Best Toys And Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls In 2022

gifts for 1 year old girls

Little girls are extremely busy, and are always on the go. At the age of one, my little girl was learning how to walk, trying to talk all day, and never wanted to sit still. This is a crucial stage in your little girl’s life because, for the very first time, she can move herself from one end of the room to the other without any help.

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By now, she has learned how to consciously get your attention. She is an explorer, an adventurer. Children at this age are like sponges, learning every minute while they are awake. As a result, stimulating all their senses is a joy, in addition to the fact that it will help your little girl to grow and develop.

Toys play an important role in this learning process, not just for fun’s sake, but also because they can contribute to your child’s development.

If you look at the toys available today, you’ll soon realize that toy designers have been working hard to provide stimulating toys for kids of all ages. Some of the toys you would have played with in your childhood are still front runners, but some of the newly launched toys provide an abundance of stimuli for your little girl.

I’ve gone back to my daughter’s favorite toys, the ones she adored at the age of 1, to put together a list of best toys and gifts for 1year-old girls. What’s more, I’ve asked other parents to tell me what toys to pick for a little 1-year-old girl.

The following list features the best toys and gifts for 1-year-old girls. Take a look and pick your favorite for your little girl.

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VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

  • 2 different colorful spinning rollers

  • 3 light-up buttons

  • 3 shape sorters

Playz 6-Piece Princess Castle Play Tent

  • Favorite for countless little princesses

  • Meets all USA CPSC Toy Safety Guidelines

  • Portable

LEGO DUPLO All-in-One-Pink-Box-of-Fun

  • Easily construct masterworks

  • Explore colors

  • Use of imagination

Kleeger Plush Talking Jungle Animals Toy Set

  • Cuddly toy jungle set

  • Make sound when squeezed or hugged

  • Materials are child-safe, durable, and soft

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

  • Interactive flashlight

  • Learn about animals and colors

  •  Ladybug button activates the sounds

VTech Musical Rhymes Book

  • Musical rhymes book

  • 5 colorful piano buttons

  • Beautiful illustrations

Ray’s Toys Wooden Pull-Along Toy Set

  • Three wooden pull-along animals

  • Non-toxic paint

  • Improving walking skills

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

  • Provides enough flexibility

  • 50 different songs and phrases

  • 10-piece set

Fisher-Price Little People

  • Countless learning opportunities

  • Dollhouse at one stage

  • Kitchen appliances and furniture

Best Learning Mushroom Garden

  • Award-winning learning toy 

  •  8 different colored mushrooms

  • Hand-eye coordination

1. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Little girls love the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker because they can play with it and use it to get around. This walker has plenty to offer. Apart from a telephone for busy office work, your little girl can use 2 different colorful spinning rollers, 3 light-up buttons, and 3 shape sorters.

When she’s tired of them, she can learn to sing along with 70 different songs, learn some funny phrases, or take in some sound effects.

Once tired of sitting still, she can get up and push this walker all around the room. Truly, this toy provides endless hours of fun.

Apart from encouraging her walking skills, this toy helps to develop listening skills, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. Plus, she’ll learn about shapes and colors.​

What’s Great About It – Your daughter can have fun walking around, and can learn while sitting down. This toy encourages your little girl to get active, both physically and mentally. She’ll have lots of fun in the process, while learning and developing her skills.

2. Playz 6-Piece Princess Castle Play Tent

This is an all-time favorite for countless little princesses. With this set, they get their very own princess castle, princess dress, magic wand, and a crawl-through tunnel leading them to their castle. My little girl spent hours going in and out of her castle, dressing up, casting spells, and inviting her little friends to join her in her castle.

She spent so many hours playing with the toys that she’d end up falling asleep inside her castle.

Made from environmentally sound materials, this tent meets all USA CPSC Toy Safety Guidelines. It’s very portable and you can just fold it up and bring it with you, even on vacation.

