Best Yoga Poses for Kids to Keep Your Children Fit and Active

Ailments and stress have no heart. With their black soul, they can attack just about anyone out there. So, what should be our answer to these crippling souls? If you are thinking about yoga, you might be pleased to know that you have nailed the answer. Believe it or not, kids and yoga can prove to be a perfect match.

Yoga has been universally proven to be a blessing for human health. It offers both physical and mental benefits. Moreover, yoga has no religion, no restrictions, and no age barrier. So, why not introduce them in our kid’s life? So, let’s get started with some best yoga poses to keep our children fit and active from an early age.

Tree Pose

A balancing pose help kids tackle their emotions by shifting their focus from the mind to the body. The focus and stiffness required for a Tree pose puts a frustrated mind to rest. So, here’s how a Tree pose is achieved. Ask your kids to stand firmly on the ground with their feet properly balanced. Now, ask them to rest one foot on the ankle while the other one should remain firmly planted on the ground.

The hands can be pressed against each other around the chest area. As they improve their balance over a period of time, they can move their hands towards the sky like the branches of a tree. Ask them to take few deep breaths through the nose while keeping their mouth shut at all times. Ask them to hold on to the position for a little while and switch to the next leg to repeat the pose.

Snake Pose

The name can sound scary, but it doesn’t involve a snake to perform the pose. So, there’s nothing to worry about. Snake pose can strengthen the kid’s spine, arms, and legs. Moreover, they can prove to be a great stretching and stress killing exercise. Yes, it’s free as well. Snake pose is quite easy to perform. So, let’s get to the instructions.

Ask your kids to lie flat on their stomach on a comfortable surface, preferably on a flat surface with a mat on it. The chin should be touching the ground. Also, do not let them tuck their toes. Rather, let them rest on the mat. Place palms near the shoulders to raise the elbows above the ground. Of course, the palms should be facing towards the ground. The legs should be straight, and the palms should be firmly planted on the ground.

Now, ask them to inhale while straightening their arms and by lifting their chest, following their upper back, keeping their hips steady. Ask them to remain in the position for around 15-20 seconds before returning to the original position. The key is to stay in the pose for as long as possible before releasing the pose. Do not attempt this pose, if your kids have back, elbow, or wrist injury.

Mountain Pose

For overall peace and good posture, mountain pose is a good yoga exercise. Starting early in life can help a great deal because it will encourage kids to stand erect. Ask your kids to stand firmly on the ground in an erect posture with their arms by their sides. Bring the big toes together until they touch each other. Then, ask them to actively lift their toes a little bit. Ask them to breathe steadily while focusing on the present moment.

They should be able to manage the balance evenly on both the feet. It might seem that the kids are just standing there, but that’s not the case. It’s an active pose that improves muscle alignment as well as the focus to offer both mental and physical benefits. Moreover, mountain pose is a good exercise to set the tone for complex yoga poses.

Warrior Pose

Are you ready to give life to the warrior inside your kid? Warrior pose strengthens vital body parts such as the thighs, back, and ankles. Moreover, it stretches the lungs and the chest muscles. As a result, it improves breathing capacity. So, it’s a great pose to improve balance, stamina, and body coordination. Other than the physical benefits, it can also enhance one’s mental well-being by improving focus and by assuring calmness. Here are the instructions:

Step the left foot towards the back to get that warrior stance and turn the toes outside at a 45-degree angle. Relax the shoulders and bend the right knee. At this point, the right knee will be stacked above the ankle. On an inhale, bring the hands over the head towards the ceiling. The palms can be pressed hand-to-hand against each other or a shoulder width distance be can be maintained. Remain in the pose for around 5 to 10 seconds and slowly rise from the pose by lowering the arms or by stepping back up to the mat. Ask them to hold longer to reap maximum benefits from this pose. Repeat, when they feel ready for more sets of the pose.

In the beginning, kids might find this pose a little difficult. You will see them losing their balance quite a lot of times. Keeping the back foot pressed at the right angle might require a bit of practice. Over here, persistence will pay off. So, support them until they get the pose right. Just make sure that they do not look up at their hands while in warrior position, if they have neck problems. Kids with neck issues should maintain a neutral head position while performing mountain pose.


Yoga is a great way to keep our kids engaged in health-beneficial activities. They help them stay calm, focused, and less stressed. The best part is that kids can adapt to yoga postures far more easily than adults considering the fact that they can learn quickly and have far greater flexibility. When conducted in a playful manner, they can prove to be an amazing lifestyle habit for years to come. As they say, “You are never too young to do a yoga pose.”

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