Best Toys and Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys in 2017

Purchasing gifts and toys for six-year-old boys can be difficult. Your kid is at the stage of his life when he greatly needs to learn numerous things. Without proper learning, it will be hard for him to survive and adapt to his daily life and environment.

On your part, you need to consider these facts before buying an item for him. Here are our top 20 choices for the best toys and gifts for six-year-old boys. Read on and make your choice.

My Favorite Toys & Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys

1. The Original Stomp Rocket: Ultra 4-Rock

This stomp rocket features the combination of shooting and flying in one toy. Kids can launch it by running, jumping, and stomping. It can soar up to 20 stories or 200 feet high.

It comes with a stomp launcher and four foam-tipped stomp rockets. It does not require battery use.

What's Great About It: It is easy to use and fast to set up. And alongside the simplicity of its operation is the great potential for kids to improve their leg power as they try to launch the rockets. Even adults can enjoy this product, making it a perfect tool to bond with the family.

2. ZOOB Car Designer

This car designer allows kids to build three cars and make them race against each other. It also makes possible the building of a 12-wheeler flatbed.

The set features 76 ZOOB pieces as well as 12 wheels working like gears. It also comes with three instruction guides for building a Gear Getter, Supersonic Stinger, and more. Moreover, ZOOB pieces include axels, gears, and joints. 

Lastly, the toy’s parts have the capacity to spin and rotate while the joints click, snap, and pop together.

What's Great About It: The aforementioned capacity of the product to rotate, spin, and make other movements makes it better to play with. Also, the guides that comes with it are easy to follow; thus, allowing children to freely build their vehicles.

3. Newisland Big League Blaster Gun with Foam Dart

Especially designed for kids, this item comes with safe materials. The darts are colorful and the blaster gun is simple to operate. Depending on the angle, players can shoot the darts up to 30 feet.

The package comes with 10 suction darts, one paper dart board, and one dart gun.

What's Great About It: Being lightweight, portable, and drop-resistant, this product is indeed perfect for children who may have a little challenge carrying things. It has a smooth surface, which adds more comfort while carrying and gaming. Lastly, it is eco-friendly.

​4. Marky Sparky Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

Darts normally attract children especially boys. For this, the Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board may be a good product for your kid.

The kit comes with a dartboard containing a hook at the back and six magnetic darts. The dartboard measures six inches and the magnetic darts come in two colors.

What's Great About It: This item comes with the features of a real dartboard; thus, providing realistic experience to players. It is likewise flexible, for kids may opt to play it alone, with a friend, or with the entire family. Lastly, the darts are safe for the house, for it won’t harm walls.

​5. Nerf N-Strike Blazin’ Bow Blaster

Just like darts, arrows are quite appealing to young boys. Being able to shoot some can bring so much fin to them.

This set comes with three giant foam arrows that can fire up tp 40 feet. It also has a wingspan of 20 inches.

What's Great About It: This product is of high quality. It uses safe materials and underwent tests for quality and durability. Meanwhile, the 20-inch wingspan gives a big launching power.

​6. The Learning Journey Techno Gears Marble Mania, Catapult

Maze, obstacle, flipper – these are the main thoughts comprising this toy. It comes with more than 100 pieces.

The players need to build their own marble and gear run. Soon after, the spring load shooter launches the marble.

The construction takes one to two hours and the sets are interchangeable.

What's Great About It: Basing on the features of this product, we can say that it is a combination of numerous exciting games that children love. And for a 100-piece item, the sets are quite fast to build.

7. GeoSpace Sky Catchers

This product has the capacity to launch the Tripod Rocket up to 100 feet. This is due to the Launcher Stick or “magic” wand that comes with it. Playing catch is among the common hobbies of young kids, and this product provides a twist to this game.

What's Great About It: Playing this can help improve various physical skills, from motor skills to hand-eye coordination. Providing a twist, the product enables the players to be knowledgeable about playing classic catch while introducing some cool modifications. Children will learn more about precision, distance, and height as they try to make a good play.

​8. Spin Master Field Agent Spy Watch

Is your kid dreaming of being a spy? If so, this item might be perfect for him. This toy includes eight gadgets in just one spy watch. It comes with sky paper, two message capsules, and button cell battery.

Additionally, the product features motion sense alarm, stopwatch, and wake-up alarm. The players are at liberty to write, deliver, and decode secret messages through a safe-drop capsules, spy paper, and decoder screen.

What's Great About It: The product uses advanced technology; hence the numerous features that come with it. And with these features, the whole item can provide a realistic feel for young kids.

​9. LEGO Creator Sea Plane

Is your child fond of sea planes? How about catamarans and swamp boats?Well, he can build all of them with this product. It is a three-in-one model that makes possible the building of these three vehicles.

The sea plane is 1″ (5cm) high, 3″ (10cm) long and 3″ (9cm) wide. The swamp boat is 1″ (5cm) high, 3″ (8cm) long and 1″ (4cm) wide. The catamaran is ” (8cm) high, 3″ (8cm) long and 1″ (4cm) wide.

The item comes with engine detailing, large propeller, tinted windshield, navigation lights, and big pontoons. 

