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Best Toys and Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys in 2017

Buying a gift for your five-year-old boy? While your main goal is to make him happy, you should also take a lot of things into consideration. These days, consumers can find numerous educational items in the market. It pays to take advantage of this fact.

Here are our top 20 choices for the best toys and gifts for five-year-old boys. From building sets to outdoor stuff, these items help improve children’s various skills and potentials. Feel free to choose one that can provide your child’s needs.

Best Toys & Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

1. LEGO Juniors Construction Set

This set features an easy-to-build construction truck, a wall section, and a crane with wrecking ball. Its accessories include cones, wheelbarrow, and building fixtures.

It also comes with a construction worker minifigure, building instructions, and a huge LEGO container measuring more than five inches high, 7 inches wide and 7 inches deep.

What’s Great About It - The noticeably big container box does well in storage and makes the product ideal for travel. The building instructions make it easy for kids to do their construction task. Building sets like this stimulates the mind and enhances problem-solving skills

2. Backyard Safari Cargo Vest

This cargo vest is perfect for playing make-believe outdoors. It features poly-twill fabric that gives a rugged look to the vest. It also includes numerous cargo pockets — two of which have Velcro enclosures, zipper pocket containing mesh outer pouch, a clear front pocket, and four D rings. The product likewise comes with an adventure guide.

What’s Great About It - Having plenty of cargo pockets is definitely its best feature, for it allows the user to have more space to gear up. The product helps young boys unleash the adventurers in them. It also helps enhance creativity and imaginative skills through playing pretend.

3. KAS Kids Army Camouflage Combat Vest

Apparently, this product is best for young boys who are fond of military-related stuff. This combat vest comes with nine pockets and adjustable straps. It likewise features survival items.

What’s Great About It - Children normally love long hours of play. This combat vest, having plenty of pockets, can provide such benefit. With plenty of spaces, kids can do long missions. Used in physical make-believe games outdoors, this combat vest helps enhance a child’s physical skills while stimulating his mind.

​4. Razor A3 Kick Scooter

If your little boy loves to go around the neighborhood, buying him a scooter will be a great idea. This product comes with patented rear fender brake, wheelie bar design, folding mechanism, and 125 mm urethane wheels with springless shock-absorbing system. It can support users up to 143 pounds.

What’s Great About It - Featuring folded mechanism, this scooter makes carrying easier. Being able to fold the item likewise makes it perfect for travel. With regular use, kids will be able to improve balance and other physical skills.

​5. GamieTM IQ Challenge Set

This set includes seven toys — one puzzle ball, one metal puzzle, four plastic puzzle balls, and one wooden cube puzzle. It provides complete instructions guide sent via email.

What’s Great About It - Each toy in the IQ Challenge Set gives a different feel to kids while enhancing their mental abilities. The instructions guide that comes with it shows clear pictures and language, giving you and your little one a good user experience. Generally speaking, puzzles improve alertness, mind sharpness, memory, and even self-confidence. This product features a durable design and offers 100 percent money-back guarantee.

​6. Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer

Whether your five-year-old wants to play alone or with someone, this product would be a good choice. It comes with inflatable ball, target, and goal.

This product features two levels of play and produces sound after each goal kick. The target is adjustable, intended for more advanced players.

What’s Great About It - The goal is big, making it easy for kids to play. Additionally, having an adjustable target enables long-term use. Once your kid improves, you can adjust the target. Doing so will also teach your child to score anywhere in the net.

7. Foam Maverick Pogo Stick

Designed for beginners, this pogo stick comes with a metal frame covered with foam. It also features deep and extra-wide footpads, easy-grip handles, and a rubber tip. It can support children weighing 40 to 80 pounds.

What’s Great About It - The metal frame with foam cover provides safety, making the product perfect for starters. Additionally, its easy-grip handles and rubber tip help the kids stay in control. This pogo stick provides a fun activity to various kids while enhancing their physical skills and ensuring their safety. This is the best option when learning the basics.

​8. Diggin Active Dodge Tag

The product comes with a vest and offers a twist to the game of dodgeball. Instead of having the ball bounce off the players’ bodies, the ball that comes with this item sticks to the vest. This product includes six soft dodgeballs and two adjustable air-mesh vests.

What’s Great About It - Adding twists to games can add more fun and excitement especially in these modern days when most companies strive to offer something new. The balls are soft and safe, making them work well for five-year-old kids. You can likewise take this product anywhere, adding more convenience to users.

​9. Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit

For kids who love doing experiments, this 20-piece science kit would be a perfect gift. It allows young kids to learn and explore the basics of chemical reactions and using science tools.

This kit includes real chemicals that are safe for children: baking soda, vegetable oil, corn starch, red cabbage powder, citric acid, three color tablets, and crosslinked polyacrylate copolymer. It also includes real supplies: three test tubes with stand, three plastic cups, two cotton swabs, two sticks, two measuring scoops, pipette, and activity guide.

What’s Great About It - Coming with real chemicals and tools, this kit can undeniably prepare a young kid for becoming a scientist someday. It also helps to have an activity guide that would help young kids with their experiments.

