Best Toys and Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls in 2017

The first year of a little girl’s life is rich with developmental milestones. During this stage, the toys that we give girls become more than just toys – they help develop their cognitive skills and serve as the building blocks of learning. With the right toys, little girls can learn how to move, play, speak, and find their footing. This is why choosing the right kind of toy is critical.

We know the sheer number of options for one-year-old girls can get a little overwhelming. It’s easy to get carried away and pick the wrong toy, but there’s no need to feel pressured. To help you out, we have narrowed down the 20 best toys and gifts that little girls will enjoy.

Best Toys & Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls - My Picks

1. Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker

There is no better way to guide the first steps of your 1-year-old than with this adorable stroll-along walker from Fisher-Price.

With a sturdy handle and a wide wheel base, your baby will have the support she needs. Because this doubles as a stroller, your 1-year-old can give her baby doll a ride while learning to walk at the same time.

What’s Great About It - This stroll-along walker develops multiple skills, including motor, sensory, coordination, and even creativity skills. It also has a flip book, a roller bar, spinners, and a cute little bear that plays 3 different melodies when pressed.

2. Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

This baby walker from V-Tech is also a learning center, filled with all sorts of things to help your little one discover the world around her.

With the play panel your 1-year-old can play music with 5 piano keys, sort shapes, spin rollers, press light-up buttons, pretend she’s on the phone, and many other exciting things.

What’s Great About It – This learning walker has everything you need to stimulate your baby’s imagination and develop her motor skills. The play panel is also removable, so your 1-year-old can use it even when she’s not standing.

3. Whisper Ride Buggy

From strengthening her arm muscles to helping her practice coordination and steering, this sleek little ride-on buggy is definitely made to help develop your 1-year-old’s motor skills.

It’s also designed for the maximum comfort of your little girl, and it even has a seatbelt for safety.

What’s Great About It – This toy is made with Smooth Quiet Ride™ wheels, so until your little discovers how to honk that horn, the buggy will stay quiet as she goes exploring. It also has some storage space and two cup holders, where you can easily place a bottle of milk or a water bottle.

​4. 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

There’s nothing quite like this 4-in-1 ride-on toy by Radio Flyer. It’s a stroller (infant trike), but it’s also a walker (steering trike), a supported learn-to-ride trike, and a classic trike all rolled into one.

What this means is that whether your little girl is 1 or 5, she will be able to use this toy during multiple stages of her development. This also means she can grow with this toy by her side.

What’s Great About It – The versatility of this ride-on toy is beyond compare, and the seat is easy enough to adjust as your child grows bigger and her needs change.

​5. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

If you want to unleash your little girl’s sporty side, you can start with this Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball. It’s a ball in itself, but it has 12 ‘bumps’ that come in varying textures, colors, and patterns.

These make it easy for your little girl to grasp whatever catches her attention, practicing her tactile sensitivity, motor skills, sensory skills, and visual recognition.

What’s Great About It – This ball is soft enough for your baby to grasp, toss, and roll, but what you’ll love about this is the variety in the colors and patterns that you’ll see. It’s visually stimulating so it really serves its purpose.

​6. Smart Shots Sports Center

It’s never too early to develop your little girl’s love for sports, and this Smart Shots Sports Center will achieve just that.

This comes with a tiny hoop with a basketball, and a mini goal with a soccer ball, so your little princess can really have fun scoring.

What’s Great About It – This toy is not just a sports center, and it’s made to develop more than just motor skills. It also has interactive lights, plays music, and comes with many other buttons to press, things to grasp, and skills to learn.

7. Dump Truck

For unlimited fun at the beach, the sandbox, or in any other play area, this dump truck by Green Toys is definitely ideal. It has a dumper that’s fully unloadable, has no metal axles, and doesn’t require batteries so there’s no added hassle.

Perfect for helping develop your child’s motor skills and imagination, it’s the best way to teach your little girl that trucks are not just for boys.

What’s Great About It – This toy is ideal for imaginative play, because you’re not restricted by anything. It’s environmentally-friendly and safe for your little one. It’s manufactured with 100% post-consumer recycled milk containers, no BPA, PVC, phthalates, or any external coatings.

​8. Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

If your child wants her very own chair to help her sit like a grown up, it might as well be a chair that teaches her to do many things. This Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair by Fisher-Price is basically a sit-down learning center, where every part is filled with learning activities.

As your little girl sits, the seat can play over 50 sing-along tunes, songs, and phrases. There’s a built-in storybook and numeric keypad in the armrests, and many other features to help your child learn.