What's Great About It: Being a building set, this product enhances the player’s mental skills. It likewise provides various experiences to the user due to its capacity to turn into three different vehicles.

​10. RASTAR 14 Scale Ferrari La Ferrari LaFerrari Radio Remote Control Model Car

Boys’ love for cars is a common knowledge. And with this product, your kid will definitely enjoy a cool remote control model car.

The package comes with a car, remote control, and user manual. The unit comes with independent spring suspension system, working headlights and rear lights. It is in full function: forward, stop, reverse, left, and right.

What's Great About It: Having the parts of a real car, this item can surely give a realistic feel to its players. The user manual that comes with makes the operation a lot easier.

​11. International Playthings Super Stadium Baseball Game

Is your six-year-old a baseball fan? If yes, then this item would be a perfect gift for him. It features a miniature baseball game coming with switch hitter, dual breaking ball lever, disappearing miracle ball, adjustable fielders positions, score pad, and batter counts.

The playing field measures 16.5″ x 16.5″. The package includes instruction manual, one bat, one pitcher,three score pins, three base runners, seven fielders, five balls, and score sheet.

What's Great About It: Any item that provides realistic experience is a good buy. Likewise, any item that comes with a user manual can make user experience easier and more fun.

12. ALEX TOYS Draw Like a Pro Artist Studio

This is the perfect gift for your little boy if he loves drawing and has a great potential in it. This kit comes with 10 sheets of paper, six markers, and 124 slides.

It makes drawing a lot easier than doing it with the use of traditional tracing paper.

What's Great About It: Its rotating slide contains images projected onto a backlit platform. This gives a new experience and a professional feel to users especially kids. It helps enhance creativity as well.

​13. Dickie Toys Mega Crane Playset

This crane gives a realistic feel and experience to its users. It stands four feet and the cabin rotates by 350 degrees. Also, the winch and trolley move like the full-sized version.

The playset comes with a remote and numerous other attachments. Such attachments allow transportation of building materials.

What's Great About It: The crane is big enough for a child to enjoy. It is almost as tall as a six-year-old kid, and such perk makes user experience even more realistic.

​14. Toysmith Nightzone Hoops Toy

This will make a great gift to kids who love basketball. But instead of playing in a real court, your little one can enjoy it inside your home or even in his bedroom. The set includes battery-operated ball, battery-operated rim, nylon net, door bracket, and door-hanging backboard.

The item also features a slide switch on hoop, which the player can use to choose between constant and flashing light.

What's Great About It: The product comes with strong materials; thus, providing good quality. It’s likewise a very good thing that your child can enjoy it at any time of the day.

​15. Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack Action Figure

This is a good choice for your child, given the fact that numerous kids love to play minecraft. The item comes with the following accessories: wood pickaxe, workbench, wood sword, chest, bed, and Steve. Players need to invest in other characters to add up to the fun.

What's Great About It: Apart from being exciting to play, this game can stimulate children’s mind and improve their creativity and imaginative skills.

​16. Nerf N-Sports Vortex Aero Howler Football

This fits the needs of kids who would like to have early football training. It comes with a hand grip for better targeting and a long-distance tail that allows it to fly really far. Likewise, the ball howls as it flies.

What's Great About It: The hand grip and long-distance tail are effective tools in training your kid. These objects help him aim more and know if he gets his goal. It can likewise improve his confidence, for the howling ball makes everyone know when he has heaved it.

​17. Melissa & Doug Discovery Magic Set

It is a common knowledge that children love magic. The brilliant tricks amaze them and make them want to see more. So, what more if they will be the one to try making some tricks?

This magic set features four tricks for beginners. Your boy may want to do the Color-Changing String, Magic Jewel Box, Sword in the Stone, and Chamber of Illusion.

What's Great About It: What is good about this item is that it comes with various tricks. This will give numerous options for kids in learning magic. Moreover, it is very appropriate for kids and provides the needs of beginners.

This magic set can contribute a lot to boosting a child’s confidence particularly during the times when he becomes able to successfully do some tricks.

​18. Mindscope Neo Tracks Twister Tracks

Boys love to build things. They likewise love anything related to vehicles and highways. For this, you may want to buy this item for your little boy and he may just love it.

This product features 228 pieces of flexible track and one 4×4 vehicle. It includes attachable and detachable track coming in five colors, bridge, gate, and various more accessories. It is compatible with Mindscope Twister Tracks.

What's Great About It: Coming with numerous accessories makes playing more fun. Moreover, the entire product has been proven safe for people of all ages.

​19. StuffKidsLove Delta Kite

Playing with a kite is among the favorite activities of children. With this item, your little one will not just enjoy flying a kite but will likewise learn how to create one. This kite by StuffKidsLove is light, flexible, tough, mold-proof, and rust-proof. It also comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

This product includes bonuses and free replacement when lost with their exclusive Sea-‘n’-Tree “No-Loss” Guarantee.

What's Great About It: Teaching a kid how to create a kite can help him improve his creativity and problem-solving skills. Coming with good quality, your kid will surely enjoy the product.