​10. HearthSong Domino Race Set

Apparently, this set aims to introduce the classic domino game to children. It comes with 255 pieces: 78 solid pieces, 78 squiggle striped pieces, 72 diamond printed pieces, 13-piece dowel stair, six pyramid steps, three starting gates, three finish gates, one starting wand, one end sign, and a bridge set. These pieces of dominoes also come in different colors.

This product likewise features an add-on set that customers can purchase separately: tunnel set, pyramid step set, ramp, and ball.

What’s Great About It - HearthSong products meet all U.S. child safety regulations. Also, this product offers warranty. Apart from providing a fun game for your little one, this set ensures safety and security.

​11. LEGO City Demolition Starter Set

This product aims to show children the nature of construction and demolition. It comes with the following accessories: jackhammer, sledgehammer, two warning cones, and megaphone. It also features a front loader and a building section containing water, toilet, and pipes. And to complete the construction scene, the set a foreman and three demolition workers.

What’s Great About It - With the featured accessories, the set provides a semi-realistic feel as construction and demolition tasks go on. It likewise helps enhance a child’s mental and physical skills.

12. Toy State Caterpillar Construction Mini Machine 5-Pack

This is a perfect item for young boys fascinated with construction. It comes with bulldozer, dump truck, wheel loader, backhoe, and road compactor. It does not require battery use.

What’s Great About It - This product is basically a construction site in a box. All the player needs to do is add dirt to have a complete realistic feel. In relation to this, the item teaches children the basics of construction while enhancing their physical and mental skills.

​13. SwimWays Toypedo Bandits

These toypedo bandits are dive toys that can glide underwater up to 20 feet. It comes with. four colorful bandits. It is best for children who want to learn and practice swimming, for the player would need to chase the bandits.

What’s Great About It - Having those gliding toypedoes can effectively improve the players’ swimming skills. The product is likewise flexible for it can work well in pools or bathtubs.

​14. Diggin Wobble Deck

This Diggin Wobble Deck is an electronic balance board that aims to challenge your kids with three exciting play options, namely Memory Match, Speed Play, and Freestyle. The product can support up to 100 pounds and can be played indoors and outdoors; thus, ensuring a doze of fun for your kid. It uses numbers, colors, sounds, and visual cues in combination to provide varying difficulties that your kids will enjoy while learning.

What’s Great About It - This Wobble deck teaches your kids balance as well as foot-to-eye coordination. It also sharpens their reaction and reflexes the longer they play. The player can adjust the difficulty to ensure improvement in the process.

​15. Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball

This Triple Hit Baseball by Fisher-Price features a battery-powered trainer, a bat, and three balls for kids who want to learn how to hit like a pro. Your child can play this either by propping the ball on the tee and hitting it or by waiting for the ball to be automatically ejected from the trainer’s base as it is pitched up to 10 feet. Both will provide a gradual learning process for your kid to learn to play the sport.

What’s Great About It - Playing this item is a good way to strengthen kids’ arm muscles as well to improve their timings on hitting the ball, as they develop their perfect swing. It also gives them a glimpse on how to play baseball as a sport.

​16. LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

This item comes with bricks from 35 different colors. It also includes 18 tires, 18 wheels, special piece base plate, window with frame, and three sets of eyes for an enjoyable building experience. It also comes with a useful plastic box to store your LEGO. With over 500 pieces, this brick box will surely offer hours of fun to your kids.

What’s Great About It - This brick box can teach your kids eye-to-hand coordination as well as creativity in building what they like with LEGO. With the numerous kinds of constructions featured in this item, it surely will enhance children’s spatial intelligence and motor skills.

​17. Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies

This product is a two-mile-range walkie talkie featuring a sturdy build and playful design that will get your kids intrigued and interested. Also coming with LED lights and clip belt holders, these walkie talkies can last for three and a half hours on continuous use and nine hours on standby. It also operates on three separate channels. You’ll get two out of the box.

What’s Great About It - Due to its long standby and continuous use times, this product can hook your five-year-old kid for hours, enhancing his language and communication skills in the process. It can also improve his creativity and imagination. You can also use this to check on the safety of your kids.

​18. Peaceable Kingdom Keep Out Lock and Key Diary

The Peaceable Kingdom Keep Out Lock and Key Diary consists of 104 double-sided and colorful pages specifically designed for little boys. It boasts a sturdy lock and key mechanism for security. The diary looks like a wood-and-steel box that is heavily chained and locked. It is perfect for writing thoughts, doodles, secrets, and wishes.

What’s Great About It - This diary will foster a place for your kid to express themselves through writing. It also enhances self thought and improves your kid’s motor skills in handling the pen.

​19. Haktoys HAK101 Invincible Turbo Twister

This is a remote-controlled off-roader that kids can control to do stunts to their hearts’ content. With its bright and colorful LED lights and translucent tires, it can run from 12 to 15 minutes with an optimum charge time of 90 minutes. It can run up to 40 feet.

What’s Great About It - Due to a number of moves that this RC car can do, your kid will be able to enhance his creativity and imaginative skills. He will also be able to enhance his thinking skills as he maneuvers the Turbo Twister with the controller.

