can also be used as a sturdy walker, but when used as a toy vacuum, it helps kids learn their numbers and colors, improving their gross motor skills, and encouraging their social skills.

​10. Little Tikes Roll ‘n Pop Vac

Suitable for: 18 months to 6 years old

The Roll ‘n Pop looks more like a small lawn mower than a colorful miniature vacuum. It can also be an upright and handheld toy vacuum, although it can only “pick up” the popping beads that come with the package. It can even be used as a stable and sturdy walker for the younger kids who are still learning to walk without falling flat on their faces.

What's Great About It: The versatility of the product — two toys in one, plus a walker — is a good reason to buy it for your kids.

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Things to Consider before Buying One

I chose the best toy vacuums for kids on my list using the following criteria, which parents can also use when making their decision.

Safety of the toys

The toy vacuums should be suitable for the ages of the kids, since safety is always a primary concern. They should have as few small parts as possible, since they can be choking hazards, so the ones with blocks and beads are geared toward older kids. These must also be made of non-toxic materials, especially durable plastic; battery-powered to prevent electrocution; and with manageable cords to reduce the risk of strangulation, among others.

Attractive design and features

The toys should attract the kids’ attention, especially in terms of the vibrant colors, the LED lights, and small details like bows and pink balls. However, to continue holding their attention, these toys should also have engaging features, such as realistic sounds and indicator lights, clear plastic chambers to see the swirling balls, and a wide range of songs. The VTech and Fisher-Price toys are winners in the third criterion.

I also read through parents’ reviews to determine which ones satisfied them in terms of overall performance, in addition to considering the manufacturer’s reputation in making high-quality toys.

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Why Buy Your Kids Toy Vacuums?

Did you know that children with sensory processing disorders can benefit from the use of toy vacuums? These children often have auditory defensiveness, a hypersensitivity to loud and/or sudden sounds, which makes them hate and fear the sounds of a wide range of everyday objects. These include the sounds of hairdryers, sirens, loud laughter, toilets flushing, or even dogs barking, to name a few.

The sound of a full-sized vacuum cleaner in operation can make many of these kids cover their ears and run away from the sound, or even throw a tantrum after it has been switched off. But when these kids are encouraged to use toy vacuum cleaners, they can get used to the sound and, thus, become tolerant of the sounds coming from their full-sized counterpart.

But even in kids without sensory processing issues, playing with toy vacuums has its benefits, too. This is because toy vacuums are tools for roleplaying, including imaginary play, which has been proven crucial in healthy physical, mental, and social development.

The benefits of roleplaying, also known as pretend play, using toy vacuums as one of the toys, include:

  • The development of their physical skills is a given, since playing demands physical movements, whether it’s running after one’s playmates or putting on costumes. Children have the opportunity to improve their gross and fine motor skills when they push and pull the toy vacuum, cut up paper strips to suction them up, and push the switches on the toy, among others.
  • The development of their mental skills is also assured when they play with toy vacuums. Children learn the cause-and-effect relationship between pushing on a switch and turning on the toy, between passing over the nozzle and picking up the debris, and between cleaning up and earning their parents’ praise.
  • The development of their social skills also comes into the picture. Children learn to take turns and share their toys, express themselves in constructive ways, and pick up new words and phrases.

So, let your toddlers and young children play with the best toy vacuums for kids on this list! The investment will be well worth their new learning and their bright smiles.


Just keep in mind that even the best toy vacuums have their risks, such as kids swallowing the small beads. Be nearby so you can supervise their play and, thus, keep them as safe as possible.

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