Best Toys and Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys in 2017

Do you have a four-year-old son or nephew? What are his hobbies and interests? At this stage in his life, these things will be starting to show, and you need to be mindful of them.

Now, how do you choose toys and gift items for your little one? Are you still looking for exceptionally good choices? If so, it’s a good thing that you landed on this page.

Toys & Gifts to Consider for Your 4 Year Old Boy

Below are our top choices for the best toys and gifts you can give to a four-year-old boy.

1. Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

Being able to support up to 250 pounds, this Foam Pogo Jumper can accommodate both kids and adults. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use, which is made possible by its comfortable handles and cushioned base.

The product provides safety to kids. It produces squeaky sounds, which enables you to monitor where your child has gone hopping to. Its soft base also prevents it from leaving scuff marks on your floors.​

What’s Great About It - The pogo jumper is suitable any time of the year. Continuous use improves physical skills and strengthens the body, particularly the core muscles. It also promotes an active lifestyle.

2. VTech Little Apps Tablet

This feature-filled learning tablet measures 2″ x 11.8″ x 9.5″. It comes with A-Z keyboard containing large buttons. It also features a piano keyboard for playing music and eight activity buttons for learning various letters and numbers.

It provides four interactive activities with its bear character mode slider, including a calendar activity, pretend camera game, music play, and answer chat feature.

What’s Great About It - This device is feature-filled, allowing users to enjoy numerous experiences. The arrow buttons are large enough to easily control game play. The landscape orientation provides good user experience because it allows easy play and provides a bigger play area.

3. Liberty Imports World Racing Car Take-A-Part Toy

The World Racing Car is a 30-piece-set featuring five car parts, eight tires, five modification parts, drill, and screws.

It measures 7.5″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″. The engine requires two AG13 batteries while the drill requires two AA batteries.

It also comes with realistic lights and sounds. The user may opt to build a plain car or a sporty one with the modification parts.

What’s Great About It - The screws are big and easy to use, giving more convenience to users. Your child will enjoy taking it apart and putting it back together. It offers a 30-day warranty, which speaks of its good quality.

​4. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike

This Harley-Davidson trike suits outdoor-loving children. It is pedal-powered and has rugged tires that allow it to go to various places.

It also comes with a secret storage compartment under the comfort-ride seat, which is perfect for your little man to store his adventure tools.

What’s Great About It - The foot pedals are big and the handlebars are easy to grip, which make the product easy for young kids to operate. The product also comes with stable wheel base and sturdy tires that ensure safety.

​5. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Fishing Set

This product is an 11-piece set including adjustable fishing vest, tackle box, fishing pole with magnetic hook, three worms, three fish, net, and activity guide that includes fishing themed activities.

This set suits children aged three and above, so this set can grow with your son.

What’s Great About It - The fish come in three sizes. Counting, ordering, and comparing them can help kids learn and improve math skills. Playing pretend can also enhance creativity and imaginative skills, while improving motor, social, and hand-eye coordination skills.

​6. Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set

This t-ball set gives children a head start in softball or baseball. It comes with an adjustable height “T” that adapts as your child develops.

It features a hang-on-the-wall design, making it easy to store when it is not in use.

Its accessories include an oversized bat and two oversized baseballs. This product suits children who are 18 months old and above, so this set can grow with your child, and younger siblings can join in too.

What’s Great About It - The T-ball set is very easy to use, as it aims to help beginners. It enhances batting skills and will prepare your child for future sports goals.

7. Matchbox 9-Car Gift Pack

This gift pack comes with nine 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles consisting of heavy-duty workhorses, racing speedsters, specialty vehicles, and more. It can be used at home or when you are out and about.

What’s Great About It - It is a perfect toy for your young man, as it will not only teach him about different types of vehicles, but the colors will engage his mind too.

​8. Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

This scooter comes with a three-wheel design, which suits first-time riders perfectly. It features a high-quality steel and aluminum body, folding mechanism, urethane wheels, slip-resistant Polypropylene deck, and soft foam handles.

What’s Great About It - The folding mechanism makes the item easy to carry and store. Being kid-friendly, this scooter can truly benefit children who would like to engage in physical activities while enhancing their riding skills.

​9. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

This smartwatch is a feature-filled device that allows kids to do different activities and enjoy a number of games.

It comes with three activities, five games, and three challenges. It also features a motion sensor.

This product comes with a camera, voice recorder, stop watch, calendar, and calculator.

What’s Great About It - Having a lot of uses is the best trait of the product. As mentioned earlier, it offers numerous activities that your child will enjoy. This smartwatch will also stimulate his brain with the exciting features it comes with.

​10. GoGoGoodie Superhero Dress Up Costumes

This set comes with four capes and four masks. The satin capes are double-sided and have Velcro neck fasteners. They are perfect for physically active boys who love to play pretend.

