Dolls & Action Figures – For Your Fantasy-Lover Kids

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Children who play with dolls and action figures learn to channel their inner role-playing abilities as they use the toys to action out stories, situations, and even some real-life problems that they might otherwise encounter. Here are some of our favorite dolls & action figures for children.

Dolls have long history stretching back to before 100 A.D., where we have recorded them being used in Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Historically, dolls have been crudely made, or richly decorated, and used by everyone from begging street children to priests in elaborate rituals and art. The term action figures, on the other hand, was coined in 1964 and usually refers to poseable figurines made of modern materials such as plastic. Modern action figures can be used as toys for children, but they are also taking off as collectible items for many reminiscing adults as well. And so, this category of toy refers to some of the most well-loved and highly valued toys throughout human history.

Some dolls that are designed to look and behave like pets (like a stuffed and movable dog or cat) can even prepare a child to understand how to care for live pets in the future. Some personalities like to spend their time accessorizing their toy to make it look like themselves, other people the child knows, or even someone they totally know. This helps them to discover an unknown creative flair.

Others use the dolls and action figures to re-enact social situations and solving them in different ways, both with and without violence. These dolls allow for an outlet for physical force, but in a physically safe manner. Most importantly, these toys enhance the social skills in any child, and studies have shown that people with a high social IQ grow up to be far more successful that people who are simply book smart.