8 Fun Water Games for Your Playful Kids

Yes, kids love technology, but they are a huge fan of water games as well. As such, we don’t play water games to test the waters but to create waves of happiness. So, let’s explore some fun water games for our playful kids. Don’t worry; we won’t ask you to get tickets to the amusement park, rather we would be happy to introduce you to eight low-budget water games to let your kids have a blast.

Outdoor Bath Game

It must be hot outside. Why not take advantage of the hot climate and use it as an excuse to enjoy a bath in the backyard? Simply fill the inflatable kiddie pool with water, and throw in some of the toys in the water to turn a daily chore into a delightful experience. Let them splash water around to have their own fun experience. You can throw around a lot of balls in the kiddie pool and see how fast they can collect it back in a basket.

Ice Freeze Game

This is a fairly simple game that will surely get your kids excited. Place a toy in a cube tray and pour water on it. Let the water freeze to form ice cubes. Then, remove the ice cube which has the toy in it and let your kid hold the ice cube. When the ice melts in his/her hands, the toy will emerge. Kids will surely love this ice freezing surprise. They will feel like a winner when the toy will emerge out of nowhere. Just make sure that they don’t break the ice because it will ruin the fun.

Sponge Bucket Game

This is another simple but fun loving game that will keep your kids busy and interested. All you need is two buckets of water and two sponges to soak the water. What you will do is give a bucket filled with water to each of your kids and ask them to soak water out the bucket only using the sponge. The one who does it first will emerge as the winner. If you have a solo kid, you can invite his/her friend from the neighborhood. Don’t forget to treat the kids once the game is over.

Water Obstacle Course

A water obstacle course is a set of numerous obstacle challenges put together to make one long course. Your imagination would prove to be your best friend over here to help you decide on the obstacles that need to be set on the path. Crawling under the table, breaking water balloons tied on the trees with a stick, standing in a designated spot and doing jumping jacks, tossing a water balloon at a target, walking on heels in a straight line, stepping on one water bucket to another, and walking backwards are some of the obstacles that can be used to create this water obstacle course. Some parents use a stop watch to keep track of the course timings.

Musical Balloon Game

This is your regular musical chair game with a twist. All you need to do is get your kids to sit in a big circle and start passing the water balloon. Start the music as soon as the balloon starts changing hands and stop the music randomly in between. The kid holding the balloon when the music stops will be eliminated from the music balloon game. The rest will continue until there is only one kid left in the game. The last remaining kid will be declared as the winner.

Water Balloon Darts

This game is suitable not only for your little ones but also for your teenage kids. It’s a fun activity that can consume few hours in an interesting and enjoyable manner. Just attach some full blown water balloon at a target and give some value to them such as 50 points, 100 points, 150 points, and 200 points. The kid that accumulates the most points by blasting the balloons will be declared as the winner. One can use a dart to hit the balloon, or a water balloon itself can be used to hit the targeted balloons.

Water Blast

Water blast is a nice, playful activity for kids. Here are the instructions for the game. Place your kid’s toys at a relative distance from your kids and ask them to drop them down using the force of water. The kid who is able to put down the maximum number of toys with a water hose will be declared as the winner. Instead of having a high water force, try to keep the toys a little closer. Join your kids to have fun along the way. You can also invite your neighbor’s kids to join the fun.

Rain Dance

Rain dance can be amazing fun. With no special equipment or budget, your kids can have a merry time dancing to the tune of their favorite music. If it’s not raining outside, you could still have a great rain dance experience by setting up the water sprinkler into the lawn. Just play the music and let the fun begin. Think of the fun quotient and you will surely be sold into the idea of a rain dance. The chances are that you already take your kids to some places to enjoy a rain dance with them. There’s nothing that refreshes our mind and body like a rain dance. Moreover, it isn’t a mammoth task to start a rain dance in the backyard.


Water games have always been a hit with the kids. They offer amazing fun and kids are sure to have a great time. If you tired of seeing your kids glued to the computer screen, be willing to incorporate these fun and playful water games into their lives. They will never look back, and they will have more fun than ever before. Just make sure that they stay safe while playing with water.  Adult supervision is a must over here to ensure their safety at all times.

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