Kids of all ages love playing house, and with this princess castle play tent, your little girl can have lots of fun. Imaginative play like this is extremely beneficial for your child’s overall development.​

What’s Great About It – This princess castle tent and tunnel provides hours of active play fun, allowing your little girl to be in charge of her very own space and dress up like a fairy princess. No doubt, she will be as proud as punch, all dressed up and ruling over her very own castle.

3. LEGO DUPLO All-in-One-Pink-Box-of-Fun

I wasn’t surprised to find out that Lego was voted the all-time No 1 toy. Both my kids and I, in my childhood, adored playing with Lego blocks because you can create something amazing, break it, and start over. There are no limits!

Duplo blocks are the toddler-safe version of the small Lego blocks. Your 1-year-old girl can easily construct her own masterworks, explore colors, improve her motor skills, and use her imagination.

My kids spent days on end playing with these Duplo blocks, each coming up with their own creations.

​With this set, you get 65 different blocks in all colors and several figures, including people, a bunny, flowers, window elements, and a chicken. For added learning opportunities, the set contains decorated, color-coded, and numbered bricks. Your little girl can mix, match, and learn.

​The size of the blocks is entirely safe for 1-year-olds, as no small parts are included.

What’s Great About It – Duplo provides Lego fun for little ones, offering the same limitless creativity and fun as regular Lego blocks. Babies and toddlers can create the most awesome constructions while developing a whole bunch of skills. What’s more, your little girl will still have fun playing with this set when she is as old as 5 years old. You simply cannot go wrong when buying Duplo blocks.

​4. Kleeger Plush Talking Jungle Animals Toy Set

Your little girl will love this cuddly toy jungle set featuring an elephant, tiger, monkey, and a roaring lion, all tucked away in an adorable jungle tree house. Join your daughter as she plays with these cute cuddly animals and teach her about the jungle or have her listen to the animal sounds.

Each animal makes its own sound when squeezed or hugged. When playing, your little girl can develop her imagination; learn about colors, sounds, and animals, all while pretending to be the queen of the jungle.

Caring by nature, little girls can look after the animals, play feeding them and having cuddle time, as well as develop their very own storylines. You can be there with her, spurring her on and helping her to grow and learn.

The materials are child-safe, durable, and soft. The jungle tree house features a lid and a Velcro-strap, so you can bring this set with you wherever you go.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty with the purchase of this product and, no doubt, you’ll be holding on to this toy for quite some time.

As your little girl grows, she will adore her cuddly jungle friends just as much as when she first gets them.​

What’s Great About It – These are ultra-cute jungle animals with sound effects. This is a portable jungle tree house that will captivate the imagination of any little 1-year old girl and keep her busy for years to come. She will also learn about the animal kingdom and about caring and having fun together.

​5. VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

This interactive flashlight offers plenty to keep your child busy. Apart from learning to count to 3, she will also learn about animals and colors, while also getting to know a few fun phrases.

The ladybug button activates the sounds, and your little girl will enjoy discovering all of the different functions.

Brightly colored, this educational toy manages to stimulate the senses and teach your child the basic skills. The lights are just the right level of brightness, while the sounds and songs will captivate and inspire her to take part.

The size of this flashlight and handle are just right for little 1-year-old girls to hold in their hands.

What’s Great About It – This flashlight shines in a variety of colors, depending which one your little girl chooses. The songs and phrases are funny, and, no doubt, you’ll hear her speak and sing along.

​6. VTech Musical Rhymes Book

This musical rhymes book can stimulate your little darling’s language skills. It features six of the most popular nursery rhymes and over 40 songs, melodies, and phrases. They all combine to provide hours of educational fun and help to develop your child’s verbal skills.

She can learn the rhymes and songs, use the 5 colorful piano buttons to play and listen to musical instruments, or enjoy looking at the beautiful illustrations.

The book has two modes, select play mode for fun and games, and learning mode to develop skills.

Made to last, this toy is perfect for having fun at home and excellent for keeping your child busy on long journeys.

