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Best Toys and Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls in 2017

Reaching 5 years of age is a big milestone for children, because this is when they normally start formal schooling. This means that her environment no longer consists of just your home. She will be interacting with other people on a more regular basis, whether they’re her peers or other adults.

Because of this, it’s critical that the toys she has will boost her confidence, help her with social interactions, and ensure that her intellectual, emotional, and cognitive development are well in place.

It seems simple enough, but we know that finding the perfect toy is easier said than done. Now that she’s 5, she’ll have toys from her earlier years, but she’ll need new ones that can take her development further. To make it a lot easier for you, we’ve done the research and now present you with a shortlist of the 20 best toys any 5-year-old girl will enjoy.

Toys and Gifts to Pick for Your 5 Year Old Girl

1. Cupcake Queen Café Playset

5 years old is the perfect time to start collecting Shopkins, and this Cupcake Queen Café Playset is a unique toy to add to any little girl’s Shopkins collection.

It contains two Shopkins characters and other pieces that your 5-year-old can set up as part of her little cupcake shop. This is good for boosting imaginative thinking and creativity.

What’s Great About It – Because this toy is part of an entire Shopkins line of toys, it doesn’t have to stand on its own. If your little one already has other Shopkins, this is a welcome addition that will make her collection even more valuable to her.

2. Shopkins Season 5

With Shopkins Season 5, there are over 140 Shopkins toys to collect. This one is a good place to start, because it immediately gives your 5-year old 12 Shopkins, including 2 that are ‘hidden’ in bags.

This gift pack also has 2 bonus charms that your daughter can use to form her own Shopkins bracelet as they collect more.

What’s Great About It – This Shopkins set has an element of surprise because there are surprise characters that she will need to unveil. This increases the excitement for this set.

3. Plush Mini Bean Bag

Plush toys are perfect for little hands, so imagine if, as a little girl, you received 50 plush animals, thanks to this Plush Mini Bean Bag by Fun Express.

With each plush animal measuring only 3.5 inches in height, your 5-year-old gets a whole collection of cute little animals to collect and play with, which she can easily take with her wherever she goes.

What’s Great About It – This set is great as a single gift for just one child, but also makes a great prize to split at birthday parties, or to use as party favors.

​4. Tasty Treats Play Food Set

If your little girl already has a kitchen or dining playset, this 100-piece Tasty Treats Play Food Set by KidKraft is a great addition.

Even as a standalone, it’s still great for imaginative play and pretend picnics or lunches, especially when your 5-year-old has friends over.

Also, you can use it to teach her the different food groups and other lessons about food.

What’s Great About It – The variety that you get with this food set is astounding, because you get all types of food, from delectable chocolate bars to healthy fruits and vegetables.

​5. Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll

Barbie is a big part of any little girl’s childhood, and dolls are a great way to promote imaginative play.

This particular Barbie is a mermaid, and her tail lights up when immersed in water. This will definitely catch your little one’s attention and encourage further exploration and creativity.

What’s Great About It – This is more than just your typical Barbie doll, because this doll has a mermaid tail. This makes it every little girl’s dream and a great addition to any Barbie doll collection.

​6. Modern Doll House

Calego’s Modern Doll House will make your little girl’s dollhouse dreams come true. This 3-storey dollhouse stands at 42 ¼ inches when assembled, and it’s sleek and modern build boast large rooms that will fit her existing Barbie-sized dolls.

Child-safe and made from sturdy materials, everything is illustrated so it’s easy to fold flat after playing.

What’s Great About It – Unlike other dollhouses, this one’s very lightweight and comes in a pop-up style. That means it’s really easy to assemble and store away.

7. Barbie Dream House

With her Barbie Dream House, your 5-year-old and all her Barbie dolls will get 3 floors of fun.

It comes with all the rooms you would find in a dream house, from the living room and bedroom to additions like a pet room, a built-in garage, and an atrium that can be converted into a swimming pool.

What’s Great About It – No one does details like Barbie, and you can really see the attention to detail with this dream house. Your 5-year-old gets over 70 accessories, some of which are interactive, so it can awaken her creative side.

​8. Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

KidKraft has a Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture that’s also perfect for 5-year-old girls.

17 realistic furniture pieces are included in the mix, and there are 3 levels of open space that you can work with, and two molded plastic staircases that connect one level to the next.

It’s a big doll cottage that can fit 4-inch dolls, and it’s perfect for play dates and sleepovers.

What’s Great About It – The more open-plan design of this quaint doll cottage means that your 5-year-old has more freedom to go all out with her imagination and put her creativity to play.

