3 Kids Detective Books for the Little Detectives in Your House

Don’t get caught up by the innocent face. There could be a budding Sherlock Homes in your house. If your kid is a mystery solver by birth, it’s time to scoop his interest to the next level. Look no further as we have rounded up the top 3 kid’s detective books to groom the little detective in your kid. These books are ideal for kids who love mystery stories. So, let’s get into these thrilling books.

Enigma: A Magical Mystery

An enticing book for kids, it features young Bertie Badger who faces a shocking predicament on a visit to his grandfather’s retirement home. Keen on watching his grandpa’s extraordinary magic show, he receives shocking news on his arrival. All the performance props have gone missing ahead of the show, including his grandpa’s favorite magic rabbit bunny. Young Bertie Badger decides to take matters in his own hands to get to the bottom of the things. Determined to watch his grandpa perform, he sets out to investigate on his own. He interviews all the local residents until he finds the perpetrator.

The book is decorated with rich content, so kids will surely have a great time looking for the missing items within the artwork. It’s filled with clues, hints, and codes to add to the thrilling reading experience. One will have to look closely at the detailed pictures and colors for the hidden clues. Basically, it’s a sweet mystery story combined with fun activities to do as well. Jam-packed with magic, mystery, secret hints, and codes, this book can prove to be a great addition to your little detective’s mystery book closet.

The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery

In this book, the author has kids hunting for clues at a birthday party because someone has mysteriously eaten all the food intended to be served to the guests at Horace, the elephant 11th birthday party. With the birthday feast missing, readers are left with the task of finding the culprit. With hidden messages and a maze of codes and clues, this book provides an irresistible opportunity to be a witty detective.

The illustrations in the book are great, and they surely do a wonderful job of capturing our kid’s attention and imagination. The book is filled with loads of puzzles with answers given on the back side. Try not to take a sneak at the answers because it’s a treat to solve them by oneself. The overall journey to make it to the culprit is great fun. It’s indeed one of the best mystery books that you could in a picture format.

The Missing Mitten Mystery

Geared towards elementary kids, it’s a fun and entertaining story revolving around a lost mitten. The adventurous story begins when Annie and her dog, named Oscar lose their mitten while having a joyful time in the snow. Annie starts thinking about the worst-case scenarios and sets out to track her lost mitten. She scans every area of the neighborhood before she finds her lost mitten.

Going through numerous pages for clues, this book will keep kids entertained for long hours. Since it’s about a lost possession, kids will easily relate to the story. Full of illustrations, the book does a good job at giving life to the story. It makes readers search high and low for young Annie’s mitten.

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