These costumes are of high quality and are easy to wear, from masks to capes. They are durable and can last for many years.​

What’s Great About It - Your child's interest in superheroes won't easily fade, so the product’s quality is a great advantage. Being suitable for playing pretend, this costume set also stimulates your son's minds and enhances his creativity, while improving social skills when used with a playmate.

​11. Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

The Little Tikes Trampoline is a three-foot toddler trampoline made with a plastic and metal combination. It can support up to 55 pounds, and can easily be moved with the balance bar.

It ensures the safety of your bouncer as he soars to greater heights, developing his muscles as he hops around.

What’s Great About It - This trampoline can provide hours of bouncing fun indoors while still being safe for your son. It has a large jumping surface that provides stability. It is such a great way for your kids to burn energy, work out their whole bodies, develop fitness, balance and coordination, and have fun.

12. The Original Stomp Rocket: Jr. Glow in the Dark

If you want to teach your kid Physics, then this Original Stomp Rocket: Jr Glow in the Dark is perfect for you. This stomp rocket comes with 4 Jr. Glow Stomp Rockets and a Stomp Launcher.

The assembly is easy and fast, and your kids can launch these rockets up to a height of 100 feet in the air by simply stomping on the launch pad. These rockets also glow in the dark.

What’s Great About It - This Stomp Rocket is a joy to have while letting your son learn. Being 100% kid-powered, it can provide outdoor fun where your kids run, jump, and stomp to launch the rockets. Lastly, it doesn’t require battery use, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

​13. Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears!

This 96-piece set is an intuitive toy that has colorful gears, connectors, interlocking bases, a handle and activity guide.

With bright colors and easy-to-assemble pieces, this product can really encourage children to create masterpieces through the introduction of sorting, grouping, counting, design, and construction.

What’s Great About It - While building this product, your son can learn about cause and effect, engineering, and mechanics. Due to the countless ways your kids can build this, it fosters their imagination and creativity. Add to that all the learning they get with the experience, this is the perfect toy for an active-minded little boy.

​14. Aeromax Glow Parachute Toy

The Aeromax Glow Parachute Toy features a tangle-free toy parachute, black netting strap, and a glow effect.

If your son loves paratroopers, he will definitely enjoy this. Just by tossing the toy parachute as high as possible, your kids can enjoy watching it glide towards the ground on its own.

What’s Great About It - This Parachute Toy is great to boost your kid's imagination while strengthening his arm muscles. It is very simple to play and all you need is a dose of energy and fun. The glow-in-the-dark paratroopers are a sight to see as they glide down, creating plenty of excitement for your son.

​15. LeapFrog Scribble and Write

The Leapfrog Scribble and Write is a fun way to teach your kids how to write through tracing the lights on this panel. It teaches the alphabet as well as numbers from 1 to 10. It also comes with a writing accuracy feedback system.

The easy-to-grip stylus ensures that your kids get to learn from the stroke-by-stroke guidance that this Scribble and Write provides.

What’s Great About It - With its innovative learning approach, it can show your kids a fun way to learn handwriting through a reinforced guidance and experimentation system. It also enhances your kid's hand-eye coordination and other motor skills.

​16. VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

This Vtech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set is a learning toy that comes with 3 drums, a cymbal and two drumsticks.

While your son discovers the joys of creating beats and rhythms, he can enjoy the different modes of playing that this product provides, including free play, follow-along, letters, and numbers. It has also interactive LED lights that add sensory stimulation.

What’s Great About It - The melodies that this drum set produces can help in your son's brain development. Given that kids who play the drums can become highly talented and intelligent individuals, this drum set is the perfect gift for your little man.

​17. Battat Take-A-Part Toy Vehicles, Airplane

If your kids want to explore how pieces work together, then this Battat Take-A-Part Toy Airplane is a must-have.

It has 21 vehicle parts and a power drill with three interchangeable bits. With its oversized parts and fasteners, your son's small hands can easily manipulate them. He can assemble and reassemble this toy airplane to his heart’s content.

What’s Great About It - This Toy Airplane encourages mechanical and motor skills for your son. The process of assembly and disassembly can enhance your child's knack to view the bigger picture and to check on the smallest details. The best part is that this toy can also fly.

​18. Dickie Toys Mega Crane and Truck Vehicle and Play Set

This play set features a crane cabin that can rotate by 350 degrees by pressing a button. It also comes with a trolley and winch that have the capacity to move like a full-sized version.

For the transportation of other building materials, there is an extra construction vehicle. The crane is 48 inches tall and comes with a cable remote control.

What’s Great About It - The product’s ability to move like a real-life version is definitely commendable. It provides rich experience to users while enhancing their creative and imaginative minds. It is a combination of a fun toy and mind stimulation.

