Best Transformers Toys in 2017 – Perfect Companion for Your Kids

You’re probably quite familiar with Transformers. It’s either you are constantly hearing about it or you are an actual fan of it. And now, you are looking for the best Transformers toy for your little one. Well, you have a fun yet tough task to do and we are here to help you.

Best Transformers Toys for Your Fantasy-loving Kids

Below are reviews of the best Transformers toys for kids. Read on and choose the one that suits your child’s needs.

1. Transformers Age of Extinction Mega 1-Step Bumblebee Figure

This Transformers toy is best for children of all ages.

The Bumblebee figure has the capacity to switch between robot and vehicle in just one step. All the player needs to do is flip in order to witness the change from robot to vehicle and vice versa.The product comes with adjustable rear spoiler, designed aerodynamic bodywork, headlights and taillights, detailed brake calipers, original-design rims with RS emblem, and low-profile tires.

The product includes fire disc launcher where the player is at liberty to create battles in larger scale. It features safe materials and underwent tests for durability and quality.

What's Great About It: Being suitable for all ages and tested for durability and quality are the best features of this product. It pays to have a good-quality item that is indeed safe for everyone’s use.

2. Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Leader Class Grimlock Figure

This Grimlock figure has the capacity to switch from robot mode to dino mode and vice versa. It is best for older kids, particularly kids aged eight years and above.

The product comes with the figure and accessories. The T-Rex mode features Dragontooth Mace. It requires 18 steps to do necessary changes, making it less suitable for younger children.

It teaches children about the idea of battles and protection against the bad.

What's Great About It: Being a building set, it helps enhance your kid’s problem-solving skills and creativity.

3. Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Medix The Doc-Bot Action Figure

The Medix The Doc-Bot Figure suits children aged three to six years. It teaches kids the idea of safety amid hazards.

The figure can easily convert from robot mode to ambulance mode and vice versa. Just push the siren and you will be able to convert it from ambulance to robot.

What's Great About It: The best thing about this product is its capacity to introduce and teach ideas about rescue and safety. It gives kids an idea on what to do during fires and floods or when crime occurs. It helps develop a child’s imaginative skills.

​4. Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Leader Class Optimus Prime Figure

This two-in-one Optimus Prime figure is best for children who are eight years of age.

It is a semitruck mode that features vector shield and sword of judgment. You can make all the necessary changes in 18 steps, making it suitable for older children.

What's Great About It: Amid the challenge in making changes, this product teaches various ideas to kids. Once they start playing this, they will learn about the importance of equality, peace, freedom, and justice. It truly helps to expose kids to such concepts.

​5. Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Class Autobot Drift Figure

This is a two-in-one Autobot Drift figure that suits children aged eight years and above.

Players can convert this figure from robot mode to sports car mode and vice versa. It comes with blaster and can change in 16 steps.

What's Great About It: This product is easy to configure despite its complex transformation nature.

​6. Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Class Galvatron Figure

This 2-in-1 Galvatron figure is best for children who are eight years of age.

It converts from robot mode to vehicle mode in just 17 steps. A heavily-armed dynamo robot that uses cannons to hit its enemies, Galvatron can change to a rumbling semi-truck that can mow them down as well. The character as seen as the source of Megatron, the immortal enemy of the Autobots in the Transformer universe, is a real badass that depicts a typical bad guy in a story.

What's Great About It: In any storyline, there is always a perceived battle between good and evil. The same is true with the Transformer universe and its toys. It would be boring to play without the bad guys and Galvatron should fit in the role to a tee.

7. Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Class Sky Lynx

This Sky Lynx figure suits eight-year-old children.

This product is a key part to build a Sky Reign Combiner figure which is composed of six parts. It becomes a torso of the said robot, that is pretty cool to look forward to when collecting the other parts. The pack includes the Voyager Class Sky Lynx, an arm-mount cannon accessory as well as character card and instructions. What’s more is that this Autobot can transform from a mighty robot into a spaces shuttle in 19 steps.

What's Great About It: Since this is a part of a bigger combiner robot, the expansion capability is terrific. Your kids don’t just get a robot that they can play with but also an essential part of a bigger and meaner looking robot in the future.

​8. Transformers Prime Weaponizer Optimus Prime Figure

This Prime Weaponizer Optimus Prime figure is perfect for children at least five years of age.

