Best Toys And Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls In 2022

gifts for 11 year old girls

When it comes to pre-teen girls, particularly 11-year old girls, parents can have a challenging time choosing the best toys for them – and you’re probably one of them. This is isn’t surprising as pre-teen girls are in a transition period between being little girls and young teens.

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At 11 years old, your daughter is experiencing faster physical and mental growth, especially cognitive skills. Even their hormones are changing in preparation for puberty so changes in attitude may also be expected. Their emotional maturity is also increasing, especially when you are on hand to guide her.

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Temporary Hair Chalk-Washable Hair Color

  • Wash out with a good shampooing

  • Last around three days

  • Easy to use

Heart Charm Bracelets

  • Personalized charm bracelets

  • Beads and charms can be customized

  • Beads in plastic

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

  • Encouraged to draw and color

  • Learn faster

  • Vibrant colors

Fizz Bath Bombs Fun Bath Bomb Gift Set

  • Enjoyable activity

  • Affordable

  • Handmade

Altair AA Auqua Fast RC Boat

  • Reaches up to 30 km/h

  • Range of 100 meters

  • Remote control

4M Crochet Art Kit

  • Indoor activity

  • Learn the needlework art

  • Pride of ownership

ALEX Toys Spa Sketch Nail Pens Salon

  • Professional-grade polish

  • Easily removed

  • Color combos and designs

Creativity for Kids Day at the Spa

  • 30-piece set

  • Contains a nail polish and glitter polish, press-on nails, and nail dryer

  • Spa party ideas

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

  • Excess physical energy

  • Help for enhancing physical skills

  • Jumping like kangaroo

Lenox Ballerina Jewelry Box

  • Creates a sentimental experience

  • Durability 

  • Musical jewelry box

Toys & Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls – Best Choices

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1. Temporary Hair Chalk-Washable Hair Color

Temporary Hair Chalk-Washable Hair Color

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

If your young teen has a creative side these hair chalks are perfect to allow them to express themselves via their appearance. These chalks only last around three days and they wash out with a good shampooing. They are easy to use by just drawing on your hair and come with an array of colors to mix and match.

You don’t have to worry about the color of your hair as they apply and show vibrantly on any color hair, from light to dark. This is a great gift for an explorative and stylish young girl!

What’s Great About It: The early teen years are a time when your child wants to explore with their features and style. This is a safe and easy way for them to play with their hair color without it being permanent!

2. ALEX Toys DIY Wear I Heart Charm Bracelets

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

Charm bracelets are always in style because these allow young girls to express their personalities, too. With the DIY Wear kit, your daughter and her friends can make their own personalized charm bracelets. The beads and charms can be customized according to their style, whether it’s whimsical or wacky.

The set already comes with almost everything needed to make pretty charm bracelets – beads in plastic, clay and metal, eyelets, stick stones, jump rings, pins, bracelets, and charms. Your daughter just needs to add her creativity to the mix.

What’s Great About It: The kit allows young girls to experiment with colors and configurations in their personalized jewelry. While spending time with friends, they also develop better social relationships that contribute to their personal development.

3. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

Suitable for: 3 years old and up

Young girls can learn faster when their five senses are engaged in the learning process. The Mr. Sketch Scented Markers combine sight and smell stimulation to coloring – a great combo, indeed. The vibrant colors, such as magenta, turquoise blue, and purple, make coloring such a fun activity even for 11-year old girls, too. The fresh citrus-like scent makes the room pleasantly scented, too.

What’s Great About It: The scented markers enhance the joys of drawing and coloring for young girls. By adding fresh citrusy smells, your daughter and her friends will be more encouraged to draw and color. Their increased time spent on these activities provides several benefits, such as better cognitive, artistic and social skills. You can even join in on the fun!

​4. Fizz Bath Bombs Fun Bath Bomb Gift Set

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

Bath time has become an enjoyable activity for your young daughter. The Fun Bath Bomb adds an enjoyable fizz to the water while the natural shea butter nourishes her skin. The bath bombs also come in several scents including apple pie and custard, banoffee pie, and strawberries and creams.

