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Best Toys and Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls in 2017

The pre-school years are an exciting part of life, and as your little girl enters into this stage, she will need toys that will further develop her into who she’s meant to be. During these years, she will be interacting with more children and grown-ups. She will discover herself, become more creative and imaginative, and learn to communicate better.

Toys are a great way to motivate and encourage preschoolers, and they play an important role in their development. So it’s only understandable that choosing the perfect toy can be a bit challenging. Even though there are so many options out there, look no further, because we have come up with the perfect list of the best toys you can give your 4-year-old.

Our Favorite Toys & Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls

1. Design and Drill Flower Power Studio

Unleash your preschooler’s creativity with this Design and Drill Flower Power Studio by Educational Insights. It’s the ultimate fun kit that helps develop your child’s skills: construction, matching, hand-eye coordination, designing, patterning, and many others.

The kit includes a fold-up flower board, 6 designer plates, a power drill, a butterfly clasp, and a guide with 12 patterns.

What’s Great About It – Being one of the best arts and crafts toys, this can really spark the imagination of your 4-year-old. But what’s unique about it is that it’s a craft and construction toy at the same time.

2. Little Hands My Giant Busy Box

Your little one can happily craft 16 different projects with Little Hands My Giant Busy Box from ALEX Toys.

It includes detailed instructions on how to assemble these projects, and your little princess can work with the materials of her choice: crayons, flowers, doilies, feathers, dough, buttons, and many others. You also get your own frames and boards.

What’s Great About It – The best thing about this busy box is the variety of the materials that you get inside. Because you have multiple options, this really is the ultimate crafting kit that will keep your little one busy.

3. Little Hands Button Art

The Little Hands Button Art by ALEX Toys is not your ordinary matching toy. You basically get a picture puzzle, and you match and snap chunky buttons to complete each one.

With a total of 10 pictures puzzles and 46 colorful buttons, the little hands of your 4-year-old will definitely be preoccupied. You also get a storage tray to help you keep all the pieces.

What’s Great About It – This is a really fun and unique toy that can help your 4-year-old hone her hand-eye coordination and develop her imagination.

​4. Pretend Makeup Essential Set

If you have a girly girl who likes dressing up and making herself pretty, then the Pretend Makeup Essential Set by Little Cosmetics is the perfect toy to practice with.

You get everything that can be found in an adult’s make-up kit, except they’re all mess-free and not real, except the brushes.

What’s Great About It – This kit looks like a real makeup set because it’s complete with a shatter-proof mirror, a cosmetic bag, and pretend lip gloss, but it’s just for imaginative play. So it’s a great way to encourage imaginative play among 4-year-old girls.

​5. Laugh & Learn My Pretty Learning Purse

This cute and pretty Laugh & Learn Learning Purse by Fisher-Price is perfect for your 4-year-old to bring with her every time you go out.

It’s stylish and comes with pretend pieces that you would normally find in a purse – keys, a mobile phone, lipstick, and money. This set will support her desire for imaginative play and learning.

What’s Great About It – This perfectly-sized purse functions like a real one, but it also has sing-along tunes, ABCs, colors, numbers, manners, opposites, and other valuable lessons that your preschooler needs to know.

​6. Kidizoom Smartwatch

Bring the trend of technological toys and gadgets to your 4-year-old with this Kidizoom Smartwatch from VTech. She’ll get the satisfaction of owning a watch that can tell her the time, but also allows her to enjoy various activities, games, and challenges.

With this watch, she’ll have many of the features of other gadgets – she can take photos and videos, record her voice, calculate simple math problems, and check the calendar.

What’s Great About It – The best thing about this multi-functional smart watch is that it’s sweat-proof and splash-proof, which is ideal especially if your little one’s quite active.

7. Little Apps Tablet

Your preschooler will appreciate the Little Apps Tablet by VTech, because it comes with a variety of learning activities that suit different needs.

If she’s into music, there’s a piano keyboard. There’s a fun keyboard that shows her the letters A to Z, and the color-changing screen and activity buttons will take her through the many other activities designed for her.

What’s Great About It – This toy has a total of 12 learning activities, so your 4-year-old will never get bored, given that there’s so much to explore. You can easily control the volume, and there’s an auto-shutoff function to save battery life.

​8. LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

In this day and age, when you gift a 4-year-old girl with her very own LeapFrog My Own Leaptop by iMachine, she will really treasure it. This is especially true if she can see you typing away on your laptop.

Pre-schoolers now understand what’s happening around them and often like to imitate their parents, making this toy ideal. This laptop is built especially for her age group and interests, and comes with 4 learning modes (ABCs, Games, Messages, Music).