This product is an autobot hero that can switch to four different modes. Yes, you’ve heard that right – four modes in just one toy. It features several different modes - a robot mode, a truck mode, a weaponized robot mode and lastly, a weaponized truck mode. It has a height of 8.5 inches and features spinning weapons along with glowing lights, that your kids can enjoy.

What's Great About It: With its four modes, your kids will surely have more creative and imaginative ways to play with this figure. Also, since this can be easily transformed, your kids will have more ease and fun while they unleash their inner hero as they play with it.

​9. TRANSFORMERS Generations Combiner Wars – MEGATRON Figure

This item suits the needs and abilities of eight-year-old children.

A 2-in-1 Megatron figure, this set transforms from a robot mode to tank mode with a missile launcher in 15 steps. The pack includes the figure, a collector card as well as instructions. When role playing the Transformers universe, if there is an Optimus Prime, there should always be a Megatron, as they are pitted as the eternal adversaries in this saga. Your kids will surely enjoy this since it compliments their Optimus Prime Toy.

What's Great About It: The battle between the undisputed leaders of the Autobots and the Decepticons is a classic that rages for ages. With this toy, your kids will learn the hostile relationship between Optimus and Megatron, as well as the triumph of good versus evil.

​10. Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Class Lockdown Figure

This product best suits older kids who are at least eight years of age.

Relive the story of the Transformers with this Lockdown figure that transforms from a robot into a super sleek and a super fast sports car, Lamborghini Aventador. From the story, Lockdown is known to collect parts of the enemies he triumphed over to show off as trophies. It eventually met its end due to the Optimus Prime.

What's Great About It: Now, through imaginative play, your kids can either rewrite Lockdown’s story for a better ending, or recreate it so as to make it a good guy Autobot and not the Decepticon in the original story. An awesome story indeed! Plus, your kids will surely enjoy the realistic design of the Lambo.

Our Criteria for Selecting these Models

Yes, we need great criteria even in choosing the best Transformers toys for your little one. Here they are alongside important details you need to know when picking a toy for your kid:

Age appropriateness

Making some switches is indeed a challenging task. For this, we made sure to identify the age in which our potential products are appropriate. The toys we picked are all suitable for children, although specific ages differ.


Which toy has the coolest features? We asked this question while making the list, and we believe that we have answered it. Look at the products above and you will find that all of them have fascinating features that young and old would surely love.


We likewise examined the materials used for the aforementioned items. Will they make the toys last long? Are they of good quality? While features are indeed important, quality is still the best factor to consider for it defines how a player will rate his or her experience when playing with the item. No amount of cool features can beat good quality.

Indeed, we find these factors very important in choosing items to recommend. Trust that we have carefully examined each potential product before placing it on this list.

Benefits of Having Transformers Toys

Children, being young and innocent are naïve of what’s happening around them. They are impressionistic and idealistic. Exposing them to transformer toys will help them realize that no one is perfect in this world. Here are some interesting benefits of transformer toys:

Kids learn the concept of deception.

Young children judge people based on what they see. If a person looks kind and friendly, he is a good guy. If somebody looks weird and scary, that person is a bad guy. By playing with transformer toys, kids realized that looks could be deceiving. Knowing the concept of deception at an early age, trains your kids to be smart. This way, they will not to be caught off-guard when a stranger tries to trick them.Please rate this post to let us know if you found it useful or not:​

Transformer toys enhance your kids’ motor skills.

Transforming the robot toys into different characters will help young children improve their dexterity and master their motor skills. The activity will help them learn to control their eye-hand movements and at the same time achieve their desired goal or outcome.

They encourage innovation and creativity.

Kids express themselves by manipulating the transformer toys. With this self expression, they can come up with new and valuable ideas which can possibly lead to the development of new robot characters.

Children learn the value of teamwork.

Life is full of conflicts due to the good and evil which make up the world. To prepare your kids of what lies ahead of them, expose them to transformer toys. It will make them better equipped to fight their real life foes.

Common Blunders When Buying Toys

As a parent, you would not want to make wrong choices when it comes to your kid’s stuff. For this, we have here some useful facts for you. Here are the common blunders to avoid when choosing toys for kids:

Thinking of fun alone

Sure, playing is for fun. But know that there is more to it than just fun and excitement. A toy may seem good at entertaining kids, but it should be able to do other things too. There are toys that can teach numbers, music, alphabet, etc. It is important for your kid to have a few of these types.

Little kids need to learn a gargantuan list of values, thoughts, traits, skills, and a lot more stuff. While you can not immediately teach all of them, you can still make your little one learn what he or she has to by purchasing toys that promotes the things a child should know and practice.

