Building Toys – Blocks, LEGOs and Other Cool Playthings

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Children get a bad reputation for destroying and breaking things down, so why not find a way to encourage them to build things up instead? Building toys and construction play sets are some of the most exciting and all-around beneficial toys to help your child’s physical and cognitive development. 

Specifically, building toys can improve problem solving, critical thinking, and divergent thinking from a young age. They can even encourage a child to begin counterfactual thinking, which refers to creating possible hypothetical futures by changing events in the past. These are some of the few toys that will both psychomotor skills, such as strength and fine motor manipulation, and cognitive reasoning.

Kids will immediately see the results from their efforts, and these toys help them realize that hard work will pay off. While most building sets come with instructions and directions on what to build, it won’t be long before your child diverges from the instructions and lets his or her creativity take over.

Building imagination in this way also increases academic, language, and social growth, which will have a life-long affect. You will see both short and long-term results with these toys – the immediate knowledge of how pieces fit together, combined with a child learning how to figure things out on their own. This leads to empowered adults who have confidence from problem-solving skills.

If you have a child who just isn’t interested in building, these sets are useful in a variety of modes of play. You can develop your child’s studies, focusing on whatever they are learning in school, or just whatever excites them. This can include labeling the colors and shapes for younger children, sorting by color or shape, counting the blocks and pieces, and even using them as physical examples to display math problems in a visual way.