What’s Great About It – The size of this laptop is perfect for little girls. But what’s more important is that it is a total activity center that develops many of the skills that she needs: spelling, animal knowledge, vocabulary, imagination, music, and others.

​9. LeapFrog Scribble and Write

Learning how to identify letters and write them down are skills that a 4-year-old girl must begin to master.

This LeapFrog Scribble and Write by LeapFrog Enterprises will help her do just that, with its easy-grip stylus and complete numbers and letters, both uppercase and lowercase.

What’s Great About It – Your little girl can trace the lighted path of the letter or number in order to master it, making this a really fun way to learn. It’s also perfectly designed for both left-handed and right-handed children.

​10. Barbie Grow to Pro 1-2-3 Roller Skates

The Barbie Grow to Pro Roller Skates by Fisher-Price teaches your 4-year-old how to skate in the most fun and efficient way possible.

It’s a grow-with-me pair of roller skates, and if your little girl has no knowledge about skating, she can learn how to do it in 3 stages.

What’s Great About It – The three-step configuration allows gradual learning and is a great confidence-booster. Unlike real roller skates that your child needs to learn how to use in one go, she can start with skate-walking with one wheel locked, rolling forward only, and then rolling forward and back.

​11. Trampoline (3-ft)

There’s nothing more fun than a trampoline that gives your kid the chance to jump up and down safely, and that’s what this product from Little Tikes is all about.

This trampoline is made from a combination of plastic and metal, and has a large jumping surface for your 4-year-old to enjoy all by herself.

What’s Great About It – This is great for indoor use and has a safety bar that will help your daughter bounce safely and stably. It’s also made for durability, so your preschooler can use this to burn energy and you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

12. My First RC Go Go Baja Buggy

Your 4-year-old will enjoy driving her very own remote-controlled buggy around with Kid Galaxy’s My First RC Go Go Baja Buggy.

Remote-controlled vehicles are always great because they develop motor skills, as well as cognitive and problem-solving and skills. It also taps into your little one’s sense of exploration and adventure.

What’s Great About It – This buggy can be driven on any terrain, so your 4-year-old is not just limited to playing with this toy in the garden. This tough buggy has elegance to its design, making it perfect for little girls.

​13. First Flybar Pogo Jumper

This pogo jumper from FlyBar will not only strengthen your little girl’s leg muscles, it will help her practice her overall hand-eye coordination and balance.

With a soft but durable foam base and comfortable handles with grips made of foam, this toy can easily spell hours of jumping fun for your preschooler and the entire family.

What’s Great About It – This toy was designed for both indoor and outdoor use, so you don’t have to worry about it scratching any floor surface. It can support up to 250 pounds, so the whole family can get involved in the bouncing fun.

​14. Barbie Tough Trike

Tap into your little one’s sense of going out on her own and exploring her surroundings. The Barbie Tough Trike by Fisher-Price is the perfect companion to all her new adventures, and it strengthens her muscles, builds her coordination, and boosts her balance while she’s at it.

What’s Great About It – This trike was designed not just to look fit for a princess, but for optimum stability, so your little girl can go off and explore the neighborhood. It has a storage compartment for her things, so the trike ride can really be an enjoyable one.

​15. TotSports T-Ball Set

If you were to teach your 4-year-old how to play baseball, this TotSports T-Ball Set by Little Tikes is the perfect way to do it.

This fun set makes a game out of learning how to bat, and it improves your preschooler’s hand-eye coordination, inclination towards sports, and motor development.

What’s Great About It – It’s pretty basic with an oversized bat and 2 oversized baseballs, but it does the job of teaching your child how to bat in a really fun way. It’s also quite easy to store because of its unique hang-on-the-wall design.

​16. Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum

While this will hardly remove the dirt from your floors, the Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum by CASDON takes role-playing to the next level.

A direct replica of the Dyson’s ball model, it has a vacuum’s signature sounds and suction, can be maneuvered just like a real vacuum, and has a simulated cyclone action using colorful balls.

What’s Great About It – It’s an enjoyable toy to play with, but it teaches your child how to clean and gives her accountability over such an important task. You can even vacuum the house together.

​17. Pretend & Play School Set

Academically, the pre-school years are all about learning the basics, and that’s why this Pretend & Play School Set by Learning Resources is perfect.

This is a 149-piece set that includes the main tri-fold board, a dry erase board, a map, a calendar, some stickers, crayons, pointers, and many more.

What’s Great About It – This is a good way to introduce your child to the school setting. You can role play with her as a student and you as a teacher, and eventually she can also play teacher to make learning fun and exciting.

