Picking the Best Work Bench for Kids to Inspire Healthy Roleplay

Whether you’ve got your own work bench at home or your children simply love the idea of creating, a work bench toy is the ideal toy for your child. A child-friendly work bench is similar to a play kitchen, but for more hands-on building activities.

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With the right tools for the job and the right level of motivation, your child can benefit in so many ways from this healthy role play activity. These benefits include enhanced hand-eye coordination and increased mental development.

But you have to first find which work bench toy is the best for your child. Today, we’ll explore the ins and outs of some of the top benches on the market, enabling you to make the best purchasing decision possible.

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Product Name



Black & Decker Junior Power Tool Workshop

  • All-rounded work bench

  • 50 unique and innovative tools

  • Realistic sounds and flashing lights

Step2 Real Projects Workshop

  • Affordable work bench

  • Llightweight foam pieces

  • Perfect for keeping everything tidy and safe

Hape Master Work bench for Kids

  • Specially designed for children

  • Highest quality wooden materials

  • Encouraging healthy building activities

Step2 Deluxe Workshop

  • 50 pieces to interact

  • 17 innovative wooden pieces

  • A pretend vacuum cleaner

Hape Master Builder Wooden Toddler Role Play Set

  • Enjoy endless play time

  • Increase development

  • 62 unique ‘wooden’ pieces

Little Tikes Little Handiworker

  • Unique and intuitive pieces

  • Hands-on interaction

  • Perfect for any room

A List of Some of My Favorite Work Bench Toys That Your Children Will Fall in Love With

Here is a list of some of my favorite work bench toys specially designed for children, which will enable them to have the most entertaining role play experience possible.

1. Black & Decker Junior Power Tool Workshop

To start my list, I’ve chosen one of the most complete and all-rounded work bench toys. Produced by the market-leading power tools company, Black and Decker, the authenticity of the products are unparalleled.

With your purchase, you’ll find over 50 unique and innovative tools for your child to get creative with. Included, you’ll find saws, drills, screwdrivers, hammers and a measuring tape, everything they could need to get building.

Many of the tools come with realistic sounds and flashing lights, stimulating your child visually, making the entire role play experience increasingly genuine and entertaining.

Each tool has been designed to accurately replicate the professional equivalent, meaning your children can set up shop and work right alongside dad in the garage.

What’s Great About It: Easily the leading feature of this set is the storage capacity. All of the tools in the set have their own designated place, and all the smaller items fit into the storage box, keeping everything neat and tidy while educating your children about the importance of staying organized.

2. Step2 Real Projects Workshop

If you’re looking for an affordable work bench toy with all the extras, this could be the ideal set for you. In this set, your children will discover a full range of accessories and tools to play with.

There are electric drills, hammers, saws, screwdrivers, vices and everything else your children could want or need for an authentic experience. All aspects of the work bench and tools are made using highly durable plastics, allowing for many years of entertainment.

In this set, you’ll find a ton of high-quality foam parts. These unique pieces have interlocked sections and holes, perfect for your child to work on and create some real-life projects, perfect for boosting the reality that this set provides.

All the pieces are made from lightweight foam that can float in water, perfect for little hands.

What’s Great About It: To make play time even more authentic, this bench comes with a spring-operated vise to hold the pieces in place while your child puts their creations together, as well as storage bins and a pull-out drawer, perfect for keeping everything tidy and safe.

3. Hape Master Work bench for Kids

If you’re looking for quality, there’s no need to look any further than the Hape Master Work Bench. Specially designed for children, this work bench is made from the highest quality wooden materials, ensuring that this work bench is a toy that will last.

Suitable for children aged 36 months and above, this set is ideal for encouraging healthy building activities and creative play.

In your purchase, you’ll find 32 unique pieces for your child to play with, including pieces that join to make real-life creations and masterpieces. Many of the pieces have holes and interlocking sections which connect universally with each other.

On the work bench itself, you’ll find a vise, hanging space and a dedicated area for each tool and accessory, keeping everything organized and ready for the next use.

What’s Great About It: With your child’s safety in mind, every aspect of this work bench toy has been designed graphically to ensure all parts are finished with non-toxic coatings, as well as being produced out of 100% child-safe materials.

​4. Step2 Deluxe Workshop

A step up from the last Step2 model on my list, this deluxe edition comes with plenty of accessories and features, perfectly designed to give your children the most entertaining experience possible.

In this kit, you’ll find 50 pieces to interact with, including a drill with drill bits, screws, nuts, hammers, saws, pliers, and wrenches, as well as 17 innovative wooden pieces for your child to put together in any way they please.

In the work bench, you’ll find a vast number of drawers and storage areas including bins and jars for the smaller pieces, a spring action vise to hold all the pieces in place while your child works on them, and a pretend vacuum cleaner.