What’s Great About It – There are three levels of play that are suited for different stages of development. You can simply enter your baby’s age to activate this, and what this essentially means is that this toy can stay relevant as your little girl grows.

​9. Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen

If you have your own kitchen to play with, then your baby girl should have one too. Fisher-Price has come up with this really fun Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen, and it’s really a mini kitchen that comes with its own oven, stove, and sink.

You can even fold it out to reveal the refrigerator. Your little one will have her own pot, ladle, and food items to practice with, and it even has light and sound effects.

What’s Great About It – This one’s great for imaginative play, especially because your little girl can see you moving in your own kitchen. It’s also a fun way to develop her psychomotor and cognitive skills.

​10. Laugh & Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table

Fisher-Price has found a way to give your little girl her very own table, but also her own learning center. It has more than 60 tunes, songs, and phrases that teach your little girl multiple lessons, as well as interactive features that encourage her to explore.

There’s a book, telephone, laptop, piano, and many other objects of interest that will help with visual, cognitive, and language development.

What’s Great About It – Aside from being an all-round learning center, the legs of the table can be easily detached so your little girl can also play with this on the floor.

​11. Baby’s Light-Up Laptop

Your baby girl is certainly not too young to play with her very own laptop, especially if it’s this light-up one specially designed by VTech.

With 100 sounds, phrases, and songs, this electronic educational toy has everything that will help develop your child’s communication, language, and sensory skills.

It has piano keys that play 12 melodies, six chunky buttons that teach numbers, letters, animals, and colors, and a light-up display that captures your little one’s attention for hours.

What’s Great About It – This is designed for children as young as 1-year-old, so it’s really lightweight and easy to handle. Your little girl will love this toy’s multiple features, and can even play pretend while you’re on your own laptop.

12. Busy Learner’s Activity Cube

This learning cube by VTech is the ultimate activity cube that will encourage your little girl to be curious and explore. It has a total of 5 sides, 14 interactive features, 4 light-up buttons, and 25 melodies to keep your little girl busy.

Each side develops a different kind of skill and helps your child master something new, whether it is music, animal sounds, or letters.

What’s Great About It – This highly interactive block toy is small and light enough for your 1-year-old, and it’s made with BPA-free plastic so you can be assured of its safety.

​13. Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

With this 14-piece picnic set from LeapFrog, your little girl has just about everything she needs to go on her very own picnic.

She’ll truly enjoy this colorful picnic basket that comes with 2 cups, 2 forks, and 2 plates where she can sort, match, and stack 6 food items. All the pieces are colorful and visually stimulating, so it’s ideal for little girls.

What’s Great About It – This cute and colorful set encourages pretend play, but it also develops your child’s shape and color identification skills, fine motor skills, and imagination. You can even bring it with you on a real picnic.

​14. Mozart Magic Cube

There’s a reason why classics like Mozart’s masterpieces are highly encouraged for babies, even while in the womb, and that’s because they help in cognitive development.

This musical cube by Munchkin helps you do that even as your baby girl reaches the age of 1. This cube allows you to play a total of 8 Mozart masterpieces, and you can do so in piano, violin, harp, flute, or French horn. You can even play an entire orchestra.

What’s Great About It – This toy is small and lightweight so your little girl can bring it with her wherever she goes, and of course Mozart’s pieces are classical enough to never go out of style. The different colors make this as visually stimulating as it is pleasing to the ears.

​15. Discover and Play Piano

What better way to develop your little girl’s musical genius than through her very own little piano? This Discover and Play Piano by Baby Einstein introduces your baby to the wonderful world of music, but also to other sounds.

Your little girl can enjoy this in 3 modes (instruments, animal sounds, numbers), and she can enjoy over 20 melodies and sounds. The keys are numbered so you can use it to teach numerals as well.

What’s Great About It – This has all the musical features you need, and your little girl will never be bored because it lights up as the tunes play. To top it off, it is made with soft piano keys that are perfect for baby soft fingers.

​16. Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

If your little girl has the makings of an amazing singer, then this Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone by VTech is the perfect toy that will help her discover her voice.

This works like a real microphone so she will actually get to hear what her voice sounds like when amplified, encouraging her to vocalize and explore what else she can do with it.

The mic can also play twelve different animal sounds as well as over 60 melodies, songs, and phrases.

What’s Great About It – While this is a great musical toy that encourages your little girl to find her voice, it also doubles as a rattle so it also enhances her motor skills.

​17. Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

The Spin and Learn Color Flashlight by VTech combines many of the things that young children love: lights, music, and color, among others.

