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Best Trampoline in 2017 to Help Your Kids Reach New Heights

For little tots, the appeal of trampolines is almost primal. Sure, teens and adults enjoy jumping on trampolines as well, and it’s a great fitness option for your little ones. But it’s mainly a piece of equipment that offers great levels of fun that lasts for hours.

Getting high up in the air is a joy for kids because it allows them to look down on the world below that they have looked up at for so long. It’s a heady experience, especially when you add the freedom and the feeling of weightlessness that comes with each jump.

Parents love it too, since their kids will have an outlet for their almost boundless energy. It’s also a healthier activity than just sitting on the couch playing video games on a tablet or smartphone. Besides, it’s also a bonding activity that parents can enjoy with their children, and you can both enjoy showing off your jumping skills.

It’s also a safe toy when used responsibly, despite the many horror stories that you may read in the news. You just a bit of common sense and to follow the safety rules and you’re good to go. It’s certainly at least as safe as riding a bike.

Of course, you also need to make sure that you choose a safe and durable trampoline.

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Here are 8 terrific options if you’re looking for the best trampoline for kids and toddlers:

1. Sportspower​ My First Trampoline 84”

Suitable For: up to 6 years old

Even at first glance, you can see that this trampoline is obviously for very young kids, because it’s colorful and cute. It also has a weight limit of 100 pounds, so it’s not made for your older children.

It has safety features that can help to make sure that your little tykes don’t hurt themselves when playing on this trampoline. The most obvious safety feature is the enclosure net around the jumping surface.

There is also foam padding around the frame, the springs, and also on the net support poles. In addition, it matches or exceeds the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) safety standards, guaranteeing that this is a safe toy for your little one.

With the net, it means that this trampoline can be used outdoors as well as indoors. The jumping surface is UV-resistant too. The steel frame isn’t just durable, as it’s made of high-grade fully-reinforced galvanized steel; it’s also extremely resistant to corrosion.

What's Great About It: It’s fun to use and it looks great. What you’ll love most is that for an additional fee you can have it properly assembled for you, so that you know for a fact that it’s done correctly and will eliminate any risk of it falling apart when your little one is playing on it. For parents who don't like D.I.Y. assembly work, this is a godsend.

2. Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline and Enclosure

Suitable For: kids and average-sized adults

This trampoline offers a much bigger jumping surface, which means that it’s great for adults as well as for kids. It’s large and it comes with a net, so this is mainly for outdoor use. You kids will love inviting their friends over for hours of fun bouncing around.

It offers lots of safety features, including thick padding around the springs and frame, a no-gap enclosure system so there aren’t spaces for legs or arms to go through as the springs are located outside the netting, and the support poles are nowhere near the netting so that your kids don’t bump into the poles. The net comes with a dual zipper and latch enclosure so the netting is secure all around.

It’s also very durable. The springs and frame are resistant to rust, and the padding is resistant to UV rays. The poles also come with a cap so that the net is securely attached.

This trampoline comes with a large rectangular design, and the springs offer a lot of bounce that your little gymnasts will appreciate.

What's Great About It: Once your kids are done playing, you can then do your own jumping. The springs can handle up to 200 pounds, so you can use it as long as you’re not too big. The springs are also quite bouncy so you can fly really high.

You don’t need to worry too much about your kids bouncing uncontrollably. This trampoline also matches and exceeds the safety standards set by the ASTM. With its large size, kids can land safely on the jumping surface even if they don't jump straight up.

3. SkyBound Super 7 Perfect Kids’ Trampoline

Suitable For: 3 to 10 years old

Here’s another colorful trampoline for tots, with a weight limit of up to 105 pounds. It’s good for outdoor use as it has netting all around the outside. It offers ample space for your kids to jump around, but it’s not so big that you can't also use it indoors.

The legs are made of sturdy steel, but they’re covered in plastic shells so that you don’t damage your carpet or hardwood floors as your kids bounce around.

For safety, the premium net also comes with a heavy duty dual zipper. It uses thick padding for the springs and the frame, and the frame is also encased in plastic. It also passes the ASTM standards, so you have 3rd-party confirmation that it’s actually safe for your kids to use.

This trampoline is very durable as well. It uses galvanized steel for the frame and also for the springs. This means that everything on this set is corrosion-resistant.

What's Great About It: It looks fun with the bright colors, the springs are bouncy, and there is lots of space to jump around. It’s also fun for parents because they don’t have to worry about safety. For an extra fee, this trampoline can be assembled by an expert. If you don’t have any D.I.Y. skills at all, the convenience for this is certainly worth the cost.

​4. SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net

Suitable For: kids and adults of all sizes

This is a large outdoor trampoline that can be used by kids and parents, as the weight limit is 330 pounds. Even heavy adults should have no fear as the galvanized frame used here is rated highly for durability and strength. The frame also comes with a 10-year warranty, which speaks to how long-lasting this trampoline really is.