Just drop the bath bomb into the tub of water, wait for a few minutes, and let the fizz develop. The water’s color will change and the bathroom will be filled with a pleasant scent.

What’s Great About It: We highly recommend it as an affordable yet practical handmade gift for 11-year old girls.

​5. Altair AA Auqua Fast RC Remote Control Boat for Pools and Lakes

Altair AA Auqua Fast RC Remote Control yellow Boat for Pools and Lakes

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

Does your 9-year-old have an interest in boats and water sports? This is the perfect gift, especially for those summer birthdays and events. The Altair remote control boat reaches up to 30 km/h and has a range of 100 meters. You do not have to worry about the boat when it capsizes as the remote control has an option that allows you to flip the boat right side up. One of the features that current users love is the engine that allows water to flow through to cool the boat.

This toy boat is sleek and loved by the children who use it, it is perfect for a day at the pool or the lake. The Altair boat package includes two batteries, a boat stand and a remote control. The battery life is long and will keep your child entertained!

What’s Great About It: It is perfectly safe for children, the propeller does not turn if it does not sense water and all problematic parts are covered well to ensure your child’s fingers stay safe. Also, it has great ease of use. As there are no barriers to entry on the boat your child will be using it immediately!

​6. 4M Crochet Art Kit

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

Crocheting is a great indoor activity for young girls. The Crochet Art Kit allows them to learn the needlework art without putting pressure on them while also letting them take pride of ownership. Your 11-year old daughter can learn to make simple coasters, place mats, and belts, among others, from the yarn, plastic needles and crochet hooks in the set.

What’s Great About It: Young girls learn not just the fundamentals of crocheting. Their manual dexterity, memory skills, and fine motor coordination are also enhanced even with just 30 minutes of crocheting daily. Even their sense of colors and patterns will be enhanced contributing to their personal style.

7. ALEX Toys Spa Sketch It Nail Pens Salon

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

Nail art is all the fad these days because it adds interesting colors and patterns to plain fingernails and toenails. Young girls have fun experimenting with their nails using the Spa Sketch It Nail Pens, whether it’s butterflies or stars. The set already comes with 5 nail pens in different colors, color appliques, and nail gems, among others.

What’s Great About It: The professional-grade polish lasts for a few days but can be easily removed, too. Girls can make countless color combos and designs to keep them entertained for an hour or two. The kit also comes with easy instructions for making great nail art.

​8. Creativity for Kids Day at the Spa Deluxe Gift Set

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

Young girls are also becoming more conscious about their physical appearance, even appreciate their mothers’ day spa sessions. The Day at the Spa kit is a great way to let them enjoy the spa experience at home and get a great manicure and pedicure. The 30-piece set already contains a nail polish and glitter polish, press-on nails, and nail dryer. To add value to the kit, it also comes with a list of spa party ideas and instructions.

What’s Great About It: The day spa kit encourages young girls to take good care of their physical appearance, even for little things like nails. This also promotes stronger social interaction when it’s played with friends.

​9. Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

Suitable for: 9 years and up

Even young girls have excess physical energy that can become disruptive when not directed toward the right activity. This pogo stick is a great way to let your young daughter let off excess energy while also enhancing her physical skills, particularly muscle coordination. This also has several safety measures that will put your mind at ease while she’s jumping around like a kangaroo.

What’s Great About It: We especially liked the safety features in the pogo stick, especially as we don’t want kids to hurt themselves on hard pavement. The handgrip and frame are covered with foam, the foot pegs have a non-slip material, and the bounce tip has a wide base. We also recommend it for physical exercise and play.

