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Toys play an important role in the overall development of your little dude. Looking for toys and gift ideas for your boy(s)? We have listed all our content including buying guides & other resources related to boy’s toys & gifts below.

​Childhood is the most crucial stage of any human. How a boy develops in his childhood will determine how he will do in the future as an adult human being. Although they will have a similar development to girls when it comes to cognitive abilities, speech, and social development, their progress will vary from girls when it comes to physical development.

Early childhood is the time when your boy is exposed to the world when he sees the door of the preschool for the first time. While it’s important to not let their imaginations fly with them, at the same time you need to ensure that they get their deserved share of a balanced life full of child-friendly activities which are needed to boost their development in their early ages.

A curious brain is a rare sight among adults. Fortunately, children are born curious. They just need the right tools at the right time, along with parents’ support. Scientific and educational toys play a crucial role in childhood for this purpose. They ignite curiosity, intuition and free-thinking in children and help them take baby steps in becoming logical thinkers of the future.

There are also toys that help them understand the world around them in a simpler way than is often possible for us to demonstrate in front of them. This simpler way of understanding goes a long way in helping them have a good idea about the world surrounding them. Various musical toys help ​parents judge if their kids have a natural knack for music. Lots of really popular musicians attribute their massive successes (obtained in adulthood) to simpler beginnings in childhood. The fact that they could at least get their hands on a musical toy of their choice ultimately tested their interest in music and made them pursue music later in life.

Safety is a major concern when it comes to children’s toys. Every year, we get to hear about numerous incidents of children getting seriously harmed by hazardous toys due to careless (they’re children, after all) handling in absence of a guardian. While it’s very hard to get harmed by a toy that’s meant for the own age of your child, oftentimes parents ignore the age recommendations made by toy manufacturers and end up gifting their children more advanced toys than they can safely handle. This is why, here at BestForTheKids, we suggest suggest only those toys that are appropriate for the age of your baby boy. You can find our age-specific buying guides on buying the best toys and gifts for boys above.

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