Best Toys and Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls in 2017

The older your child gets, the harder it is to pick toys that she will learn from and love at the same time. When she reaches the age of 7, she will begin primary school and her preferences will gradually change. For instance, even if she loved to play with dolls and dress up when she was younger, she may not want to anymore. This is why finding the perfect gift for 7-year-olds is quite tricky.

To ensure that you’re getting her the right kinds of toys, it is recommended that you first take a look at the developmental milestones you should expect from your 7-year-old. If you know the relevant skills and milestones for this age, it will be easier for you to choose. Naturally, this is easier said than done, and this is why we have come up with a list that will help guide your choice.

Gifts & Toys to Consider for Your 7 Year Old Girl

1. Password Journal

When girls reach the 7-year-old mark, they are already aware of their emotions and are more conscious about their thoughts and feelings. Mattel’s Password Journal is a great gift for them because it encourages them to keep a record of memories and reflect about what happened during the day. Self-expression is a very important part of childhood, and this is the perfect time tool for that.

What's Great About It: This is not your ordinary diary, because it comes with layers of protection that keep your child’s secrets safe. Aside from the freedom to choose their own password, there’s also a voice recognition lock, invisible ink, and even a hidden compartment for those extra special mementos.

2. Keepsake Box

Mattel knows that it’s not just thoughts and reflections that little girls need to capture and keep. There are also keepsakes and mementos that are valuable for 7-year-olds, and what this Keepsake Box does is keep all of those treasures safe. With a secret compartment and 6 memory keys that go with color-coded stickers to tag mementos with, keeping track of keepsakes has never been easier.

What's Great About It: The idea of putting away keepsakes in a safe place is something that teaches little girls the value of memories. Also, the box comes with an electronic password that can be easily set, so these memories are kept safe.

3. Ballerina Treasure Box

By this age your little girl will already have many accessories and little jewelry pieces that may be lying around in her room. This Ballerina Treasure Box by Enchantmints is the perfect gift because it will give her a safe place to put all of that. Aside from 2 side drawers and a big bottom drawer for bigger trinkets, this box also comes with a beautiful and dainty ballerina design – perfect for girly girls.

What's Great About It: The compartments are perfectly sized to house various trinkets, but one of the best features is the ballerina and music (Swan Lake) dthat pop up when needed.

​4. Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Your little girl can literally make her own ecosystem with this Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium by Creativity for Kids. This complete kit teaches her a number of things – from the way biology works to the importance of building and caring for something from scratch. Aside from being educational, this one also inspires the creativity in her and teaches her the value and importance of ownership and accountability.

What's Great About It: It's complete with everything your child needs to build and maintain her own terrarium. It also includes 45 glow-in –the-dark stickers that allows her to appreciate this even at night.

​5. Fashion Headbands

Another great way to boost your child’s creativity is through Fashion Headbands from Creativity for Kids. This one will give your 7-year-old 10 colorful headbands to design herself, and she can do that by working with the fashionable kit that the headbands come with. The variety of the materials that she gets to work with ensures that the headbands are each unique, and really suited to her personality.

What's Great About It: This has everything your fashion-forward 7-year-old can ask for in terms of designing her own headband – from feathers and rhinestones to bows and flowers. It teaches your child creativity as well as self-expression.

​6. Spa Fun Mix and Make Up Lip Shimmer

Why buy lip gloss for your 7-year-old when she can make one herself with the Spa Fun Mix and Make Up Lip Shimmer by ALEX Toys? This kit takes makeup to a whole new level because of the fact that she makes it herself. Basically, she gets to work with 5 fun ice pop containers, lip shimmer base, and 3 bottles of flavor drops with their own different colors. Once she’s done making it she can bring it everywhere with her in keychains.

What's Great About It: With this kit you get professional-grade ingredients, so the end product really works as a lip shimmer. More than that, the formulation has been tested to be safe.

7. All Natural Spa Lab

Your 7-year-old will be learning a lot in school, and because of this she will love to experiment on all sorts of things. This All Natural Spa Lab by SmartLab Toys is the perfect kit to give her, because it allows her to create her very own spa treatments from scratch. It includes an informative book that gives her several easily understandable instructions, as well as all the ingredients and tools she will need.

What's Great About It: This is tested for both performance and quality, so your little one won’t be disappointed with the results. You can also be sure that the materials are safe to work with.

​8. Quick Knit Loom

It’s never too early to teach your child to quilt, especially if she really shows interest in arts and crafts from a very young age. The Quick Knit Loom by Creativity for Kids gives your 7-year-old 3 knitting needles, 3 skeins (90 yards), a circular loom, a hand loom, and assorted accessories (like beads and buttons). This gives her everything she needs to knit all sorts of creations – from a beanie to a clutch bag.