What you’ll notice is that the netting flares outwards at the top, while the 12 support poles also curve outwards. The result is that there’s no way that your kids can hurt themselves on the support poles when they do get into contact with the netting. The springs are also outside the netting, so no accidents can happen.

The trampoline comes with thick pads around just about everything. The whole unit is also UV and corrosion-resistant. It uses 6 W-shaped legs for heavy duty use, and it matches and exceeds ASTM standards as well.

This trampoline is extremely stable, as it uses a lot of support poles - 12 instead of the usual 8 - and the poles aren’t touching the netting at all. It’s great for adults too, especially if they’re carrying a few extra pounds, as the exercise will help them get fitter and healthier while having fun with their kids.

What's Great About It: Adults will love the fact that they can assemble this Skybound trampoline themselves with no trouble at all. It uses a special “Lightning Quick” installation system that involves precise machine welding and pushpin bolt technology. You won’t need to use any assembly tools at all, as there are no screws, nuts, bolts, washers, or brackets to put together, saving you time and energy.

​5. Little Tikes 3-Feet Trampoline

Suitable For: 3 to 6 years old

Very young kids can start to enjoy the fun of jumping around on a trampoline, even indoors, as this small trampoline from Little Tikes demonstrates. This trampoline is specially built just for little kids, as the weight limit is 55 pounds.

It’s meant to be used indoors but it can be moved outdoors on a nice day. There’s no netting, but it’s not really needed, as your child has a handlebar to hold on to so they can jump safely. They can still hold on to the handlebar even when they’re in the air.

The space is large enough so that your little one doesn’t really have to jump straight up every time. At the same time, it’s small enough even for cramped apartments. You can just place this in front of the TV so you and your kid can enjoy your favorite show together as they jump to their hearts content.

The legs have large non-slip rubber caps at the end for stability and to protect the floor from damage.

It’s made of metal and plastic, and the assembly is not a problem. It should take you no more than 15 minutes to attach the handle and legs, and there are no springs to attach. It’s very durable and it uses elastic webbing.

What's Great About It: It’s very light and compact, so you can bring it along with you to any part of the house with no trouble at all. It’s durable too, so your kids can have many years of bouncing fun on this trampoline.

​6. Zupapa TUV Approved Trampoline with Enclosure Net, Pole, and Safety Pad

Suitable For: kids and adults of all sizes

German engineering is some of the best in the world, and it applies to the German Zupapa brand as well, as this large outdoor trampoline aptly demonstrates.

Even the customer service is superb, though it’s probably because they don’t get too many complaints in the first place. If a part is damaged, they’ll replace it, as well as give you some advice so that the part won’t get damaged again.

Every component in the trampoline is of premium quality. The design is typically German—precise and superb. Both the padding and the jumping mat are UV resistant. All of the metal parts are covered well and they’re all rust-resistant. You have lengthy warranty periods for all of parts, and the weight limit is a fantastic 330 pounds

It also comes with lots of safety features. It’s been approved by the independent German safety group, TUV. The durability of this trampoline adds to the safety. The padding is extremely thick and the net is very sturdy so that your child won’t get hurt and it really reduces the risk of injury.

What's Great About It: Aside from the high safety and durability standards, this Zupapa trampoline also sets the bar for just how much fun a trampoline can be. Using it can be addictive, and lots of older teens and parents like to use it too. It’s not uncommon for this trampoline to be used on a daily basis, not only for fun but for exercise too.

7. Skywalker 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad

Suitable For: kids and average-sized adults

This is an extremely well-made trampoline, and it may even be better than the product ad description. It says that the weight limit is 200 pounds, but that’s a very conservative estimate. I know that for sure since the combined weight of me and my kids is more than 200 pounds, and we had no issues.

While it’s big enough for adults, the colors are very appealing for children. It’s very enticing, and it seems to beckon you to use it. It’s perfectly safe, as the netting is sturdy and it goes up to a height of more than 9 feet.

The net doesn’t touch the support poles, so there’s no risk of your child bumping into something hard. The net doesn’t even use rope to attach to the jump mat, and it uses a buttonhole feature instead.

The springs are padded and there aren’t any gaps for legs or arms to go through. It really helps that the springs are also located on the outside of the net.

It’s extremely durable, as it uses heavy-gauge steel galvanized for corrosion resistance. It’s supported by reinforced T-sockets that keep the components from twisting. For stability, the 6 legs use a firm W-shape design.

What's Great About It: It’s a very solid and well-designed trampoline, so both safety and durability issues are all addressed properly. With its large jumping surface, it’s lots of fun for everyone. Meanwhile, if you’re a parent you’ll also enjoy the sense of relief knowing that your kids will be safe using this trampoline. The fact that it’s so durable that it will last for many years doesn’t hurt either.

​8. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Suitable For: older teens and adults

This one isn’t really for younger kids, but older kids and teenagers will love this trampoline, not to mention you too. This is a trampoline that you can use indoors, or outside if it is a nice day. It’s not just for fun, though, and can be used for exercise too. The workout using this trampoline is actually called rebound training, and you can find a lot of demo videos online.