​20. ALEX TOYS Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit

The ALEX TOYS Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit is a classic game brought to life. This time, it comes with a paper craft kit including colorful paper and stickers that your kid can design your paper plane with. It also has an easy-to-follow instruction pamphlet that can help your kid create his fleet of paper planes.

What’s Great About It - It teaches kids how to create this classic paper toy that we all enjoyed in our yesteryears. It also enhances their hand-to-eye coordination, improves ability to follow instructions, and promotes creativity since they will have to design their crafted paper planes.

How I Decided Upon these Toys

Children have different needs and toys can provide some of them. For this reason, it is very important to be mindful of the choices we make when it comes to choosing toys for our kids. Below are our criteria for choosing the best products for five-year-old boys:

  • Benefits

What’s in it for five-year-old children? Can the item benefit them in numerous ways particularly in developing their skills? The most beneficial ones earned a slot in our list.

  • Quality

Does the toy come with sturdy materials? Can it last long? An item can promise a lot of things, but none of them won’t be useful if it is of poor quality.

  • Safety

Apart from durability, safety is a very crucial factor to consider when choosing a toy. It should always be safe to play, considering that a little kid may not fully know how to properly handle a toy.

  • Age Appropriateness

Of course, we picked items that are perfect for five-year-old boys. We chose the ones that can greatly contribute to a five-year-old’s development in different aspects.

We are confident that with these criteria, we have indeed chosen the best items for your five-year-old boy.

Developmental Benefits of Toys / Playthings

Indeed, play is a big part of children’s lives. From it, they learn to numerous skills and enhance them. Through it, they experience having fun while understanding things and building relationships with people.

In detail, here are the developmental benefits of play:

  • Physical

Toys and games involving physical movements help improve one’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. At times, physical games are likewise equivalent to exercises that can aid in muscle development and other aspects of physical growth. Kids who enjoy the most in this type of play are more likely to become athletic.

  • Logical

Some toys help improve a kid’s eye on patterns, problem solving abilities, reasoning, and other mental capacities involving logic. Examples of toys that provide logical benefits are puzzles, strategy games, arithmetic problems, and more.

  • Artistic

These days, numerous art-related toys have come out in the market. They help children learn about colors, patterns, textures, perspective, and proportion. More than that, these toys help children improve their creativity and even self-esteem.

  • Musical

Apparently, musical development is the result of playing games that involve sounds, rhythm, and melodies. Apart from becoming musically inclined, your child can develop good listening skills and interact well with the surroundings by regularly playing these kinds of games.

  • Interpersonal

Toys and games that require teamwork or playing with other kids can improve one’s interpersonal skills. They teach children how to work collaboratively and share ideas. Kids learn to take responsibility as well. Communicating thoughts and feelings is an essential part of kids’ lives, and this is what team games allow them to do.

  • Intrapersonal

While it is fun to have playmates, know that alone play can also be beneficial especially to growing up kids. Also called independent play, it allows children to recognize and control their own feelings, thoughts, and emotions. It improves children’s intrapersonal skills as it leads to inner reflection. Pretend play is an example of a game which a kid can play alone or independently.

There are many more developmental benefits of toys and play. As you already know, they are not just about having fun. They help enhance your child’s skills and make it easier for them to survive everyday life.

Things to Consider when Buying a Toy

From infants to toddlers to preschoolers and school-age, children by nature are active explorers. They play around with amazing toys that provide action and satisfy their curiosity. As responsible adults and parents, we have to be careful in selecting toys for our kids. It pays to know some important things to consider when choosing toys and other related items.

  • Age

Children of different ages play with different kinds of toys. For infants and toddlers, it is advisable to give toys made of soft material. Toys for preschoolers should include alphabet blocks, puzzles, and coloring books to prepare them for school.

Meanwhile, older kids may find LEGO challenging. Give your children age-appropriate toys to make sure they will enjoy them and to avoid untoward incidents.

  • Child’s interest

Toddlers need toys that will help develop their motor skills like squeezable balls, toy animals, etc. Active preschoolers may prefer toy cars, balls, and bats. Older kids may find toy computers and the like challenging.

The point is to give your kids toys based on their interests. Doing so will make playtime really fun and enjoyable.

  • Safety

Carefully check the toys for possible choking hazards. Also, do not patronize toys with lead or similar toxic substances. Read the product label for the presence of any toxic material that can be harmful or poisonous when inhaled or ingested. Remember that toys should provide fun and not disaster to its players.

  • Brand name

Consider the company that manufactures the product. An established company is most likely to produce high-quality products while a toy purchased from street fairs or thrift stores are possibly of inferior quality. As a wise consumer, it is better and safer to pay more for a branded toy than pay less for a “no name” product.

Costly or cheap, simple or complex, toys are indeed a part of a child’s growth and development. Give your kid astounding but safe toys that will give him happy childhood memories.


Five-year-old kids have certain needs that differ from those of other children. It is important to consider them when choosing a toy or any gift item. Hopefully, this list will help you make the right choice for your child.

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