3 Classic Bedtime Stories to Make Your Kids Fall Asleep Fast

Inside every old person, there are pleasant memories of bedtime stories. Bedtime stories will never meet their end. No amount of fancy toys, technology or gadgets can replace them. Somehow, they cannot be erased from our lives. For kids, bedtime stories are the best way to wrap up the day. So, let’s explore some classic bedtime stories to make your kids fall asleep fast.

  1. Where the Wild Things Are

This story revolves around a little kid by the name of Max, who creates havoc in his house after wearing a wolf costume. When his unseen mother calls him, he threatens to eat her up. Furious and angered, his mother punishes him for disrespecting her. He is sent to bed without food on that fight night.

Hungry and filled with tears, he finds himself dreaming of a fascinating place, where he assumes the role of a king after intimidating lots of wild creatures. He rules the place until he gets homesick. The dream helps him overcome his anger. He returns home to find his ‘forgiveness meal’ on the table.

  1. Fireman Small

It’s a fascinating story of the only fireman in the bay. True to his heart, he tries to do all the tasks to the best of his abilities. He is always at work trying to help someone from the neighborhood. From saving a bakery from fire to rescuing a boy who has fallen into a well, he proves to be the only rescue hero in his small town.

He keeps dealing with one escalating problem to another. He puts his own safety at risk to help others. He gets so busy that he hardly finds time to sleep. Towards the end, he finally manages to get some rest only to find his doorbell ring. Thankfully, the doorbell is not for another catastrophic mission. In fact, his friend shows up at his place to thank him for all the great work that he has done.

  1. The Cat in the Hat

Two little kids are stuck at home with literally nothing to do because it’s raining heavily outside. Much to their surprise and amusement, a cat in the hat appears from nowhere to lighten up their day. Their pet fish warns them not to play with the cat. However, they do not pay heed to the fish’s advice.

The cat shows them a promise of good times by telling them about some new games and tricks. Together, they create havoc. In the beginning, they have lots of fun. However, things get out of hand after a while. Towards the end, the cat sweeps the mess up with the help of a machine and makes the place sparkling clean again before the kid’s mom gets home.

Last Words

School education is more about earning grades, while bedtime storytelling is a part of our childhood tradition that takes us to a different time once we snug under a blanket. It leaves us with distinct and instinct memories to cherish. Since it’s not about securing good grades, keep bedtime stories short and sweet. The longer it’s dragged, the longer your child will resist bedtime.

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