My little girl still knows all the nursery rhymes and songs that this book comes with.​

What’s Great About It – This nursery rhyme book is as educational as it is fun, inspiring early reading skills and providing lots of entertainment. It may also form the basis for her reading habits in later life.

7. Ray’s Toys Wooden Pull-Along Toy Set

This is an all-time favorite toy set featuring three gorgeous wooden pull-along animals, namely a giraffe, an elephant, and a zebra.

Made from organic wood and non-toxic paint, this set is completely safe and will provide lots of learning opportunities and hours of fun. Your child can pull each animal along while improving her walking skills, learn how to care for the animal as well as learn the words for all the different body parts.

You can be there to guide her and tell her stories about wild animals. Encourage her to bring the animals for a walkabout and see her flourish in the process.

As there are no small parts, these animals are perfect for 1-year-olds, and the wooden construction speaks for itself. The animals are just the right size for your little girl to handle.

Each animal is painted in bright, life-like colors and has a hole in the center for your child to handle easily. The string is firmly attached and won’t come loose while she’s out on an adventure.

What’s Great About It – With this set, your child can improve her walking skills, learn the basics of how to look after an animal, and have lots of fun.

​8. LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

This gorgeous little tea set is perfect for little girls. Not only can they host their very own tea party, but in the process, they learn to match, share, and develop their motor skills. The teapot comes with a colorful cake cut into six multi-colored slices.

Your little girl can hear the tea gurgle and watch it slush through the window. Sharing, serving, and handling all of the different items are just some of the skills that she can practice with this set.

What’s more, the teapot plays more than 50 different songs and phrases, while all the colors featured in this 10-piece set form the basis for some stimulating color-matching activities.

This set is great for 1 to 3-year-old girls, and provides enough flexibility and variety for lots of learning and fun.​

What’s Great About It – With this set, you can teach your little girl to be a hostess, to match and distinguish colors, and, most importantly, you can introduce some basic social skills. Sharing, serving, and taking turns are just some of the central themes here. In addition, you will love having a cup of tea and a chat with your little darling.

​9. Fisher-Price Little People

Every little girl should own a dollhouse at one stage in her life, and this home play set is the perfect starter dollhouse. Featuring all of the main rooms of a house, including a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms, this house has its three little people living in the lap of luxury.

With the help of your little princess, these dolls can use all of the kitchen appliances and furniture, go in and out of the house, and have lots of fun. In the process, your little one learns about all of the different home items and get to enjoy being in charge.

The house opens up fully for easy play access, and even plays music and phrases. The colors are bright, the house and furniture items sturdy and safe, so that she won’t want to stop playing. Even the toilet makes a flushing sound!

During play, she learns all there is to know about a home, while getting to know colors, songs, and all the different pieces of furniture and kitchen appliances.

What’s more, this play set will provide fun and learning opportunities for years to come.​

What’s Great About It – This play set offers countless learning opportunities. The fridge teaches what color different food items are, the toilet flushes and asks you to wash your hands, and the house says goodnight every time you close it. Not many toys offer such an abundance of fun and learning opportunities.

​10. Best Learning Mushroom Garden

This award-winning learning toy is one of the top educational toys available. It features a disc that holds 8 different colored mushrooms, each playing a different sound. They light up and your kids can learn about colors and numbers, while they can also play different melodies.

With this toy, your little girl can learn how to remember notes, thus boosting her musical skills, memory, and hand-eye coordination. The song plays a bit longer in progression each time it is played.

The music, colors, and lights engage little kids and adults alike. Altogether, this set has four modes: colors, numbers, music, and games, each of which is designed to teach the specific skills. While using it, she will develop her knowledge of numbers and colors, as well as her musical skills, fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and memory.

​No small parts are featured here, making this toy suitable for 1-year-olds. What’s more, she will still enjoy playing with the Mushroom Garden when she is a few years older.

What’s Great About It – The Mushroom Garden provides the framework for multi-skill learning. I also like the fact that my little girl can enjoy playing with it on her own, or I can join in and we can play together. There are plenty of interactive opportunities here!