​19. KoolSupply Creative Builder Set

This builder set has 92 pieces made of non-toxic materials. Your son is at liberty to build his own item based on his preferences. He can build vehicles and robots in varying styles.

It features blocks in different sizes and shapes, plates, screws and nuts, wheels, hand tool, and connectors. The product also comes with a storage box and an idea sheet that contains more than 20 creations.

What’s Great About It - The safety and storage features are among the main benefits that your son will enjoy. Made of non-toxic materials, the product won't harm your son. It also teaches your son to tidy up his toys in an easy way.

​20. The Learning Journey Match It! Spelling

This is a puzzle set comprising of three- and four-letter puzzle cards. Players need to assemble the puzzle pieces by associating the object with the word.

Only cards that have the correct sequence will fit together, helping your son learn the spelling of common items that he will already know.

What’s Great About It - Puzzle games help enhance spelling and vocabulary skills. And being self-correcting makes learning faster and easier. Apart from enhancing the aforementioned skills, it also improves common sense. Additionally, puzzles also improve one’s memory.

Our Guidelines for Choosing these Toys

Choosing an item to buy for your child is tough, even more so when you have to choose the best ones. Here are our main criteria for giving slots in this list:


The best products usually come from the best companies. Therefore, we prioritized the brands that have earned a good reputation in different aspects: quality, price, usefulness, and reviews.

Customer Feedback

We give importance to the voice of those who have actually tried our prospective products. Recommending different items is more effective when backed up by positive comments from actual buyers.

Age Appropriateness

Knowing the nature of four-year-old boys, we looked into the products that can truly suit their needs. We chose the items that can help them as they grow and start to learn various things.

How Toys Help in Child Development

Children by nature are curious and inquisitive. They are eager to know about the things that fascinate them. They ask never-ending questions in their desire to learn more.

To satisfy a child’s curiosity and inquisitiveness, parents give them toys to keep them busy. Aside from keeping them company, toys play a significant role in a child’s development.

Here are some facts about toys and how they can help in child development:

  • Toys help develop motor skills.

Infants as young as four months old use their hands to reach for toys. The sound of a rattle or the color of a plastic ball motivates babies to crawl. Furthermore, drum beating, drawing, coloring, and painting help develop motor skills too.

  • They teach children balance and coordination.

Riding a bike or toy car is a physical activity that requires balance and coordination. As your child pedals around the yard or play area, he learns to control his body movements. Moreover, the activity helps strengthen his legs, arms, and torso. Take note that obesity won’t be a problem if your child is physically active.

  • They stimulate a child’s creativity and imagination.

Building blocks, for example, challenge a child’s imagination and creativity. Your child will also learn to be patient as he tries to figure out the exact shape, size, and color of the object he is trying to build. Such activities train your child in decision-making and problem solving.

  • They boost a child’s social skills.

Toys motivate a child to play with other kids that are his age. Even the most timid child will interact with other kids through toys. Together, they simply play, enjoy, and have fun with their new friends.

  • They teach children to be responsible.

As children interact with other kids, they learn to share, cooperate, and respect each other. As they get along with the activity, they learn to share their toys to give others the chance to play with them. They learn to respect each other’s ideas and compromise on what to do or how to play the game.

Indeed, toys help build your child’s personality, so don’t underestimate their power. As responsible parents, choose toys that can influence your children positively.

General Tips when Buying Toys for Children

Toys are important, so you need to make sure you’re buying the right ones for your son.

How do you buy a toy? What are your main considerations when making a choice? Here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Opt for learning toys.

While playing is mostly associated with fun, it is important to make sure that your child learns from the toys he gets. From puzzles to building sets, you can find numerous educational toys in your favorite shop. Choose the best ones depending on your child’s personal preference.

  • Prioritize quality.

When choosing your brand, don’t just opt for the popular or cheap ones. Choose companies known for durability and usefulness.

  • Pay attention to safety.

Alongside good quality is safety. Apart from checking sturdy materials, see to it that your prospective product has safe and non-toxic components. You don’t want to risk your child’s health by purchasing unsafe toys for him.

  • Check for warranties.

Warranties may indicate good quality, so it pays to choose products that offer good warranties. If your potential product does not have a warranty, then you have to look for better options.

  • Go for long-term use.

Numerous toys are for short-term use only. Do not waste money on those items. Instead, choose ones that your kid can grow with. You can find a lot of them on the market.

There are several more considerations when buying toys. Feel free to do your research. You may also come up with your own requirements depending on your personal concerns and preferences.


Kids have numerous developmental needs. Know that toys and related items play a big part in providing them with the support they need as they grow. Selecting a toy from this list will ensure that you are providing your child with a fun and educational toy that will help him in his development.

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