​9. Little Bakers Kitchen

With her little chef’s hat on, your 5-year-old will definitely enjoy this Little Bakers Kitchen from Step2.

This kitchen playset comes complete with all the details and accessories you would find in a real kitchen: from the 2-burner electric stove to the sink and faucet.

It’s a great way to encourage her interest in kitchen activities, and great for imaginative play.

What’s Great About It – The 30-piece accessory set that this kitchen comes with makes it all the more realistic. There are surprises like the realistic boiling and frying sounds. It’s a great way to teach your child the basics of how the kitchen works before you give her chores in the kitchen at home.

​10. Durable Walkie Talkies for Girls

These Durable Walkie Talkies from Kidzlane are great for group play, because it features 3 channels and can be used in a 2-mile range.

Whether she’s indoors or outdoors, having walkie talkies will add some spice to any game with friends. It also helps her to hone her communication skills and practice her social interaction in a fun and unique way.

What’s Great About It – This may be a toy that’s designed for 5-year-old girls, but it functions well as a walkie-talkie that the whole family can enjoy. It can last for 3 ½ hours of continuous use and 9 hours on standby mode.

​11. Mermaid Island Board Game

A board game is always a great way to introduce the spirit of taking turns and a little friendly competition among young children.

With this Mermaid Island Board Game from Peaceable Kingdom, you can accomplish just that. This one’s easy enough to comprehend at her age, but also interesting enough to keep her playing.

What’s Great About It – This is great training for social interaction, but it also introduces the concept of probability and luck. Instead of a dice however, she gets to spin an arrow wheel.

12. Princess Ariel’s Magical Kiss

Your 5-year-old can unleash her inner princess starting with Princess Ariel’s Magical Kiss by LEGO Disney.

Just like other LEGO building toys, this one really helps hone her problem-solving skills and takes her cognitive development to the next level.

This particular set comes complete with Princess Ariel and Prince Eric, as well as 250 LEGO pieces that allow her to build a royal palace and a lagoon.

What’s Great About It – The details stay remarkably true to Disney’s Little Mermaid, so you get realistic pieces and settings that make it a magical toy for 5-year-old Ariel fans.

​13. Princess Jasmine’s Exotic Palace

Build your 5-year-old’s problem solving skills while encouraging her inner princess with another creation from LEGO Disney – Princess Jasmine’s Exotic Palace.

Aladdin has always been one of the most loved Disney stories, and your little girl can recreate it starting with the royal castle.

Complete with glittery trinkets the magic lamp and Jasmine’s pet tiger Rajah, it couldn’t get more magical than this.

What’s Great About It – This set is easy enough to be assembled by a 5-year-old, and Disney has gone all out when it comes to the detail. You get a beautiful LEGO set that reminds you of the world in Aladdin. This is also great for group play because your little girl’s friends can help her build it, or play with it once it’s up.

​14. Perler Beads

With these 6,000 Perler Beads to play with, your little girl can make and build many creations using the pegs and suggested designs.

This is great for hand-eye coordination, color and shape recognition, as well as developing creativity and dexterity. It’s also completely safe to use because the beads are made from food-grade plastic.

What’s Great About It – Because your little girl will be working with thousands of colorful beads and several peg holders, the sky’s the limit on what designs she wants to create. This freedom will really help optimize her creativity, build her confidence, and stimulate her imagination and cognitive skills.

​15. EZ Steppers

Stilt-walking has never been as fun as what your little girl can experience if she has Just Jump It from EZ Steppers.

It’s an easy and safe way to send your 5-year-old off on her stilt-walking adventures, because you get steppers that are 4”-high buckets that are turned upside down.

There’s a sturdy rope connected on each bucket, giving you a simple but great way to hone your little girl’s balance and coordination.

What’s Great About It – This is a very simple but unique and effective toy that does what it’s designed for. You don’t need batteries, it doesn’t require too much storage space, and it’s made of durable materials so you don’t have to worry about your little one’s safety.

​16. IQ Challenge Set

With the IQ Challenge Set by GamieTM, your 5-year-old will get 7 unique and challenging brain teasers all in one place and you can join in on the fun.

All of the toys are designed to take your child’s intellectual quotient to a level higher, encouraging her to solve puzzles, persevering until she finds the solution.

What’s Great About It – The variety of the puzzles that you get ensures that your child will not get bored, because there’s always something new to solve. It’s challenging enough for her age, but not unsolvable. You will have access to instruction guides so that you can help her just in case she gets stuck.

​17. Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine

This small but powerful Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine by Funrise will be the rave of any party or gathering, as it allows your 5-year-old to create a bubble sensation.

The bubble machine together with the bubble solution can make up to 500 bubbles per minute, with no effort on your part.