​11. LeapFrog My Pal Violet

My little girl just adored her purple puppy. You can personalize it with your smartphone while it’s still in the box and get it to say and spell your little girl’s name.

For starters, this is a cuddly puppy to adore. It even plays lullabies when it’s time to go to sleep. More than 40 songs are available to sing along with, while lots of other learning opportunities are also available. Again, you can use your smart phone to teach the puppy your little one’s favorite color or animal.

In total, Violet offers 15 different learning activities centered on animals, food, and colors. In addition to that, your little darling will also learn to count, say a few words, and experience feelings and emotions – all with her favorite puppy that encourages her along the way.

Using an internet connection, you can download all of the songs and more, and turn this little puppy into much more than a furry friend.​

What’s Great About It – Little girls adore cuddly toys, but Violet is much more than that. She also teaches and encourages your daughter to learn, play, and interact.

12. TOYK-3D Music Mobile Phone

My little girl always wanted to grab my cell phone until I got her the TOYK3D Music Mobile Phone. From then on, she was happy to make her own calls on her very own mobile phone.

Kids learn a lot of skills by imitation and this toy cell allows them to do just that. Colorful and chunky, this cell features number buttons, sounds, and melodies. The screen changes when you shake the cell, displaying different pictures. Every time she presses a button, she learns something new.

Role playing, language skill development, fine motor skills, and listening skills are just some of the learning options that this phone offers.

This cell is sturdy and safe for babies, ideal for long journeys, and bursting with fun activities. If your little girl is anything like mine, she’ll adore this toy phone.

What’s Great About It – This is a great toy for 1-year-olds and toddlers. This toy cell phone allows your little girl to learn and develop, is great for on-the-go, and will last well into her pre-school years.

​13. Kiddieland Toys Limited Girls Disney My First Frozen Activity Ride-On

Your little one has just learned or is learning how to walk. So why not give her a hand? With this ride-on, she’ll be racing around the house in no time – safely, of course.

This Frozen-themed ride-on is sturdy and perfectly safe, and your little girl can sit on it and get moving by pushing herself forward with her feet. The backrest ensures that she won’t risk falling off, while also featuring a convenient carrier handle for easy transportation.

As she rides around, popular songs from the movie play, and colorful lights flash. All little kids love getting around on ride-on vehicles, and this one proved very popular in my house.

At first, I was a little worried that my daughter would fall off, but the seat was just the right width to keep her steady. She put both of her feet firmly on the ground and pushed herself off. Whenever she grew tired, I was able to give her a little nudge by pushing the backrest.

We had so much fun watching her race around. This ride-on is one of her all-time favorites.​

What’s Great About It – The best thing about this toy is the great sense of independence it provides. Using her own steam, your little girl can get from one corner of the house to the other, and this will give her a huge boost in confidence.

​14. Organic Farm Buddies Plush Toy

Cuddly toys are always adorable, but this one is even better because it’s handmade from all-natural fabrics. The materials are 100% certified organic cotton, corn fiber filling, and natural dyes, while the packaging is made of recycled paper.

Different organic farm buddies are available, and all of them are hypoallergenic, so they are suitable for both babies and toddlers. Little girls fall in love with these farm animals, who will soon become their constant companion.

We had a different animal for each child, and everyone loved their very own. There are 25 varieties to choose from.

What’s Great About It – I loved the fact that the manufacturers have used organic materials in the production. After all, it’s better for all involved, your child and the environment.

​15. Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

This Mega Bloks Big Building Set provides all of the benefits of the Lego Duplo set, except that the blocks are considerably larger. This means that this set is particularly suitable for 1-year-olds, but may not necessarily grow with her as she gets older.

Nonetheless, for a 1-year-old girl, this set provides lots of fun and learning opportunities. The blocks are so large that even the smallest hands manage to create something amazing. During play, kids develop their fine motor skills, learn to be creative, and build whatever comes to mind.

Altogether, this set contains 80 blocks of different shapes and sizes, so your little girl will have more than enough blocks to construct amazing buildings, animals, and works of art.