​18. Play Tent Princess Castle

Social interaction is an important part of being a 4-year-old, so expect your preschooler to want to go on even more play dates, sleepovers, and parties.

This Play Tent Princess Castle by Pockos is perfect for that purpose, and it’s a great way for little girls to pretend that they’re princesses in their castle.

This imaginative play can be facilitated by this wonderful toy that’s really easy to assemble and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

What’s Great About It – Easy to store in its own carrying case, this tent is practically hassle-free for the adults that are supervising. It’s made from durable materials that will last the test of time, such as fiberglass rods and polyester fabric.

​19. Little People Surprise and Sounds Home

The Little People Surprise and Sounds Home from Fisher-Price is a great play house that will really awaken your preschooler’s creativity and imagination.

It has 2 sides, 2 levels, and 4 sections, and it entertains your 4-year-old with over 50 phrases, melodies, and songs.

When she opens the oven or the refrigerator, both will realistically light up. If she lifts the toilet seat, she will hear a flush sound. Pressing on the alarm clock will pop the figure right out of bed. So it’s great because it really simulates what happens in a real home.

What’s Great About It – As a play house it definitely serves its purpose, but what you’ll love about it is that it comes with a carrying handle on the roof. That means it’s easy to store and move from one place to another, if needed.

​20. Shopping Cart

With this Shopping Cart from Little Tikes, your little one can pretend to do her own grocery shopping or even go with you to make yours more fun.

Like a real shopping cart, this one has a fold down seat so she can bring her doll or stuffed toy along. The sturdy walls and depth of the basket ensure that there’s enough room for her to place her goods in, and there’s some added storage under the basket.

What’s Great About It – This is one of those toys for pretend play that your child can actually use because it functions in the same way. Your 4-year-old can use this in your own home, but you can bring her along with you the next time you shop for groceries.

How I Came Up With this List of Toys

To look for the perfect toys for kids who have just started their pre-school years, it was important to look into the specific skills that have to be developed at this age. Checking what child psychologists and experts have to stay, we have looked at the developmental milestones that are critical for this stage.

We chose the first 5 toys because we knew that 4-year-olds absolutely love using their little hands to create all kinds of arts and crafts.

The next 4 toys were chosen because of their educational component, but this time we focused on toys that maximize the use of technology, introducing children to its wonders.

We then focused on toys that further develop your little one’s motor skills, because as they enter the pre-school years they only become more active and interactive.

Lastly, we ended with 5 toys that focus on imaginative play, which is so important at this age.

It’s also very important that the toys we choose can really hold your child's attention. This is why we made sure that the toys are of good quality, the best design, and had the most positive recommendations from users who have already tried them out.

It was not the easiest list to come up with, but we are more than happy to share it with you and help you get the toy that your 4-year-old will truly enjoy.

What to Expect From Your 4 Year Old Preschooler

As a child grows up, all aspects of her development go a level up. Entering the pre-school stage is a critical part of your child’s life because this is when she becomes more social. Instead of just playing by herself and her toys, she is now more conscious of social interactions and relationships.

At this stage, she gets more and more involved with interactive and cooperative play, having to deal with her peers as well as grown-ups in a variety of situations.

Given that she will be in pre-school classes or play groups, it’s really important that you develop her social skills, and that’s exactly what toys can help you with.

Social interaction is a critical and unavoidable part of this stage, and this is why it’s best if you get toys that give her the opportunity to play with her peers.

When interacting with others, it’s important for little girls to have a healthy sense of confidence in who she is.

If you think your 3-year-old was inquisitive, wait until she turns 4. That’s when you get questions that are even harder. A 4-year-old will be even more curious, tends to ask endless questions, and has an attention span that’s a bit longer than it was during her younger years.

So this is also the perfect time to give her educational toys. It’s also a great time to start giving her a stronger sense of responsibility and ownership.

Her total well-being is still very important, and you want your little girl to grow up well-rounded. In terms of physical development, a 4-year-old can tire you because she will be increasingly active – jumping, running, hopping, skipping, and going around exploring what she can.

So it is great to get her toys that continue to develop her motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial intelligence. Don’t limit her because it would do her well to be physically active at this stage, exploring the world around her with her own two feet.

In addition, intellectual and emotional development is also very important for 4-year-old children. They already have a sense of their personal identities and becoming independent, and they also understand concepts like rules and responsibilities especially if you explain it to them clearly.

They’re also more self-assured and sure about who they are, what they want, and what they’re really interested in. You need to really pay attention to this and help unleash her potential.


With your child’s personality being molded and shaped during the pre-school years, it’s really important that you get the toys right. The 20 toys that we have handpicked for you will help ensure that the critical developmental milestones for this stage are achieved.

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