It’s basically a flashlight-like toy that projects 5 different lights and plays 50 fun melodies, sounds, and phrases. There’s even a ladybug button in the handle that can activate the sounds.

What’s Great About It – This colorful, easy-to-grasp flashlight really sparks your little girl’s imagination, and it has multiple functions, targeting multiple skill sets.

​18. One Two Squeeze Blocks

Made especially for bath time fun, the One Two Squeeze Blocks by Baby Block Toys are soft and squishy enough to be enjoyed by your 1-year-old.

The ten buoyant blocks are embossed with different designs on each side, so your little girl gets to see animal shapes and numbers that will encourage her curiosity.

The colors are visually stimulating, so it also helps in hand-eye coordination and color recognition.

What’s Great About It – The blocks are ideal for bath time because they float, but they can be used anywhere else. It’s safe enough to chew, just in case your little girl is teething. Another great feature is that this comes with its own storage bag made from 100% recycled plastic, so you don’t have to worry about clutter.

​19. Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun

Bath time can be made extra fun, especially if you have the Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys by Nuby. This set is specially designed to help develop you little girl’s hand-eye coordination, stimulating her visual recognition in the process.

Aside from the octopus itself, you also get 3 animal-shaped rings that your little one can place on any of the tentacles.

What’s Great About It – It’s BPA free and works really well in water, so it’s really great for bath time. It also encourages imaginative play, and the fact that these are sea creatures gives you that added opportunity to teach your little one something new.

​20. Freddie the Firefly

The Lamaze Freddie the Firefly is the perfect toy to stimulate your little girl’s senses, keeping her entertained for long periods of time. It targets both visual and auditory development, given that the firefly itself is made of multiple colors and patterns.

The great thing about this toy is that the firefly wings contain a variety of treasures, so this also doubles as a teething toy, a mirror, and a squeaker.

What’s Great About It – You can easily clip this to your baby’s stroller, crib, car seat, or carrier, so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

How I Settled on These Toys for Little Girls

To pick the toys that are ideal for 1-year-old girls, we kept in mind that this is the age where the building blocks for learning and development are established. So we first identified the skills that are critical for little ones, then chose the most popular and recommended toys for each skill.

We started with motor skills, which is what the first seven toys will help develop. These are the walkers, ride-on, and sports-related toys that will help with your child’s movement and coordination.

The next six toys are the educational ones. These are the toys that specifically target your little girl’s cognitive skills, often helping her recognize shapes, letters, numbers, and sounds. Often, these toys target multiple skills apart from just educational, so they give you great value for money.

The three toys that follow are also educational, but focus more on auditory development and your child’s musical abilities. We also included bath toys and toys that give visual stimulation and develop hand-eye coordination.

In order to pick the best toys out of the hundreds that are available in the market, we scored each one based on very important features that need to be in any toy list, especially if it’s for your 1-year-old. Among these are safety, quality, developmental capabilities, design, brand credibility, user feedback, and the toy’s overall value.

What to Expect From Your Little One

Choosing the right toys for this age is really important because the first year of your little girl’s life will really build the foundation for her learning. From physical and motor skills to emotional, cognitive, mental, and social development, the toys that you pick can create an impact on how your child understands the world around her.

If you’re dealing with a 1-year-old, you shouldn’t underestimate the absorption rate of your little girl because she will take in everything like a sponge. She will use her first 12 months to start discovering the world around her and what she can do with it – this is when she will first sit up, crawl, walk, and speak.

From 12 to 18 months, she will have a better sense or understanding about exactly what’s happening around her. She will start getting used to certain routines and schedules – where her toys are, how she can find them, what Mom and Dad look and sound like, and what brings her security and comfort.

When your child crosses the 1-year-old mark and moves towards 18 and 24 months, she will also develop physically. Her muscles are strengthened, she can control her movements better, and so she becomes more confident in exploring her surroundings as well. This is especially true when she learns how to crawl and walk. Pretty soon, you’ll be running after her.

Because your little princess already has a sense of the world she exists in, she will also begin to communicate and express her ideas. Sometimes she will get frustrated, especially if she hasn’t mastered the language yet, and all you’ll get are babbles and sounds. Just keep encouraging her.

This is also why it’s important to get her toys that help develop her language and make her familiar with the different sounds that she can imitate.

In Closing

Even if you surround your child with the right toys, you have to remember that face-to-face interaction is still very important. The toys are there, but YOU also have to be there. Talk to your little one, and make sure you create that connection with her. Be patient and don’t expect her to learn everything right away. Give her enough freedom to enjoy the first year of her life.

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