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Best Toys and Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls in 2017

Once your little princess reaches her toddler years, she will be increasingly active and even more interested in exploring the world around her. Her unique personality will be shaped during this stage, as she moves to the next level of her physical, cognitive, emotional, mental, and social development.

This is precisely why it’s so important to get the toys right for this stage. Your little one may already show some preferences, but with the toys that you give her, you can really help shape her childhood and who she’ll grow up to be.

Finding the perfect toy from those that are available is never easy, especially if it’s for someone as active as your 3-year-old. To make things just a little bit easier for you, we have come up with a list of 20 toys that your little princess will enjoy:

Toys & Gifts that Any 3 Year Old Girl will Love

1. Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It

Board games are always fun to play, and there’s no reason why your 3-year-old can’t start now. Specially made by Wonder Forge, this is more than your regular board game because it comes with lots of exciting features that can capture and retain your little one’s attention.

This stimulating game is like a puzzle as well as an activity board and a search toy all wrapped into one.

What’s Great About It – This game targets multiple skills like object identification and puzzle solving, but it also encourages social interaction and teamwork, which is great at this age because they start to identify with groups.

2. Dreamhouse

Nothing enhances your little girl’s imagination more than beautiful dollhouses, and this Dreamhouse by Barbie does not disappoint. Designed with 3-year-old girls in mind, this Dreamhouse has a total of 3 floors, 7 rooms, and over 70 accessories.

It even has its own elevator. It works perfectly with Barbie dolls of course, and encourages not just imaginative play but also social interaction.

What’s Great About It – You’ll love the attention to detail that the manufacturers ensured while they were making this, because the dollhouse itself is stunning. It also stands at 3 feet tall, so it’s the perfect size for your 3-year-old and her Barbies.

3. Sparkle Mansion

The Sparkle Mansion by KidKraft is a dollhouse that will allow your little girl’s imagination to shine through. She will have 4 floors and 30 pieces of furniture to play with, and there’s plenty of room for 12-inch dolls like Barbie and her friends.

The dollhouse stands at more than 4 feet tall, so it’s even taller than most 3-year-old girls. That means there’s so much to explore and discover.

What’s Great About It – Because there’s so much room, your little one can play in this doll house with her friends and their dolls. This helps develop her social and cooperative skills. But even if she plays this by herself, with the amount of room there’s really no limit to her creativity.

​4. Tea Set Basket

Your 3-year-old's tea parties are about to get a little more interesting, thanks to this Tea Set Basket by ALEX Toys.

With a real wicker basket that contains a porcelain teapot, a tablecloth, creamer, a sugar bowl, as well as cups, saucers, and napkins for 4, your little one will be able to enjoy this set with her friends.

What’s Great About It – Because these are technically real tea set pieces that come neatly packaged in a wicker basket, the role-playing of your 3-year-old is more realistic than ever before. This encourages her to do imaginative play and stage a ‘tea party’, while transitioning into the real thing.

​5. Uptown Espresso Kitchen

Instead of just a few pieces here and there, why don’t you give your 3-year-old an entire kitchen to play with? The Uptown Espressos Kitchen by KidKraft is modern and chic, but more importantly, it is large enough that many kids to enjoy it at once.

This encourages social interaction and role playing, but it also targets multiple cognitive functions.

What’s Great About It – This play kitchen is a winner when it comes to details, and it comes complete with everything you’ll find in real kitchens – from your refrigerator and freezer to your oven, microwave, dishwasher, stove, and sink. It’s perfect for your ever curious 3-year-old.

​6. Duplo Creative Play Creative Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Your 3-year-old definitely does, which is why this Duplo Creative Play Creative Ice Cream from LEGO is something she will really enjoy.

She will have not just 3 ice cream cones to play with, but other elements like different bricks like blueberry and cream, and 6 colored ice cream scoops for topping.

What’s Great About It – This is a toy that really enhances creativity, especially because there are many combinations that your little one could make. It’s also great that the bricks are finger-friendly, which makes it fun and safe to use for young and soft hands.

7. Tasty Treats Play Food Set

The Tasty Treats Play Food Set from KidKraft gives your 3-year-old around 115 pieces of food to play with, and the variety is truly remarkable.

From different kinds of fruits and vegetables to waffles, croissants, and pretzels, your little one can have her fun with such a wide variety of food items. This is a great toy for imaginative play and can be used in multiple ways.

What’s Great About It – The variety and flexibility of this set makes it ideal because your little one can use it anywhere. If she already has a kitchen play set, then this is a great addition. If she has a picnic basket, you can use this for pretend play.

