How to Get Your Growing Kids Familiar with Casual Puns

Drinking vodka and water together causes kidney damage. Rum and water combined together cause liver damage. Take any whiskey and mix it with water, it will cause heart, brain, or organ damage. There’s something terribly wrong about water. Of course, pun intended.

Hopefully, you had your smiling moment after reading this pun-intended text. Actually, it’s pleasing to see that some of you guys haven’t wiped the smile off your face yet. So, why not pass it on to your kids? How do you make your growing kids familiar with casual puns to ensure that their lives is filled with the much-needed occasional smiles?

The Premise of a Casual Pun

The hallmark of a pun is to use them intelligently in real-life situations. It’s either going to be a hit or miss. One has to be really good with wordplay to make it a hit. The objective is to be witty and smart and not to be an irritating bug. The timing is the real key over here.

If you are able to come up with something on the spot, you are bound to steal a lot of smiles or laughter. Just like a good joke depends on timing, one of the real assets of a good pun is timing. If you come up with something too late, it’s better to keep your mouth shut because late arrivals do not receive red carpet treatment.Kids Familiar with Casual Puns

Leading by Example

Let’s say; your friend hosts a retirement party. In the verge of a conversation, here’s how a good pun would look like, “Ok, you retired early as a banker because you were losing interest.” It’s casual, fun, and it involves the use of words that has more than one possible meanings.

Remember, kids will learn from you. Your interactions with others will not only familiarize them with casual puns, but it will also encourage them to participate in puns, whenever they get a chance. So, don’t downplay your abilities to crack casual puns for securing those pot-belly laughs, and to familiarize your kids to causal puns.

Teach them the Trade Secrets

While there is no hardcore secret over here, but stressed people generally suck at cracking good jokes or puns. Teach your kids not to take life very seriously. They must know that they should be enjoying their time on the planet. Those who don’t take life very seriously come up with good puns.In fact, it’s quite possible that most of the popular puns circulating over the net are created by jovial, happy people. If you don’t trust us, check your clock right away to see what you have lost for not trusting us. Oh, you just lost few seconds of your life and nothing else. Don’t get mad now. Pun intended over here.


Let casual puns emit from your personality. Be the fun loving guy that everyone loves. If kids follow suit, they are sure to enjoy a reputation as someone who is good at casual puns, just like their parent.

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