This is perfect for teaching your child the valuable lessons of tidying up after they have finished playing, just like dad would after he has finished at his work bench.

What’s Great About It: Each of the wooden pieces is produced using highly durable and long-lasting Durafoam materials. This means your child can play and hit the items into place without having to worry about breaking them. There are also instructions on how to make four realistic wood work projects.

​5. Hape Master Builder Wooden Toddler Role Play Set

As parents, we know how quickly children can get bored with their play things. However, with the right tools for the job, your children can enjoy endless play time with their work bench, and you might even find it hard to pull them away from it.

If you’re looking to stimulate your child’s mind and increase their development further, that’s exactly where this role play set comes in.

In this set, you’ll find over 62 unique ‘wooden’ pieces for your child to play and interact with. Included, you’ll find screws, fasteners, spanners, and washers that can work universally across any work bench you may have, especially the Hape Master listed above.

Suitable for children aged three and above, your child will be able to create planes, toy spiders and anything else they can think of.

What’s Great About It: In addition to all the cognitive and coordination benefits that this kit provides, all the pieces of the set are finished with non-toxic coatings and are made using completely child-safe materials, perfect for parents who want to look after their children’s health in the long and short-term.

​6. Little Tikes Little Handiworker

As you can tell, some of the work benches may be too big for your child to use, posing a danger if they’re under three and the bench has small parts. However, this doesn’t mean that they should miss out.

The Little Tikes Handiworker is perfect for your little ones to play with. This ‘micro’ bench comes with everything that a full-sized child work bench comes with, allowing them to enjoy an authentic work bench experience.

With this set, you’ll find seven unique and intuitive pieces to fit together, as well as a hammer, a screwdriver, a wrench and other fun accessories. Built into the side of the work bench, you’ll find highly interactive cogs and gears that can be turned by hand or with the tools, perfect for providing your child with a source of hands-on interaction.

What’s Great About It: Perfect for any room of your home, this work bench can easily hold all the loose parts in its special containment area, accessible from both sides of the bench, while the bench itself can easily fold away into a compact and space-efficient design that’s flat, perfect for easy storage while not in use.

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Work Bench for Your Kids

Now that you know some of the best work benches that the market has to offer, it’s time to choose which one is right for your children. Use my step-by-step buying guide below to match up your requirements, enabling you to make the perfect purchasing decision.


As with all child related products, safety will be the first aspect you’ll want to consider. When purchasing a work bench that is specially designed for kids, there won’t be any metal saws or screwdrivers, but there are some key safety aspects to remember.

The first thing you’ll want to check is the screwdrivers and tools. Make sure they are blunt at the end and will cause minimal damage if they end up in somebody’s eye. This is vital for all aspects of the workbench, even the corners of the bench itself.

The second aspect you should check is how small the included parts of the bench are. You won’t want these to become a choking hazard. As a rule of thumb for all aspects of safety, always refer to the manufacturer’s age recommendation before you buy.

Toxin Free

As most of the materials, including the screws, tools and buildable pieces of your work bench will end up as a chew toy in your child’s mouth, you’ll want to ensure the pieces are toxin free, so no harmful chemicals end up being absorbed into your child’s body.

Prolonged exposure to certain plastic materials, such as PVC and BPA, can also absorb into your child’s body through their hands.

Always check the packaging or product description to ensure your chosen product is completely child safe. The product should be made by safe foam materials or untreated plastics. To guarantee safety always looks for an FDA approved product.


The chances are that your child will be hitting a lot on the work bench, especially if they have access to a hammer. With this in mind, it goes without saying that the bench you choose must be durable against this.

If you’re purchasing your product in a local shop, you can test this by looking at the joints of the bench. If buying online, it’s always worth checking out the review section of your chosen product.

As a rough guideline, the cheaper the work bench you buy, and the cheaper the materials have been in production, the more likely it is to break. Always buy from leading child-product brands.

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Children can quickly become bored with their toys, no matter what it is. Most times, your children won’t even be able to sit through a whole movie without getting restless. To ensure your child doesn’t get bored of using the work bench, look for a bench with a ton of features.

The more accessories and play pieces the work bench has, the more fun they can have with the bench for a longer period of time. This will ensure many years of realistic role play entertainment, as well as providing many added benefits such as enhanced hand-eye coordination and mental development.


Work benches can take up space. When choosing the perfect work bench for your children, decide where it is going to go before you buy. Measure the space and then refer to the dimensions of your chosen product. This way you can be sure that it’s going to fit.

If space isn’t an option, you could always look into investing a smaller, fold-away work bench, but these will have limited features and are more suited to younger children.


Investing the perfect work bench for your children comes with so many benefits that it’s hard to know where to begin. By taking your time and considering your options, you can be sure that you’re making the right decision that will potentially bring your children endless hours of entertainment for many years to come.

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