​8. Pink Shopping Cart

Your 3-year-old girl is all about curiosity and imagination, but also about imitating what grown-ups do. This Pink Shopping Cart by Little Tikes is perfect for pretend grocery shopping, because it’s a toddler-sized shopping cart that she can really have fun with.

The basket has enough space to store food items, but there’s also a space for a doll or stuffed toy in the fold down seat, as well as some storage space at the bottom.

What’s Great About It – This is a wonderful toy because it further develops your little girl’s motor skills as she pushes it around, but also allows her to have imaginative play. She can pretend she’s shopping for food, or you can actually take her with you to the grocery store.

​9. Let’s Play House! Dust, Sweep, and Mop

Melissa & Doug know just as much as you do that there’s nothing glamorous about dusting, sweeping and mopping. But you can always make it fun, and you can always start early.

Your 3-year-old will love this play set, which comes with 5 cleaning tools that are perfectly sized for her little hands.

What’s Great About It – You’ll be surprised at how much kids enjoy being able to contribute to the chores at home. My daughter loved this because she felt like she was responsible enough to be trusted with such a serious task as cleaning the house, and I think that’s precisely what makes this toy a stroke of genius.

​10. My First Purse

At the age of 3, your little princess will already have a heightened sense of ownership, so it’s best to give her a better taste of that with My First Purse from Kidoozie.

It will stimulate her imagination, but also give her something she needs to take care of. This purse contains a toy cellphone, keys, her very own credit card, a wallet, and more.

What’s Great About It – It’s a great educational toy because it teaches your 3-year-old one aspect of being a grown-up. Since this is an actual purse as well, then she can bring it around whenever you go out, and feel very much like a responsible adult.

​11. Little Hands Button Art

With 46 colorful buttons that little hands can place in 10 different images, the Little Hands Button Art from ALEX Toys is really great for your child’s limitless imagination.

This is also great for developing spatial intelligence, hand-eye coordination, color recognition and matching, as well as her creative genius.

What’s Great About It – There’s practically no restriction to what your little girl can do using this button art set, and she can really set her imagination free. While she does that, you get a storage tray that conveniently holds all the pieces together, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after.

12. Kidizoom Smartwatch

Your child will eventually play with her own gadgets, but this VTech Kidizoom Smarwatch is a great place to start. Your 3-year-old will love her new watch because it doesn't just tell the time.

It allows her to do so much more – take pictures, play with 5 games, count the number of steps she has done for the day, use a calculator, and so much more.

What’s Great About It – It’s not just a toy but a functional one, because at the end of the day this is like you giving your child her own watch. The numerous features that come with it are a great bonus because they make this toy an educational one that targets many different skills at once.

​13. Scribble and Write

Now that your little girl is 3 years old, it’s the perfect time to get her started with the basics of writing. Scribble and Write by LeapFrog will do just that, because she’ll be working with a large display.

It will light up with the numbers 0 to 9 or the letters A to Z, and your 3-year-old will just need to trace it. It also comes with a stylus that’s easy to grip, even by little hands.

What’s Great About It – This toy gives you a fun way to teach your little one how to write, which is a very important skill that she will need to develop. Because this is a great interactive toy, she will not get bored easily and you can use it to teach her valuable lessons.

​14. Touch and Learn Activity Desk

Give your 3-year-old the ultimate interactive toy with this Touch and Learn Activity Desk, which also comes with a stool.

It teaches your little one many things – from drawing basic shapes to identifying letters, numbers, and over 160 words. It also plays over 20 melodies, stimulating your child’s creativity and the further development of her brain.

What’s Great About It – While this functions beautifully as a desk, you can also convert it into an easel or a chalkboard. The versatility of this toy is something that it really has going for it, especially if your 3-year-old is curious about many things.

​15. Gears! Gears! Gears!

An award-winning construction toy set by Learning Resources, Gears! Gears! Gears! is a 150-piece wonder that will definitely keep your 3-year-old busy.

Your little one will work with plastic gears, connectors, and interlocking bases to create all kinds of things – and there’s no limit to what they can imagine.

What’s Great About It – Construction sets like this can get pretty messy, and this is why it’s really great that you get a storage tub to keep the pieces in. There’s also an Activity Guide to help you as you go along.

​16. Trampoline

What better way for your toddler to burn off all that excess energy than with this 3-foot Trampoline from Little Tikes? Designed for indoor use with a maximum weight of 55 pounds, and a handlebar for added stability, this one’s really built for your active 3-year old.

This trampoline will help develop her balance and coordination, as well as strengthen her leg muscles and inspire her to be physically active.

What’s Great About It – This trampoline is easy to assemble, move, and store. More importantly, it gives your child a way of being active while staying indoors. It’s also designed with your little girl’s safety in mind.