Failing to consider safety

Children are prone to accidents and unfavorable happenings especially when adults fail to properly guide them. Unpleasant things may also occur if they become exposed to harmful activities and objects. When buying a toy, see to it that the materials used are safe for everyone especially for children.Failing to consider safety

Kids tend to put things in their mouth; therefore, you should observe extra care when picking toys and various items for them. Never purchase a product without knowing the materials that come with it. You don’t want to harm your children especially if its because of negligence.

Failing to prioritize quality

A toy may be nice to look at, but your kid will not be able to enjoy it if it breaks easily or does not work well. As a responsible buyer, you should carefully examine your prospective product before buying and giving it to your child. No matter how great the features seem to be, everything will become useless if your chosen product is of poor quality.

Overlooking your child’s developmental needs

Kids have numerous physical, mental, emotional, and social developmental needs. You can help your child get such needs by exposing him or her to certain objects and activities. Know that if you fail to do this, your child might miss a lot of opportunities to hone his or her skills and improve in different aspects. The relationship between toys and your child’s developmental needs may actually be more important that you think it is; hence, you should be serious enough when purchasing toys.

Basing solely on price

Low price does not equate to good choice. You need to look at other factors first before choosing an item to buy. While you may find low-priced good-quality items at times, know that it is not always the case. Some cheap items are of poor quality, and you need to beware of them.

You don’t want to practice false economy, do you? What you want is to get your money’s worth; hence, you should be wise enough to pick the best product for your child.

Prioritizing brand alone

What brand do you wish to get for your kid? You may find some popular brands of toys and choose them. However, know that not all popular brands are worth your money. There are other unpopular ones that suit your child’s needs; therefore, you should pay attention to all the options you have.

A well-known brand does not define a good choice; take note of that. Therefore, it should not be your sole basis when buying an item.

When it comes to purchasing toys for your little one, being a responsible buyer equates to being a responsible parent. Avoid the aforementioned mistakes if you really want the best for your kid.

General Benefits of Toys and Play

A little kid’s life may revolve around toys and play. While you may already know this, it is important to also know about their different perks. What are the benefits of play?

It can lead to better behavior.

There are certain rules on how to play a toy or game, and everyone needs to follow them. Once your child learns to follow rules, he or she will be on the way to having a good behavior too. The rules encompass numerous concerns, from the act of playing to interacting with a team (should your child chooses to play with a group). It takes a good boy or girl to be able to follow the rules and play smoothly with or without playmates.

It encourages playing for a team.

Having a lot of playmates differs from playing for a team. As for the former, you can merely need to do your thing and let your playmates do theirs. As for the latter, playing will not be just about doing your thing. Instead, everything you do will be for an entire group of players.

Knowing the importance of playing for a team and how to actually do it is a wonderful thing that your child can learn. Likewise, being able to do it properly would be a great achievement for your little one.

It promotes physical movements.

Here, we are talking about physical toys that kids can hold and move in several ways. Instead of just sitting down and playing computer games, having physical toys will encourage your kid to stand up and move.

As you know, physical movements are very crucial for every person. Doing some exercises can help strengthen one’s body. As for the case of kids, moving can greatly contribute to the development of their bones and muscles. It can also help tone their bodies as they get older.

It promotes learning.

Toys intended for children’s specific developmental needs can likewise help them learn. For instance, they can learn how to properly move through physical games or understand various words through board games. They can enhance a long list of skills and develop their personalities through play.

Play truly promotes learning. It is actually during play that a child gets his or her first opportunities to learn.

It is the best source of fun for kids.

Of course, playing is a source of fun. As mentioned earlier, a young kid’s life may revolve around play. Your kid should be free to play various games to experience numerous types of fun and enjoyment.

As a loving parent, you should not deprive your kid of the chance to enjoy his or her childhood. The formative years are crucial in every person’s life; hence, you should do everything to provide the best for your little one. Expose your child to different toys and games that promote different thoughts and values. By doing so, you expose your child to fun learning.

Toys and play have real benefits that you should not ignore. Allow your child to reap these benefits, and you will witness how great his or her childhood and growing up years will be.


Transformers is not just about entertaining robots, and there’s more to having Transformers toys than just pure fun. Having read the details, have you understood the importance of play and have you chosen the best toy for your child? We believe we have provided you with all the necessary things you need to know about. For this, we hope that this piece of writing can help you make the right decision.

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