Five Essential Tips to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

Creativity is more than just connecting things. It’s intelligence working at its best. The icing on the cake is that the more you use it, the more you have it. See what others don’t have simply because they lack creativity. In contrast, see what creative individuals have been able to achieve. A little thing such as a hashtag has proliferated like wildfire in the cyber world. Thanks to someone’s creative adoption.

Never to be underestimated, let creativity be contagious. Pass it on to your children so that they can make the best out of their lives. So, let’s learn how to foster creativity in a child so that they start getting innovative. Let them be the smartest cookie in the jar from a very early age.

Give them the Gift of Freedom

The secret to creativity is freedom. A recent study states that children today have a lot less freedom than what we had growing up. Encouraging discipline does not mean robbing them off their playful weekend by being a complete control freak.

A restricted child will always be imprisoned by his own mind. It will simply retard creativity. Giving them appropriate freedom will open the doors for creativity. So, it’s important to grant them the freedom to act in a variety of competing ways by being less demanding and being more responsive to their own ideas.

They should be given the freedom to do things that interest them the most. That’s when creativity is at its peak. You don’t have to enroll them in every art and drawing class in the neighborhood. Their free times could be packed with other improving activities as well.

It’s important for parents to think outside of the traditional rules to help children become the bright future of tomorrow. Before drawing inspiration from the world, see what interests them to drive their own thinking cap.

Allow Space for Mistakes

Mistakes are a part and parcel of the growing up process. More than often, mistakes are also a proof of creativity. Believe it or not, brain scans actually show that mistakes grow our brain. Not every unplanned mistake leads to progress, but not every mistake should be challenged.

So, be prepared to tolerate mistakes from your junior. As a parent, don’t taboo failure. Over time, if a child inflicts a fear of failure, the fear would literally murder creativity. Encourage kids to gain some value from their mistakes, and give them an opportunity to find alternative solutions to the problem.

Let them be free to contribute ideas without the fear of making a mistake. A good thumb rule over here would be to share your personal mistakes with them, so that they understand that it’s okay to stumble a bit in life.

Encourage Ideas and Plays

Encouraging ideas is stunningly essential to prepare kids for creativity. Once encouraged, they will start thinking in new and unusual ways. Value those ideas and avoid shaming them even if the idea appears too bad or illogical. Engaging in creative ideas and plays can set the creative balls rolling for your kids.

Ask them to invent their own superhero. From the superhero name, costume to the super powers, let them go wild with their imaginations. You can also set up home items for sale. Use old unused items, wallets, and books. To make it look real, you can write sales receipts on papers.

Show respect to their creative ideas, and your child will never be the same again. Ask open-ended questions to help the child come up with independent answers. Also, be generous with your positive comments so that there is no roadblock to creative thinking. Some kids may require additional help and encouragement to develop their creative skills.

For instance, kids with low self-esteem and confidence may shy away from engaging in creative thinking. It’s important to work around the problem area through proper observation and conversation to work through the situation. Genuinely pay attention to their area of interest and encourage them to talk about it to help them open up. Sooner or later, you will notice traces of creativity in them.

Be a Creative Role Model

The best way to contribute to your child’s creativity is to be the child’s role model. Your son may probably never show interest in a piano until you try your hands on it. Kids are good imitators. So, you might want to give life to your inner child to be a role model for your kid. Even if you haven’t tried a musical instrument in years, it’s never too late to give it a shot. You might end up playing the instrument badly, but your kid will hardly judge you by the results.

If you love cooking or painting, cook or paint with them. Although they might mess up the activity a bit, the key is to focus on the fun and creative part of the activity and not the results. Therefore, be willing to experiment a bit on your own so that the child draws some creative inspiration from you. So, lead them by example to give life to the creative genius in them.

Provide the Necessary Resources

For the constant rush of creativity to flow in, you must provide your child with all the means required to inhibit creativity such as a musical instrument, art supplies or something else. Your best bet would be to surround them with things that interest them so that they get a chance to be creative in their own way. You can also get them toys that keep their imagination strong.

For instance, provide toys like building blocks, puzzles or molding clays. Let them enter the world of imagination, invention, and creation. These building toys will certainly give life to the little architect in them. Make it a point to reward the efforts rather than focusing merely on the results. The chances are that you will be amazed by what undirected thinking and fun would lead.

Last Word

Studies show that kids rapidly lose their creative thinking skills as they start getting older. So, don’t wait for light years to grow their creative minds. The right time to develop creativity is always now than later. After all, who wouldn’t love to see one’s kids reach their full intellectual and creative potential?

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