​17. Princess Cozy Truck Ride-On

If your little explorer had her very own Princess Cozy Truck Ride-On from Little Tikes, she will have so much fun going around your backyard, or even the neighborhood.

It has its very own off-road wheels, opening gas cap, truck-style front grill, and a push handle on the roof for you to push your little one along.

What’s Great About It – This one’s great because it improves your daughter’s motor skills, spatial intelligence, and creativity in imaginative play. But it does so in a very unique manner, as it's a truck and not your usual car or bicycle.

​18. Hop & Squeak Pogo Jumper

With the Hop & Squeak Pogo Jumper from Kidoozie, your 3-year-old can have the time of her life hopping around wherever she wants to go.

It’s a great way to help strengthen her muscles and help improve her coordination and balance. As she hops around, the Pogo Jumper also has a cute little squeaker in the base.

What’s Great About It – This jumper is built for safety and comfort, and your child will feel that with the comfortable handles and the soft base. It can handle up to 250 pounds, so even you and your family can join in.

​19. Barbie Tough Trike

Whether she’s hopping along or driving her very own vehicle, your little 3-year-old will love exploring the world around her, starting with your own neighborhood. So she could really love this Barbie Tough Tike by Fisher-Price to pieces.

Imagine her going out and about your house, backyard, or neighborhood, tapping into her sense of adventure. At the same time, this boosts her imaginative thinking and helps her with hand-eye coordination.

What’s Great About It – This may be a toy, but there’s nothing flimsy about it. It’s made for the tough ride, with a comfortable seat, some storage space underneath, and kid-friendly features like a stable wheel base, durable tires, big foot pedals, and handlebars that are very easy to grip.

​20. TotSports T-Ball Set

If you want your little one to be interested in sports then this is the perfect time to introduce her to some, and you can start with this TotSports T-Ball Set by Little Tikes.

The “T” is completely adjustable, so you can customize it depending on your little girl’s height and developing skills.

With this baseball trainer set she can practice her batting skills and her hand-eye coordination, but in a way that doesn’t overwhelm her. You can even join in on the fun.

What’s Great About It – This is probably the best baseball trainer for toddlers, so if that’s what you want to achieve, then this is really what you should get. Aside from that, it also comes in a special “hang-on-the-wall” design, making it convenient to store when your storage space is limited.

Why I Chose these Products over Others

Picking just 20 toys out of all the options that you can get toddlers these days requires a little bit of imagination.

We first made sure that we targeted the most important things that should be developed in 3-year-olds, and that’s where we started: imagination. The first 12 toys were chosen because they specifically encourage children to think out of the box and unleash their imagination and curiosity.

The next 3 toys are educational ones, because this is the age where your child learns all of her numbers and letters by heart – starting to read, write, and speak in coherent phrases and sentences.

The last 5 toys target their motor skills and make their sporty side come alive.

Once we established that these toys actually target some pretty important developmental goals with your toddlers, what came next was assessing them based on quality, design, maker’s credibility, and even reading through the many comments and reviews given by those who have tried these toys out before.

All of this will ensure that you only get the tried and tested products when it comes to the list of toys that you can give your 3-year-old.

What to Expect From Your 3 Year Old Tot

Once your child hits 3, she’s no longer a baby and her needs have definitely leveled up. She is now growing up to be a toddler, and aside from being increasingly active during this time, she begins to find her voice and also a sense of herself.

It’s important that you help boost her confidence and self-esteem at this stage, and you can do this by giving her responsibilities and engaging with her.

Curiosity is a big thing for a 3-year-old, so this is when they’ll keep asking you 'why' a lot. This is the age where they really try to understand how the world works and what’s going on around them, but more importantly how they fit into that picture.

It’s important that you really interact with them, encourage their curiosity, and also feed into their imagination.

Thanks to her curiosity, your 3-year-old girl will be keen on creating things and exploring what she can around her. She will also be increasingly active because her body can take it – so prepare to have a toddler running, jumping, climbing, and hopping around.

This is why toys that further develop motor skills are very important at this stage. You have an active child, and you need to encourage her.

This is also the age where children begin to seek social interactions, so setting your little girl up on play dates and making sure she has kids to play with will definitely help.

The toys are of course there for her to enjoy, but social interaction with children her age will teach her how the world works. When she plays with other kids, this also helps boost her self-confidence.


All in all, the 20 toys we’ve chosen were well thought out, considering the changes that you can expect with your 3-year-old. This is your daughter entering into her toddler years and that’s a very exciting stage that you need to complement her with the right toys and support.

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