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Best Toys and Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys in 2017

The first year of your child’s life can definitely be considered as a whirlwind experience, especially if you’re a first-time parent. You’ll experience a multitude of changes, as your little one is practically growing by the day.

It’s a thrilling time but it can also have you scrambling for ideas if you want to get the best toys and gifts for 1 year old boys.

While there are tons of great products available in the market today, finding age-appropriate toys is essential if you want your child to get the most out of their playtime. Not only will they enjoy your gift but it can also allow you contribute to their development.

Best Toys & Gifts for Your 1 Year Old Boy

So what are these toys? Here’s a roundup of twenty of the best I’ve found to be the most promising.

1. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

A Pre-K activity cube, this VTech product offers five different ways to play, guaranteeing to keep your little one entertained. It’s specially designed to cater to a one-year-old’s desire to explore with all of the different things that he can do with it.

What's Great About It: There are different ways your little one can enjoy and benefit from this toy. One side has 4 light up buttons that are marked with animal cartoons that introduce the indicated livestock and makes their sound. It can help your child get to know different animals as well as learn how to make their sounds through imitation. The three other sides have different games that are designed to engage your little one’s hand-eye coordination. The unit also has a motion sensor that will activate sounds to attract a child’s attention and even encourage them to crawl and follow the toy, giving it a part in developing a child’s motor skills.

2. Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

Most parents of boys can’t wait to get their wee ones with their first set of building blocks. If you’re a fan of Lego, you might be considering getting them one already, but hold that thought first. Legos can still be choking hazards for little kids so you should get them something oversized like the Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag. This set is big so your little one won’t be able to swallow them even if they like to put things in their mouth.

What's Great About It: Building blocks have always been some of the best toys for growing boys as it encourages their creativity and boosts their problem-solving skills. They may seem to be too advanced for a one-year-old, but since kids at this age are already capable of imitating others around them and of understanding cause and effect relationships, you can just teach them how the blocks work and they’ll be able to get the idea soon enough. It will also pose a good challenge for them, keeping them interested and engaged.

3. VTech Musical Rhymes Book

Dubbed as a high-tech book, the VTech Musical Rhymes Book is a baby book that sings to your baby. It’s a visual and auditory experience for your little one in a single package as not only will they be able to view cute illustrations, but they can also enjoy nursery rhymes with this product.

What's Great About It: Aside from letting parents and their baby bond, this book is a sensory experience that your little one will enjoy. The colors and fun sounds will keep them entertained and their brains stimulated. It can also get them a fun experience with books, potentially establishing a habit of reading.

​4. Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

While feature-packed educational toys tend to offer a lot of brain stimulation for babies, simple toys are also needed by your child to let their imagination soar. I included the Nuby’s Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys for this very reason. They’re visually appealing and will make your baby’s bath time more enjoyable as they now have an adorable buddy that they can spend time with in the tub.

What's Great About It: This toy comes with four pieces: an octopus with upturned tentacles and three rings in the form of a floatie, fish, and a star. The rings are meant to be inserted on the octopus’ tentacles, which can challenge your baby’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills. They’re very colorful as well, so they’re great for sensory stimulation.

​5. VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

Flashlights are some of the most common house items that your child will find at home. So why not give it a fun twist by adding fun colors and sounds to it? This is exactly what the VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight offers, making it a portable entertainment center for a young child.

What's Great About It: This toy is designed to teach babies numbers and colors in a fun and stimulating manner. Their language skills will also be tested and improved with the help of its songs. I also like that it’s quite compact so you can take this toy wherever your baby goes.

​6. Step2 Whisper Ride II

To make your baby’s time outside more fun, you can get your little boy his very own cool ride in the form of the Whisper Ride II. This ride on toy will help you take your child outside with style and ease.

What's Great About It: While there are now lots of RC toy cars that your child can ride, a push version can still be a safer option. It can also make sure that you’re always close by while you spend some time outside. Perfect for some pretend play, this product will let his imagination soar.

7. Billy Kikkok Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

A one-year-old may not be interested in rattles anymore, but a colorful weird-looking ball will surely grab their attention. Billy Kikkok’s Sassy Developmental Ball is not your ordinary plush ball as it has twelve bumps, including one made with plastic with tiny balls inside to create rattling sounds.

What's Great About It: This toy’s colorful, creative, and textured design will provide a good dose of sensory play for your baby, stimulating their brain for further development. It can also put their motor skills to good use as it will have ample room for grabbing, grasping, and transferring from one hand to another.

​8. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Exposing very young children (and even fetuses) to classical music is said to have great effects on the baby’s brain. So why not combine Mozart and play time? Munchkin’s Mozart Magic Cube can easily be of help as this toy easily plays 8 masterpieces from the musical genius.

What's Great About It: Designed to expose young children to beautiful music, the Mozart Magic Cube has five musical instruments drawn into its panels. By touching them, your child can add or subtract accompaniment to the Mozart piece that’s playing. I also love that the lights are very interactive, adding more sensory experience for little kids.

