Best Toys and Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys in 2017

Being an 11-year-old boy is tough, for this is the time when he finds himself in transition from being a kid and becoming a teenager. He is in the pre-teen phase wherein lots of changes happen in different aspects of his life. Their preferences start to change especially when it comes to toys and other gift items.

Best Toys and Gifts for Your 11 Year Old Boy

What are the best toys and gifts for 11-year-old boys? What are the factors you should consider when purchasing one? Here are our top 20 picks that could be perfect for your child depending on his personality and inclinations:

1. OWI Robotic Arm Edge

Made and designed by a reputable company, Robotic Arm Edge comes with a lot of capabilities; from finger-grippers to different joint movements. Likewise, it can rotate up to 270 degrees.

It has safety features that suit the needs of an 11-year-old kid. It has a gripper containing a search light design for night use, and five bear boxes containing a safety gear audible indicator that could prevent gear breakage and possible injuries.

What's Great About It: It is affordable and of good quality. It is easily programmable as well. However, it may be challenging to put the screws in; but that’s an indication of the screws’ high quality.

2. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

Does your child dream of becoming a professional pingpong player someday? If so, this would be a perfect gift for him.

The JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is suitable for players who are really into the game and would love to have a durable table. It comes with dual locking services and four locking casters for additional safety. It also features compact storage, solo playback mode, and separate folding halves.

What's Great About It: Apart from its good quality, it is also easy to set up. It is easy to handle as well. It is very rare to find a low-priced item like this one. Lastly, this may look like a professional’s equipment but it is also kid-friendly and can encourage 11-year-old children to play the sport.

3. Elenco 50-in-One Electronic Playground and Learning Center

Is your child fond of electronics? If yes, then consider giving him this electronic playground. An 11-year-old kid can surely enjoy playing this, particularly building electronic devices.

With this item, your child can build electronic devices like metal detector, magnetic bridge, and electronic keyboard.

This item prepares your child who aspires to become an electronics engineer someday. It is like a smorgasbord of anything electronic especially designed for children.

What's Great About It: Having this electronic playground is a great way to enhance your child’s electrical and electronic skills. It likewise help your child develop problem solving skills. However, this is not ideal for children under eight years of age.

​4. Moonracer Djubu Classic

Does your child love to play catch? You may want to consider buying this item if you want something that provides twist to this outdoor game.

Djubi is an outdoor toy that comes with especially designed rackets, nets, and unique balls named Djubi. The ball can float and launch up to 100 feet, making it suitable in pools or beaches.

What's Great About It: In these modern days when most children opt to play with different gadgets, it is very refreshing to have something that they can play with outdoors. However, it is not suitable for children below eight years of age.

​5. 4M Tin Can Robot

It is common for boys to play with robots. But as you know, playing with one differs from building one. Does your child want to try the latter? If so, purchasing this 4M Tin Can Robot would be a good idea.

Apart from having fun, your child can enhance his imaginative skills through this robotics kit. He may opt to build a silly robot, a monster, or a combination of the two.

What's Great About It: Apparently, it enhances a child’s creativity while becoming knowledgeable about how to build a robot. Also, it helps a child become aware of the benefits of recycling as he turns a soda can into a robot. This, however, does not suit children below eight years old.

​6. Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit

One common trait of 11-year-old boys is the fondness for anything mechanical and electronic. With this electronics kit, your child will be able to enjoy a great item that made it to the list of Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products and Dr. Toy Best Educational Products.

This electronics discovery kit allows children to have a hands-on experience in building and designing electrical circuit models. It comes with 30 parts and enables users to accomplish 100 projects that include flashing light, photo sensor models, and an adjustable-volume siren.

What's Great About It: It is obviously an educational kit that suits a child who has a great interest in electronics. This provides basic knowledge; hence it may not suit your needs if you want to provide your child with knowledge on elementary electronics. Nevertheless, it works well; hence a very good product.

7. AKASO X5C Quadcopter

If your 11-year old boy likes to be adventurous and wants to see the world in a different angle, you can never be wrong with the X5C RC Quadcopter by Akaso. It’s ease of use and maneuverability is a charmer even to first-time drone flyers.

This item promotes performance, durability, and fun. Likewise, it comes with high-quality materials on its propeller, a built-in HD camera that can capture both photos and videos, battery packs for continuous use, and an interference-free transmitter to your delight, to name a few.

What's Great About It: It is durable and easy to control. It offers a lot of fun and play to both parent and child alike. The extras (SD card, batteries, portable charger) it comes with is a plus.

​8. Razor Dune Buggy

Your 11-year old deserves a ride that will define his childhood, and he can have it if you give him this Dune Buggy by Razor. This buggy comes with a 350-watt electric motor that powers it to speeds up to 10 mph.

With knobby pneumatic tires, padded bucket seats, and a seatbelt to boot, this buggy not only can support driver weights for 120lbs but can also traverse terrain following suspension feature. So neat!

What's Great About It: It gives your children a glimpse of what responsible driving ought to be. With its durable construction and added features, you can sure have a fun and safe roam around the neighborhood.