This is a durable trampoline, as it uses an all-steel frame along with a safety pad. It uses a heavy-duty rebounding surface, and it doesn’t use springs. It uses 30 bands for tension resistance, and each band is 2 inches wide. The weight limit is 250 pounds - perfect for teenagers and most adults.

Storage after you’re done isn’t a problem either. You can fold this trampoline away after you use it and the legs are detachable as well. It’s also very light so it’s no trouble to carry it to where you want to put it.

What's Great About It: As you can see, the fun here is in the workout. More accurately, it’s in the health benefits that you get with rebound training. You boost your circulation, lower your cholesterol levels, boost your metabolism to help you lose weight, and also enhance your coordination.

What’s more, you can exercise in a way that’s actually fun, and that’s not something you can say about other workout equipment. With this, you can work out in front of the TV.

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How to Choose the Best Trampoline for Toddlers and Kids

Price shouldn’t be the only consideration when you buy trampolines, especially if they’re for your kids. Here are the most important factors to consider when you want to buy a trampoline for toddlers. Look out for these when reading various customer reviews and product features.

  • Weight limit. This is a very handy way to check the appropriate age limit for the trampoline. Trampolines designed for very young children often set a weight limit of about 100 pounds.

    When the limit goes for more than 200 pounds, it can be used by adults too. This can save you money when you’re tempted to buy a trampoline when you see how much fun your kids are having.
  • Safety features. At the very least you need sufficient padding on all of the hard places that your kids may possible land on. Outdoor trampolines should have netting around the jumping surface.

    Indoor trampolines for very little kids should have a handle bar so that they can make sure to jump in the right place.
  • Durability. This adds to the safety factor, because obviously you don’t want a trampoline to suddenly collapse while your baby is using it. You need a very sturdy frame at the very least. Also, the padding should stay in place.

    A durable trampoline also saves you money because you won’t have to buy another one every time your one breaks. So for outdoor trampolines, you should check for weatherproof frames and UV resistant materials.
  • Ease of Assembly. Most trampolines have to be assembled first, and it can be a nightmare for DIY-averse parents. Search for trampolines that are easy to assemble or offer an assembly service.
  • Upkeep. It would be nice if your trampoline can be stored away easily when you’re not going to use it for a while, so look for compact and lightweight trampolines to use in your house.
  • Fun factor. This is a combination of many features, such as the bounce of the trampoline and the attractive colors and design.

    The main thing here is that it should look fun so that kids are excited to use it, and it should also be fun so that they don’t get bored in a hurry. The wrong trampoline may just join the other unloved toys and board games in the attic.
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Safety Rules to Follow

Even the safest and most durable trampolines for children can be dangerous if they’re not used properly. So, in addition to buying the most suitable trampoline for your kids, you also have to know and follow these safety rules:

  • Kids shouldn’t use the trampoline without adult supervision. This is why you should take away the ladder when you’re not around, so that very little kids can’t get up on the trampoline on their own. At least when you are around, you can make sure that your kids follow the safety rules.
  • Set up the trampolines away from other play areas. It should also be away from other structures and away from trees. There should be free space all around it instead.
  • Always check on it before the kids use it. You never know—some component of the trampoline may have been damaged since the last time your kids used it. Check to see that the leg braces and the springs are secure. The shock-absorbing pads must cover the frame, hooks, and springs completely and securely.
  • Only one person at a time should use the trampoline. Crashing into another person can cause injuries, especially if your kids are different ages and sizes.
  • No one should do somersaults or flips. That’s another way to get injured, and should be reserved for when your kids are old enough to understand the consequences of doing these stunts.
  • No one jumps onto or off from the trampoline. It’s better if you help them to step on and off the trampoline or use a ladder instead.
  • Kids shouldn't use the netting as a bouncing board. The nets are meant to safeguard your children in case they don’t jump straight up. They’re not meant to bounce from it, as this may cause it to rip or break.

Follow these rules and everything should be okay. Are trampolines risky? Sure they can be, but then so are bikes and skateboards. The same is true for sports like basketball and baseball. Unless you’re determined to imprison your children in a bubble throughout their lives, you can’t change that fact.

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What you can do, however, is teach your little ones about proper safety and how to avoid unnecessary risk. When they learn the value of trampoline safety, they can apply the same basic lessons for every activity they try for the rest of their lives.


Trampolines can be an exciting way for children to have fun, and it’s a great alternative to video games. It’s also a fun way to bond and share an enjoyable experience with your kids. It’s safe too, as long as you and your kids obey the safety rules, and you buy a safe and durable trampoline for your little tot.

It’s even great exercise, and many adults use trampolines to workout. It’s great exercise for children as well, and they will have a fun way to vent all of their restless energy.

As with any child's toy, it always comes down to the fun factor. It’s what your kids will notice most when they’re up in the air.

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