​9. VTech Turn and Learn Driver

Little boys often show great interest in what their dads do, including driving a car. If your boy loves to take a peek at the dashboard of your vehicle, getting him a VTech Turn and Learn Driver can be the best way to keep him entertained and stimulated.

What's Great About It: The VTech Turn and Learn Driver is configured like a car’s dashboard. It’s complete with a steering wheel as well as gear shift and signal light levers that can activate car sounds and nursery rhymes. Its design makes it perfect for some pretend play that will surely foster their creativity and imagination. It’s also a great toy for improving their cause-effect associations, stimulating their brain and teaching them how things work easier.

​10. Green Toys Dump Truck

For parents who want to make a difference while ensuring that their little ones are still getting the best experience that they can have, an eco-friendly toy is a must. For this, I chose the Green Toy Dump Truck which is a toy truck with a functioning dump trailer.

What's Great About It: This product is actually made from recycled milk jugs, making it a conscious choice for parents who want to contribute to the green movement. Design-wise, it’s perfect for some exploratory and pretend play. You can also bring this toy with you to the beach or to the sandbox and hours of fun sensory play will ensure.

​11. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Laptop

For an interactive educational toy that your little one can use for a long while, this Fisher-Price product is something you should consider. It’s a handy laptop toy with 3 levels of play, offering ample activities to keep your child stimulated and entertained.

What's Great About It: As a part of the Smart Stages line of toys by Fisher-Price, this toy is specially crafted for children aged 6 months to 3 years of age. It may seem like it’s casting a huge net for an educational toy, but with the different levels of play with this unit, you can be sure that your little one will find it engaging for a long while. It can teach him letters, shapes, and numbers, sing songs, and even ask questions. This makes it a good toy if you want to foster their cognitive and language skills.

12. Lamaze Toys Peek-a-Boo Forest Soft Book

Another book option for your one-year-old is this soft book from Lamaze Toys. Its use of cute characters and colors will grab your little one’s attention and it will be safe for them to handle, thanks to its soft material.

What's Great About It: At one, babies already got a basic understanding of object permanence but they will still enjoy games of hide-and-seek. This is why the Peek-a-Boo Forest soft book is such a great pick for them as it gets their minds running. Their motor skills and hand-eye coordination will also be practiced with this book.

​13. VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

Parents of one-year-olds will already be looking for a good walking assistance toy for their child. This makes this 3-in-1 toy a nifty gift idea for babies at this age as it’s a floor plaything/ride on toy that can easily transform into a push walker in a jiffy.

What's Great About It: Infant walkers are actually banned in Canada as experts deem it to be unsafe for use. Push walkers like the Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train, on the other hand, are more beneficial for a baby who’s learning how to walk as it actually helps him use his body to move. It encourages proper posture as well as the use of his legs and feet. It also doesn’t hurt that this toy is packed with so many activities that will keep your little one entertained and his senses stimulated. The ride on attachment can also encourage pretend play.

​14. Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

Making bathtime more fun can teach your child to look forward to daily routines and activities. To achieve this, an exciting bath toy will do the trick. Munchkin’s Float and Play bath toys are great options. Each set features two adorable animals and two whirly, rattle toys in glass bubbles.

What's Great About It: These toys may seem very basic at first glance but upon closer inspection, they’re actually well thought out. The animal toys are excellent bathtime buddies that will encourage pretend play while the rattle toys will keep stimulate their brains and pique their curiosities. Each come with a tactile band that makes them easy to handle as well.

​15. Hape Walk-Along Puppy Wooden Pull Toy

While your baby may love playing with your family dog, they’re not exactly ready to actually take care of them yet. So, why not give your one-year-old his very own play dog that he can take for walks? This Hape toy will give you that opportunity and will let your little one play with a very basic toy that, with a bit of creativity and imagination, can easily be your baby’s first best friend.

What's Great About It: Pushing is an easy skill for babies to learn as their weight is easily supported by the push toy. A pull toy, on the other hand, will be a challenge for them. This makes this toy a great product for developing your baby’s motor skills. It can also make your walks with your dog more enjoyable.

​16. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Perfect for parents who want their babies to get exposed to ball sports at an early age, this VTech product can get your child playing soccer and basketball with just one toy. This product is designed with a basketball hoop and a soccer goal in one package, offering great versatility and more playing modes.

What's Great About It: The fact that it’s a soccer goal and basketball hoop rolled into one package will blow most parents away. Add to this the LED screen that displays the player’s score and you have a toy that not only encourages physical play and motor skill development but also teaches counting and introduces the concept of scoring to young children.

​17. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Another musical toy that you can get for your little one is this Baby Einstein product. Touted as your child’s first MP3 player, it’s a straightforward device that can play 7 child-friendly classical pieces.

What's Great About It: This toy doesn’t only appeal to your child’s auditory senses, but to his visuals as well as it’s very colorful and lights up when turned on. With volume control and an easy grasp handle, it’s a great piece your child can take with him wherever you go.