​9. Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Goal Set of 2

Your 11-year-old, whether inclined to hockey or not, will surely enjoy this Franklins Sports’ NHL Mini Hockey Goal Set. Not only does it come with an easy to set up goal nets, it also features two goalie sticks, four hockey sticks, four soft mini balls, and a durable polyester bag that you can use to carry the bunch together. Talk about a portable hockey spot anywhere you want to.

What's Great About It: It’s a good product to promote sportsmanship to kids and make them develop a healthy competitive spirit without the physicality of the actual sport. Plus, it’s playable anywhere you like.

​10. Zobmondol’s GoLong! The Football Dice Game

If you want your 11-year old to develop wit and strategy at the same time, this product will not disappoint. An exciting game of football with a twist, this game uses colorful dice to advance the football in the field, where the goal is the end zone.

It comes with eight dices, dice cup, score card and bag where you can swoop the whole thing into. Oh, don’t forget the rules on how to play the game.

What's Great About It: It’s a good venue to teach kids how to strategize and do math at the same time. Although it’s a bit small, it ensures portability, making the game playable anytime and anywhere.

​11. Ten-Eighty Mini Launch Ramp

A skateboard is among the popular items in the market that young boys like. If your son wants to try it for the first time, then this ramp is a good choice for you. It is only eight inches high; hence, it is safe for 11-year-old boys who are just starting to explore some stunts.

The item comes with slip-resistant finish that provides safety to users without sacrificing the fun in skateboarding. Adding to the safety is the non-slip rubber feet that keeps the ramp in place.

Take note that its weight limit is 125 lbs.

What's Great About It: It is functional and safe for kids. It greatly helps beginners learn more skateboard stunts without worrying too much about possible mishaps. Just make sure to take note of the appropriate age and weight for users.

12. Kan Jam Game Set

This is actually a good game for all ages. Being a current craze that is simple and fun to play, it will also suit your 11-year-old’s taste.

The set comes with portable Kan Jam goals, Kan Jam labels, Kan Jam flying disc, and instructions. It suits backyards, parties, beaches, gym classes, and a lot more outdoor places.

What's Great About It: It suits all ages and various places. The set is durable and easy to set up. The game itself is beneficial especially to children who are in the beginning phase of developing their physical skills, accuracy, and coordination.

​13. LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1

If your son is a fan of Ghostbusters, there is no doubt that this item is one of the best gifts you can give him.

It is a 508-piece building toy that includes four mini figures: Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddemore. It likewise includes ghost-busting devices and gadgets such as paranormal detection equipment and proton packs.

What's Great About It: It helps enhance imaginative play and problem-solving skills. It can likewise strengthen dexterity. Just make sure your child observes care while playing it. This is a building toy; hence there is a chance of breaking.

​14. LEGO Mindstorms EV3

With this building toy, your son will be able to enjoy building at least five fully mechanical robots.

It comes with remote control, three active servo motors, improved and redesigned color sensor, infrared sensor, redesigned touch sensor, and more than 550 LEGO ® Technic elements.

More than that, the product comes with a gargantuan list of possibilities in creating, designing, and programming a robot. This gives more excitement to children and even adults.

What's Great About It: Your son can actually program his robot using a tablet that runs Android or iOS and PC or Mac. Needless to say, it is very beneficial to create something and make it work. Take note that the majority of the building process requires a computer.

​15. Ozobot 2.0 Bit

While playing with a robot has always been a favorite of 11-year-old boys, downloading activities and playing in-app games are also appealing to them. Good thing this item can provide your child with both benefits.

Your child is at liberty to program his Ozobot Bit to race, dance, and do more activities. He can likewise create his own games, challenges, and activities. More than that, he can even opt to build a city of Ozobots.

What's Great About It: Obviously, it stimulates the user’s thinking skills and creativity. It also suits both the beginners and those with advanced knowledge. It comes with a 90-day warranty, which greatly speaks about its quality. It, however, may be a little advanced for some; but it can generally benefit 11-year-olds.

​16. Spin Master Games Perplexus Rookie 3D Labyrinth Sphere

This Rookie is perfect for those who love puzzles and challenges in general. You can stretch it up to 22 feet and twist it to fit a seven-inch diameter sphere. It contains 70 challenging barriers.

To play it, your child needs to flip, twist, and spin the sphere and get the ball to the target. It definitely provides a grat challenge to children.

What's Great About It: It helps kids develop careful strategizing and enhance problem solving skills. Kids aged five can enjoy playing it as well, for it is very easy to use. It can be difficult to master though; hence the challenge.

​17. Apple iPad mini

Although smaller than the iPAD, Apple’s iPAD mini brings to the table the features of its bigger brother in a smaller frame. Capable of 1080P HD recording, this device will surely capture your 11-year old’s penchant for creativity. You can select from 16, 32 or 64gb variant as well if it’s as a wifi-only or wifi+Cellular model.

What's Great About It: Sleek, user-friendly and feature-packed – You can never go wrong with Apple.

