Climate Change in Simpler Words – the Kid-friendly Version

The world is frying like a chicken being roasted in an oven. Of course not! However, there is no denying the fact that our planet is getting hotter by the day. There is no better time to explain climate changes to our kids than today because they will most likely outlive us.

So, they are ones who are going to bear the brunt of a hot, humid climate that might make easy living a nightmare. So, how do get the message of climate change to kids in simple words?

Causes of Climate Change

Before we get into the meat of the matter, let’s understand the causes of climate change. From the strength of the sun to the changes in earth’s orbit, several reasons are cited for the change in climate. As common sense would also suggest, when our earth is closer to the sun, our planet is warmer.

Other than that, the carbon dioxide present in our oceans is also responsible for a warmer climate. When the carbon dioxide present in the ocean mixes in the air, it makes our place warmer. Of course, how can we forget the volcanic eruptions? These scary calamities also contribute to climate change.

Forecast of Climate Change

Now, we have introduced our kids to the causes of climate change. That wasn’t the toughest job. Isn’t it? Here’s the scary part. The forecast of climate change is not encouraging. Industry experts suggest that the Earth’s climate change will keep rising over a period of 100 years by more than one degree. Before you think that one degree is not a big deal, let’s halt your thought process right there.

Believe it or not, small changes in earth’s climate can have a tremendous impact on our living conditions. So, do not underestimate the magnitude of impact one degree of climate change can have on us.

Climate Change in Simpler Words

Are we already a witness to Climate Change?

To man-up over here, the answer is a straightforward yes. We are already witnessing some of the impacts of climate changes on both land as well as the oceans. What do you think is feeding the rising sea levels, snow, and storms? How often do we experience inconsistent rainfall?

Truth to be told, climate change is a disaster in the making. The hurricanes and the floods of the past might appear like a tip of the iceberg compared to what we could experience in the years to come. We might hate to burst this bubble to our kids, but it’s important for them to understand the impact of climate changes on our planet.

Can we do something about it?

Every person will have some part to play over here. Yes, we can also contribute towards a better future for our kids and the next generations to come. Many nations have already joined hands to limit or reduce the impact of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

From our part, we can use less water and energy to contribute to this cause. Using less water and electricity in our everyday lives can go a long way in making our planet a better place to live. Don’t think of yourself as a small fish in a big ocean. Rather, educate your kids to do the right things on their part to reduce the progress of climate change.

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