​18. Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

Functional bathtime toys are great purchases not only because they help your baby enjoy their baths, but also because they make washing the baby a lot easier for parents. This is very true for this Munchkin product as it doubles as a fun toy and handy thermometer for the bath water’s temp.

What's Great About It: Specially designed to ensure that your baby’s bath water is at the right temperature, this Munchkin product is not only cute and fun to look at, but is also very useful for parents. Its inner walls will turn white if the water’s too hot for your baby and will turn blue if it’s nice and warm.

​19. B. Toys B. One Two Squeeze Blocks

Want to get a highly versatile toy that a one-year-old can play with safely everywhere? The B. One Two Squeeze Blocks can be the very thing you’re looking for as this toy are enough not to hurt when thrown, safe for biting, and even capable of floating. It’s an all around set that will be great to take anywhere with you and your baby.

What's Great About It: Made of soft, non-toxic, buoyant material, the B. One Two Squeeze Blocks are not only versatile and portable toys, but they’re also great for boosting your little one’s spatial intelligence and problem-solving skills. It can also foster their creativity as there are endless ways how they can play with these blocks.

​20. VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

Interactive, engaging, and capable of instilling a love for books in young kids, the VTech Rhyme and Discover Book is a fun toy a one-year-old will love to have. It lights up, plays nursery rhymes, and even has knobs to fiddle with offering a series of activities for your child to enjoy.

What's Great About It: High-tech books like this toy are great for developing a baby’s cognitive functions as it’s very visually and auditory stimulating. Their language skills will also be developed by this toy as it poses open-ended questions that can get conversations flowing.

Your One Year Old’s Developmental Milestones

By the time your baby turns one, you will most likely be astonished at how fast the time flew. The moment you gave birth to your angel will feel just like yesterday but you will also be very aware of how much they’ve grown in just a year.

At one, your baby will already be ready to move on their own. Their motor skills will develop in bounds and leaps at this period. While some might not be able to walk yet, they can still be able to know how to use their arms for eating and reaching things.

Their communication skills will also see a massive improvement by this age. They will start to understand interactions with others even if they won’t really understand everything you say to them. They will now be aware that they’re being talked to and some can already utter replies, as well as a few words and phrases. They will start to become more social at this age as well.

As they can now move independently mostly through crawling or even walking, they will also start taking action in finding answers to their curiosities. They will now love to explore, making it important to find activities that will grab their attention and keep them interested.

The cognitive development of a one-year-old is also astounding. They can already understand cause and effect relationships as well as find solutions to simple problems by drawing on the information they’ve learned before. They can now also begin using certain items correctly instead of just throwing them around.

It will be amazing to watch your baby do some pretend play at this age as well. Their games will now involve imitation wherein they will take an adult role with their dolls or other toys. They will then do what adults do and treat their dolls as their babies. This makes it important for parents to know how to take advantage of this crucial time for their child’s development. By repeatedly doing things that you want them to learn, you’ll be able to take advantage of this age’s developmental cues.

Learning through Play - How the Right Toys Help in Your Child’s Growth

Because the first year of your child is a very crucial stage for their growth, it’s important to look for effective ways how you can ensure their proper development and learning. Toys are great tools to get this done as play is one of the best ways for a child to learn and hone their skills.

The good thing is there are lots of different kinds of toys that you can get for your little one. Not all of them are age-appropriate, though, so you have to choose the right one so you can take advantage of their milestones and contribute to their development.

For one-year-olds, it’s best to look for toys that can engage them in physical and sensory play. Since they are now testing their limits with how much they can move their bodies, they’ll want to be as active as much as they can. Physical play will give them a good amount of exercise that can strengthen their muscles and get them ready for more strenuous activities that they’ll be enjoying later on. It will also help them get better acquainted with their bodies.

Sensory play is also a good experience for your little one. By exposing them to different textures, smells, and tastes, you’ll help them get in touch with their senses. The new experiences will help develop their language skills and cater to their need to explore. This will also help stimulate their brains, which can possibly make them smarter in the long run.

You’ll want to get them a product that’s visually appealing as well. Baby toys are actually made colorful not just to make them look fun, but to also catch the attention of your little one. Hooking them in with vibrant hues will get them curious and get them exploring at the same time. It will also stimulate their brains to make it function even better.

Toys that will encourage these kinds of play are the most suitable products to get for your baby’s learning and entertainment. By paying close attention to what each toy offers, you can actually easily determine which one can be educational and which ones won’t appeal to your babe. Also make sure to avoid products with small, detachable parts or materials as they can be choking hazards for little children.


When it comes to a child’s development, every parent will only want the best for their child. With play time being a great chance for a one-year-old to learn a lot of things, it’s imperative that you only go for the finest toys in the market today.

Hopefully, we’re able to help you out in this regard with the twenty items listed above. They’re all designed for the kinds of play a one-year-old can benefit from, so you can always refer to them when in a pinch.

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