What's Great About It: This kit is really easy to work with so it’s perfect for your 7-year-old, and doesn’t require the skills you need to master for traditional knitting or crocheting. It also makes her realize the value of creating something with her own two hands and making her own design choices.

​9. Craft My First Sewing Kit

If you want your little girl to know the wonderful world of sewing and crafts, then this Craft My First Sewing Kit by ALEX Toys is the perfect place to start. With this kit, she will have everything she needs to get started. Aside from teaching her the actual skill of sewing, this one will also further improve her hand-eye coordination, creativity, and patience in learning and mastering something new.

What's Great About It: The variety that you get with the materials in this sewing kit is remarkable. Aside from the actual tools (e.g. measuring tape, needles, thimble) found in normal sewing kits, your 7-year-old also gets embroidery floss, 28 felt shapes, a pom pom strip, buttons, and many others.

​10. Woodland Animals Craft Kids Sewing Kit

Crafter’s Sewing Kits has its own Woodland Animals starter kit, and it’s perfect for your 7-year-old. With this kit, she can come up with all sorts of sewing and crafts projects. But what’s unique about this one is that it has pre-cut animal figure sewing projects to work with. She also gets embroidery thread in a variety of colors, fabric glue, stuffing, needles, and all kinds of materials.

What's Great About It: Aside from having all the materials that you need, this also comes with a complete, easy-to-follow instruction manual to guide your little girl every step of the way. It also has a portable little carrying box to store everything in and make it easy to bring around.

​11. Glitter Nail Art

Glitter Nail Art by Creativity for Kids will help your 7-year-old come up with her own nail polish art, complete with everything what will set her creativity on fire. It includes an application station, an emery board, shimmering nail polish, and basically all the materials your little girl will need to dress up her nails and express her personal artistry.

What's Great About It: The nail polish is completely non-toxic, low odor, and water-based, so it’s really ideal for your 7-year-old princess. While the kit gives her a lot of creative freedom in expressing herself through glitter art, it also comes with an instruction manual that she can use for reference.

12. Light Up Tracing Pad

As children reach the age of 7, they become more detailed in their drawings and in their art. If you have a little artist with you, then this Light Up Tracing Pad by Crayola is the perfect gift to give her. With 10 tracing sheets, 10 blank sheets, 12 colored pencils, 1 pencil, and a backlit tracing pad that has a paper-locking frame, she will have everything she’ll ever need to master the art of drawing and tracing.

What's Great About It: This well-made kit really gives her the tools to create wonders, but to begin with, she can work with over 100 images that give her all kinds of scenes.

​13. LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base

LEGO has come up with some of the best building toys in the last decades, and this LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base is no exception. LEOG has other jungle sets but this is one of the most detailed and well thought of. Your 7-year-old basically gets 473 pieces to assemble, including a mobile medical station, a raft boat, a surveillance platform, living quarters, jungle animals (including a chameleon and a panda!), and Andrea and Stephanie mini figures.

What's Great About It: Aside form being a great building toy that boosts your child’s problem solving skills and creativity, the finished set is really something that she will be proud of, given that she made it herself. This one’s also great for imaginative play, and can be used together with other jungle sets from LEGO.

​14. Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

LEGO gives children the ability to create their own wonderful worlds, and to do so with their own two hands. With this set, your 7-year-old can build her own Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle and recreate the magical world that Frozen brought to life. This comes complete with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna mini figures, as well as the adorable snowman Olaf. But naturally, the highlight is the actual castle, with its secret staircase, glittery walls, and ice structures.

What's Great About It: Your 7-year-old only needs to work with 292 pieces to recreate Frozen magic, so it will challenge her sufficiently but not give her too much of a hard time. The finished product is superb, and the detailed castle that you get is quite impressive.

​15. Hello Kitty Microphone with Stand

Your little performer will definitely appreciate it if she gets her own Hello Kitty Microphone with Stand, because she can sing and perform with it all she wants. This microphone stand set allows your little one to sing to her heart’s content, complete with music lights that will truly make her feel like a diva.

What's Great About It: To start with, you get to work with 2 demo songs in the rock music genre. This can be connected to your iPod and MP3 player so sky’s the limit when it comes to the songs that your little one can perform with.

​16. Girl’s Rink Skates

The Girl’s Rink Skates by Chicago Skates is ideal for your 7-year-old girl, especially if she’s relatively new to skating. It has four wide urethane wheels to give maximum support to those who are just learning, as well as a white vinyl high top boot and easy lace-up front for a more secure fit. This is also designed with a sturdy aluminum base and semi-precision bearings so that your little girl can roll smoothly and achieve perfect control over her movements.