​20. Nerf Sports Dude Perfect PerfectShot Hoops

This is a perfect gift for your little one who loves to play basketball. With this item, he can enjoy the sport indoors or outdoors. He can have longer hours of training should he want to become a professional basketball player someday.

The product includes a ball, net, backboard, hanger attachment, door hook, flexible hanger, and instructions manual.

What's Great About It: Because it suits indoor and outdoor sessions, it is possible for your kid to have an unlimited practice time. The features and game itself suit the developmental needs of a six-year-old boy; hence, it can indeed be a good buy.

The Process I Followed to Choose these Toys

As your kid grows up, he becomes exposed to different ideas and stuff; thus, affecting his interests. For this reason, we picked our top choices based on the things that suit a six-year-old boy in addition to his developmental needs and the important factors that lead to getting a good buy.

  • Interests

Recommending toys and gifts should go alongside facts about the target consumers’ interests. After all, one cannot make an effective recommendation without knowing the type of items that appeal most to customers. For this reason, we did our research and picked our choices based on what six-year-old boys like.

  • Age Appropriateness

We are making recommendations for six-year-old; hence we made sure the products we were going to choose suits the needs of these kids. Which suit their physical and mental abilities? Which ones can truly help provide their developmental needs?

  • Benefits

We also chose the products that provide the most number of benefits to our target consumers. Six-year-old boys have numerous needs, so it pays to choose items that are greatly helpful in providing such needs alongside some perks.

  • Quality

The aforementioned criteria will not make sense if a product is of poor quality. If it breaks easily or does not work properly, users will not be able to enjoy the perks that come with it.

  • Safety

Safety is just as important as quality. If a product harms your kid, all its other benefits will not make sense anymore. And so, we opted for items that are safe to use especially for little kids.

With these requirements in mind, we are confident that we have chosen the best products for six-year-old boys.

General Importance of Play

By now, you already know that playing is more than just having fun. As a parent, it is important for you to keep in mind the numerous benefits of play. Why is it important for your little one?


Numerous toys aim to teach players about spelling, vocabulary, mathematics, sounds, and a lot more topics that contribute to literacy. Apart from school, toys and play can introduce different forms of knowledge to children. Puzzles and boards are just some of the numerous toys that can provide such learning.


This may be among children or between adults and children. As for children-to-children communication, kids get to improve their interpersonal skills through playing. As for adults-to-children communication, playing can help adults understand children more and observe right timing when it comes to intervening.


Kids need space to explore themselves, practice and improve their skills, and test their limits. Play can definitely provide such need, whether it is an individual or a group play.


Apart from improving communication skills, enhancing various traits are also among the several benefits of play. For instance, children learn to be patient and more understanding especially when playing with a team. They likewise learn how to be responsible. In hindsight, play can improve one’s character in different aspects.


Every game has a goal, and hitting such goal is truly an achievement. Once your kid succeeds in a game he plays, he will end up having added confidence about himself and what he can do.


Based on the aforementioned benefits, play generally leads to learning. The more kids play, the more they learn about various things. As mentioned earlier, they become exposed to several thoughts and ideas that can improve their skills and help them effectively deal with everyday life.

Basically, play is important in various aspects of a child’s life. Therefore, it is very crucial to expose your kid in different types of toys and play. Trust that in doing so can help him become a better individual.

Mistakes when Buying Toys or Gifts

Children love opening gifts. Being kids, toys are the most welcome gifts for them. Anticipating what is inside the neatly wrapped box makes them more excited. But, it is inevitable that they sometimes get disappointed with what they received.

To avoid such situation, one should take extra care when choosing gifts for kids. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when buying toys or gifts for children:

  • Ignoring the child’s interest

Consider the child’s interest when choosing toys or gifts for him or her. If the child is an active one, select a gift that will challenge him to move in action like a toy bike or car, a ball and a bat, etc. Remember, kids play to have fun not to get bored.

  • Buying too complicated toys

Although smart kids like challenges, they are still kids at heart. They enjoy doing simple things. They prefer toys which they can manipulate on their own without the assistance of an adult.

Doing things on their own and accomplishing tasks by themselves help children learn and build self-confidence. Giving them complicated toys beyond their age will only disappoint them.​

  • Choosing the same type of toy

Children by nature are active; they have active bodies, active minds, and active imagination. They get bored doing the same things repeatedly like playing with the same type of toy. For this, you should give them a variety of toys that will challenge their creativity, strength, patience, and imagination.

  • Buying the latest craze

Choosing the latest toy in season is not always a good idea. In most cases, toys produced in time for certain occasions are usually of inferior quality and not intended to last long.

  • Overlooking age recommendations

Age recommendations are warnings that you should buy only age-appropriate toys for your kid. Never overlook such recommendations because your kid’s interests and safety are at stake.

For kids to have fun and truly get the most out of their toys, buy them toys appropriate to their developmental, physical, and mental stage. Give them those that will stimulate their brain and power to engage in activities that interest them.


As children older, their personal wants and developmental needs change. As a parent, you would need to adjust to these wants and needs and continuously do your research. With the list and tips, we hope we have helped you make the best toy or gift for your little one.

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