​18. My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

Microscopes generally capture the interest of numerous children. Peeping into it is indeed enticing especially because of the fact that you get to see various incredible and amazing things in it.

It features a six-hole diaphragm and comes with fifty accessories for studying microbiology. It allows users to enjoy up to 400x magnifications.

What's Great About It: This is actually a real microscope, although designed especially for kids. Apart from being fun, it can enhance children’s interest and fondness of science. It may be challenging to reassemble it should there be some disintegration, but you can always learn it or ask for professional help.

​19. WowWee MiP the Toy Robot

Is your child fond of dancing robots? If so, this item is for him. This enables him to not just play with a robot, but to have one as a sidekick.

It can respond to claps, touches, swipes, and other gesture-based interactions. It can roam around the room; it comes with two wheels that help it in self-balancing.

This WowWee robot can also react to various noises in its environment; thanks to the sound detection system that comes with it.

What's Great About It: Needless to say, it is fun to have; for it is very responsive. While introducing your child to robotics, it can help him improve his imaginative skills. There may be some challenges in operating it, but they’re just like any challenges you may generally encounter in any item in the market.

​20. RampShot Backyard Game

Want your child to increase his physical activities while socializing with other kids? Then this product will be a good option for you.

The Ramp Shot Backyard Game is like playing hoops with a twist. It involves four players with two teams. As of writing, it is the only backyard game allowing players to get points by catching or tossing.

The item is portable and light, but tough. It is weather-resistant as well.

What's Great About It: Being a physical game, it improves a child’s reflexes, agility, and motor skills. It can also teach your child how to become a good team player. Of course it has the tendency to break due to possible mishaps outdoors, so it is advisable to observe extra care when using this product.

Factors We Considered While Choosing these Products

Truly beneficial, age appropriate, safe to use, of good quality, and advantageous for children – these are the main traits we looked for each potential item to recommend. We also considered the reputation of the items’ manufacturers.

Consumers, especially children, have various specific needs. For this, we carefully looked into the items that could cater them. For 11-year-old boys, stimulating their brains, enhancing potentials, and improving social skills are very important; hence the items on this list.

As a buyer, make sure to also prioritize the aforementioned facts before choosing a product for your son. Also, it is very important for you to consider his personal preferences.

A Few Things about 11 Year Old Boys

Several things happen in an 11-year-old kid’s mind and body. Such happenings affect the way he deals with his environment and the people around him. Kids at this phase are experiencing numerous changes and challenges that would need proper response.

Getting near their teenage years, they are of great need for both independence and tender loving care. This is because the brain’s most growth spurt happens during adolescence. Numerous things happen in the brain that they mess and become hard to handle.

Moreover, increase in height and weight and transformation in the bones, muscles, blood, and other parts of the body have certain consequences in a kid’s overall growth. Hobbies and usual activities change and the person has to fully adapt to such transition.

While the aforementioned facts are commonly associated with a person’s teenage life, know that they can actually start when a child enters the preteen stage. During this phase, development is very crucial. And with all those numerous things occurring in the person’s brain and body, he would need much love and support from the people around him.

Suppose you are a parent, how do you support your son who is in his preteen days? There are several ways to do that and one is to focus on their activities. On this page, we discussed about the best toys and other items for an 11-year-old kid. And yes, these things play a significant role in the lives of preteens.

Zooming in to the areas of focus when helping your child pick a toy or a leisure activity, here are more detailed explanations for you:

Physical Development

The outdoor activity kits mentioned above are of great help in enhancing a kid’s physical development. Throwing, running, and other arm and leg movements can improve his motor skills and increase his agility.

Even if your son was physically active when he was a younger kid, you still need to encourage him to continue such practice and introduce new activities at the same time. Without the truly helpful activities, proper development might not occur. Your son might feel weak and might not be able to adapt to the changes happening to his body.

Brain Development

The building toys focusing on electronics and numerous electronic devices play a big role in developing your child’s mind as a whole. The same thing goes for the puzzle and science items.

These products enable a kid to imagine numerous things, recall some details, and learn some real-life applications. Consequently, this improves his creativity, memory, and problem solving skills. Your son may use these benefits for his future career or even in his everyday life.

Social Development

Socialization is very important in a person’s life especially during his development years. As earlier mentioned, many things mess up in a preteen’s mind; hence your son needs all the support he can get. And yes, a good social life plays a big role in making it happen.

In the kits mentioned above, those that require playing in teams obviously help improve a kid’s socialization skills. Being in a team will enable your son to more sensitive, responsible, and understanding. Knowing that other people count on him will make him more careful with his actions.

In the end

Toys and leisure activities are not just about having fun. They are things in which your 11-year-old son may rely on during this challenging phase in his life. They could definitely help him properly deal with the changes happening to him and get the crucial things he needs, provided you buy the right products.

In this piece of writing, we have recommended 20 toys and educational items that are ideal for kids in the puberty stage. Each has its own purpose and can indeed provide what your child needs. With your careful consideration of his personal preference, your child can surely enjoy your chosen item from this list.

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