What’s Great About It – The sheer number of bubbles that this machine can make will captivate the attention of your child and all of her friends. As parents, we all know that nothing entertains a child more than bubbles.

​18. Light-Up Tracing Pad and Art Tool

Crayola’s Light-Up Tracing Pad and Art Tool is great for helping your little girl discover her inner artist.

This set comes with over 35 patterns that she can trace, developing her hand-eye coordination as well as teaching her to draw.

The tracing pad lights up and the frame holds the paper in place while she traces the pattern.

What’s Great About It – This set is made by Crayola so you know that you are getting a top quality product. You can also download hundreds of other images online, so that you can make the patterns harder as your 5-year-old grows older.

​19. Jasmine Color Surprise Bath Toy

The Jasmine Color Surprise Bath Toy from Breyer takes bath toys to the next level and ensures that your 5-year-old’s interest is held.

Unlike ordinary bath toys from her younger years, this 8-inch pony figure, named Jasmine, actually changes color when submerged in water, making it interesting for your daughter to play with.

What’s Great About It – This is a bath toy, but it has additional features that make it so much more than that. It comes with a terry cloth bathrobe, atomizer spray bottle, and purple brush is included so your 5-year-old can brush the pony’s mane while she’s getting clean in the tub.

​20. Rainbow in My Room

If you think rainbows and little girls go together with sugar and spice and everything nice, you can just imagine how much your daughter will adore having a rainbow in her bedroom.

That’s exactly what you’ll get with Uncle Milton’s Rainbow in My Room, which is a rainbow projector that makes use of LED lights, lighting up your little girl's room with bright and beautiful colors.

What’s Great About It – With the push of a button, you can create a magical rainbow effect and completely change the look of your little girl’s room. This enhances her imagination, and it’s a great opportunity for you to explain the concepts of rainbows, light, and the visible spectrum.

How these 20 Products were Picked

We did some research on what 5-year-old children really need, making sure that we pick toys that will help further the developmental milestones that are expected for this age.

The first 9 toys are either part of ‘collections’ that they can complete over time or that stay with them a long time and grow as they grow.

The next 5 focus on group play and social interactions, because this is really something that characterizes this stage. Whether they’re building toys or walkie talkies, as long as it requires interaction, it boosts their self-confidence and teaches them how to cooperate with other people.

The rest of the toys on the list were chosen because they each represent something that needs to be furthered at this stage – motor development, intellectual capacity, ability to write and create art.

Naturally, it’s not enough to just ensure that the toys hit developmental milestones. We had to look into the toy manufacturer, the quality of their work, and how satisfied other customers are.

With all of these factors in mind, we have narrowed down the available options for a 5-year-old girl to this winning list of 20 toys.

Development of Your 5 Year Old Girl

At 5 years of age, children understand concepts that used to be abstract when they were younger. They should be able to recognize most of the alphabet, name several colors, count to 10, and seek to be independent.

In their heads, they’re not babies anymore and they want to be ‘big girls’. While this means that they’re definitely growing up, toys are still a big part of their development.

First, they can now tell what’s real and what make-believe is. This however doesn’t stop them from using their imagination and making up stories in their head. With toys like doll houses and figurines, they can still come up with situations and imaginary worlds of their own, and this is quite important for their cognitive development.

5-year-old girls also have a clearer sense of self. They already know their name and where they live, have a sense of ownership and can be given responsibilities. They will have more appreciation for toys that need to be collected over a period of time, and you can start encouraging them to really take care of their belongings.

What you should remember is that girls at this stage love engaging in social play, especially since they are now able to form friendships and have meaningful conversations. They want to please their friends and be like their friends, play with their friends and just engage in social interaction.

While they can be very cooperative, they can also be demanding, especially if the people they’re with contradict or challenge what they believe. Toys that encourage group play and cooperation will be great for this age.

When it comes to language, they can now speak clearly and form coherent sentences because their vocabulary will have expanded. They tell stories and participate in interactive discussions more, so you should really continue to engage them.

Their curiosity is still there so they will continue to be inquisitive, but this is now taken a step further because they’re also more investigative. This means that they want to explore different friendships and personalities.

Physically, the body of your 5-year-old is still growing at a rapid pace, and she will still seek activities to burn off all her pent-up energy.

The development of motor skills and coordination is still important, but at this stage some girls prefer arts and crafts toys, construction toys, and toys that encourage imaginative play – they still build her coordination and dexterity, but are less active than sports-related toys.

Wrap Up

The 20 toys we have chosen for you address the key developmental milestones that are needed for this age. We are happy to share this list with you and we are positive that you’ll find exactly what your 5-year-old needs.

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