What's Great About It: This is designed for maximum fun and enjoyment, and even beginners or those who just learned how to skate can enjoy this one to their heart’s content.

​17. A Kick Scooter

A Kick Scooter by Razor ensures that our little girl can go on all the adventures she wants to go to, whether it’s in your backyard, around the neighborhood, or perhaps even in the park. Designed for regular use and featuring a patented folding mechanism, your little girl can bring this anywhere and just explore as many places as she wants.

What's Great About It: This is made from sturdy, aircraft-grade aluminum as well as 125 mm inline-style urethane wheels complete with springless shock absorbing system. This not only ensures a smooth ride but a safe ride as well.

​18. Zoo Pack

Your 7 year old girl will need her own backpack to place all her toys and belongings in, and this Zoo Pack from Skip Hop is the perfect option. This pack comes in a variety of designs, so you can pick based on her animal or design preference.

What's Great About It: This has all the compartments a 7-year-old would need – from a roomy storage compartment and bottle pocket with mesh to an insulated pouch for little snacks or trinkets.

​19. Travel Scaris Convertible Vehicle

Monster High fans will definitely love this Travel Scaris Convertible Vehicle, which is a great addition to any Monster High collection. This one’s really ideal if your 7-year-old already has a collection of Monster High dolls, but even if she doesn’t, the vehicle in itself is great because it comes with all sorts of fun accessories as well as a Parisian theme that makes it stylish and chic.

What's Great About It: The intricate details in this convertible are wonderful to behold, because they’re really unique and beautiful to look at. So even you don’t usually associate little girls with wheels, this one really bridges that gap and makes it fun even for the girliest of girls.

​20. Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

It’s high time to get your 7-year-old her very own watch to help her tell the time. This Kidizoom Smartwatch DX by VTech is perhaps the kind of watch to give, especially because it’s not just a watch and comes with so many other neat features. Your kid can use this not just to tell the time or set an alarm, stopwatch, and timer, but also to take photos and videos, record her voice, and even work out simple math problems.

What's Great About It: The additional technology that your little one gets makes this more than just a watch – it really is a smartwatch that she can enjoy and learn from.

Milestones to Expect From Your 7-Year-Old Girl

When kids turn seven, they will have already mastered their motor skills and have more control over their bodies, so they no longer shy away from all sorts of physical activities. They are more confident if you put them in scooters or skates, and they’re also more competitive when they play sports. They’re more coordinated when it comes to activities, and tend to hurt themselves less while playing.

It’s also important to note that at this stage, children already tend to have preferences for their own learning style. This means that while some children like learning independently and by themselves, others would prefer working with their peers and with more hands-on activities.

In the same way, you also need to take into consideration that by this time, they already have very clear preferences in terms of what sparks their interest. One seven-year-old girl may love playing with fashion accessories and dolls, while another could totally hate that sort of thing.

A good thing about children who reach this age is that they also take direction really well. By now they’re used to having a figure of authority telling them what’s right and wrong, as well as having to follow all sorts of rules. Because they’re used to this type of environment, they tend to be more patient than when they were younger, are able to wait for their turn during activities, and you can even talk to them as if they were adults. They’re also more hands-on when you give them certain responsibilities or a project that they can work on.

That said, you should also be aware that even if 7-year-olds have a better sense of their self-identity, this is also a time when their self-esteem is quite fragile. This means you need to really engage them, encourage them, and give them positive feedback as much as you can.

Methodology Behind Choosing these Products

With your 7-year-old being fully immersed in school, we didn’t focus too much on the intellectual ones that teach them the lessons that they need, because they have their teachers for that. Instead, we focused on the other aspects of your child’s development – social, emotional, creative, and psychomotor. First we made sure the list contained toys that would help them keep a record of their memories and hide their important mementos somewhere safe, and that’s what the first 3 toys are about.

We then focused on toys and gifts that really bring their creativity to a whole new level, challenging them to think outside the box and really get their hands busy to create something beautiful. We also included toys that tap into their love for music and sense of adventure, among others.

Aside from ensuring that it’s appropriate for your 7-year-old developmentally, we also took a look at the credibility and reputation of the toy maker, as well as the feedback that other users have not just with the actual toy but with other products of the maker. It was also critical to look at the safety, durability, and design of the toys – to ensure that we come up with a list that only contains the “best of the best”.


We recognize that finding the perfect toy to gift your 7-year-old can be a little daunting, but that’s precisely why we came up with this list. We have narrowed down these toys using a set of criteria that’s valid and relevant, so you can really benefit from this list.

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