You get a convenient storage bag with this purchase so your little girl can even learn how to tidy up when she’s done playing!

This set is compatible with other Mega Block sets, so you can add to it and make it more challenging as she gets older.

What’s Great About It – These blocks are great for really small hands. Any 1-year-old can create something awesome and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards.

​16. Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

If you want to inspire your little girl’s musicality and her DIY skills all at once, this might just be your front runner.

Made entirely from solid wood, this tap bench features three balls sitting in holes on top of the toy. Your little girl’s job is to hammer the balls through the holes. Once the balls drop, they roll down the xylophone keys and create a tune. So, the first thing she’ll learn here is how to use a hammer.

But that’s not all. The xylophone slides out, so she can also get a head start on becoming a proficient xylophone player and composing her very own tunes. Musicality and DIY-skills, all in one exciting toy.

In our home, everyone loved this set, even though the enthusiasm for hammering was, at times, deafening.

This toy is as exciting for a 5-year-old as it is for a little 1-year-old, with each using it at its specific level. Both musical and motor skills deserve attention from a young age, and here, they both do.

What’s Great About It – This tap bench and xylophone make for an excellent alternative to all of the other plastic toys available. No flashing lights, batteries, or tech stuff; just pure simplicity, lots of fun, and buckets of learning options.

How to Choose a Toy for Your 1-Year Old Girl

With such an abundance of choice, selecting the right one can seem impossible. Here are a few important aspects to take into consideration when choosing:

  • Safety: Safety is the prime concern, so make sure that the toy you purchase is age-appropriate. Not only do you need to consider the manufacturer’s age guidelines, you also need to ensure that the toy is durable. If, for instance, you purchase a toy suitable for a 1-year old that ends up coming apart, it may pose a risk to your child. What’s more, safety is also about the materials used in the manufacturing of the toy. Check product labels to ensure that all materials are child-safe.
  • Fun: While you no doubt want to stimulate your child’s development, it’s just as crucial that the toy is fun to play with. Kids learn best when they’re having fun, so select the toy accordingly.
  • Educational Value: Toys can greatly stimulate and help in the development of your child. Check out what skills your child is likely to acquire while playing with the toy. Some toys just offer one-dimensional learning options, while others help to develop multiple skills.
  • Portability: Portability has always been one of my major considerations. If a toy is portable, your child will get much more use out of it. In addition, portable toys can help to make long journeys easier for your little one.
  • Lifespan: Ask yourself – for how long will the toy remain stimulating? Will your little girl still be able to play with it when she is 3 or even 5 years old? Getting toys with a longer lifespan mean that your daughter can grow with the toy, and you get great value for your money.
  • Solo Play versus Joint Play: The best toys are suitable for solo play and joint play, meaning that your little princess can play with it on her own or with her siblings and friends, or you, of course. Choose one that offers all of these options.
  • Interactivity: Toys that respond to the kids are excellent as they guide skill development. Your child learns to cause reactions, as well as to react to stimuli.
  • Stimulating Imaginative Play: Imaginative play is crucial, so toys which entice your child to play creatively and make up her own games are awesome. With such toys, she can learn how to organize her own activities which is incredibly important in her development.

Final Thoughts

There are no limits to the number of options available. When choosing a toy, try to identify what you would like her to learn, what kind of fun you think she’d like, and which toy you’d both enjoy the most.

Also, try to select a toy that will engage her for a prolonged period of time. The more stimulating the toy, the more fun she will have, and the more skills she will develop.

Don’t forget about her curiosity, as little ones are keen to explore and learn.

In my experience, simpler toys can offer just as much as more complicated toys, and allow kids to be more creative during play.

Finally, kids have the most fun when playing with siblings, cousins, friends, or adults, so choosing a toy that is suitable for joint play is perhaps the best way to go.

All of the toys included on our list have plenty to offer and stimulate your child in different ways. It’s up to you to decide which one you think would make her happiest and help her grow the most.

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