​10. Lenox Childhhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box

Lenox Childhhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box

Suitable for: 8 years and up

Jewelry boxes are something young girls will cherish for a long time. Ballerina jewelry boxes are a staple, they are a sweet item that creates a sentimental experience. The Lenox box has the bottom holder as well as the top compartment holder inside of the jewelry box. It is silver with a plated mirror heart on the outside and a pink interior. The music sounds when you crank up the small ballerina dancer on the inside.

This jewelry box is perfectly priced for the quality, it is a fan favorite due to its durability and how it does not look cheap. You can even get your child’s name engraved on the front. Young girls get so excited with the sweet sentiments of a musical jewelry box.

What’s Great About It: Lenox provides breakage replacement if purchased from an authorized seller. If you want to have insurance in case of a mishap make sure to get it from the right seller. It is great to purchase from a brand that embraces their quality!

​11. Casio Women’s Watch LRW200H-7BVCF

Suitable for: 8 years and up

Young girls are beginning to have a full social calendar. So, it’s important for them to keep time so that they can also know the value of punctuality, a trait useful in personal and professional appointments. This Casio women’s watch is just right for your 11-year old daughter because of its trendy design and accurate timekeeping.

What’s Great About It: We love that it has a hip design – different pastel colors, black indices coupled with white face, body and strap – but it’s also practical. The molded resin band is durable while the watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters so it’s perfect for a young girl’s active lifestyle.

12. Razor Angel Girls’ Bike

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid's Bike 18 inch with Kickstand Gift for Boys and Girls

Suitable for: 8 years and up

Biking is such a great activity for pre-teens because it gives them the opportunity to develop their physical, mental and social skills. This Angel Girls’ Bike has several features that make biking more enjoyable, too, such as the low seat profile, dual hand brakes, and two feet pegs. Even the sturdy steel fork and frame, as well as the 2o-inch rims, will soothe the fears of parents wary of letting their precious daughters go biking.

What’s Great About It: When your young daughter uses it regularly and properly, she will soon have stronger muscles, better co-ordination and balance, and even more friends. Plus, it’s just the right size for her age and skill level.

​13. Maya Toys Orbeez – Ultimate Soothing Spa

Suitable for: 8 years and up

With the school and play schedule that young girls keep now, it isn’t surprising that they are likely to be tired after a long day. You can let them relax without videogames by giving them this personal foot spa to soothe their tired feet and legs. The kit comes with a foot spa basin for soaking the feet in and 2,000 Orbeez pieces to massage them.

What’s Great About It: Let’s just say that you, the parent, will have one less thing to worry about a grumpy kid coming home from school. Just fill the pan with water, turn on the foot spa, and let your daughter enjoy the massaging action. You may even want to use it, too, after a tiring day at work, if your feet can fit in the basin.

​14. Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit

Suitable for: 7 years and up

Nowadays, girls and boys can tinker with electronics instead of being limited to so-called gender-specific toys. If you have a budding scientist for a daughter, you can give her this electronics discovery kit. Young girls will love making a wide range of simple yet useful electronic devices, such as flashlights, alarm systems, and photo sensors.

What’s Great About It: We like the fact that there are 30 pieces that can be used in building over a hundred models. The snap-on parts, working electrical circuits, and full instructions allow girls to spend hours learning and experimenting. The pride of accomplishment that comes after building a working device cannot be beat, too.

​15. Darice 120-Piece Deluxe Art Set

Suitable for: 7 years and up

While more mature play activities, such as day spas, are becoming more popular with 11-year old girls, parents are well-advised to encourage them to draw and color. These activities encourage concentration, color coordination, and camaraderie, which are important for overall development. This 120-piece Deluxe Art Set will unleash the artistic creativity of young girls, especially among the artistically gifted.

What’s Great About It: This is a complete set that will make a young girl excited about drawing and coloring again. There are pastels, watercolors, pencils and markers as well as coloring tools, which can be placed inside a portfolio bag when not in use. Even adults (i.e., parents) can use it.

​16. Project Mc2 Ultimate Spa Studio Stem Science Cosmetic Kit

Project Mc2 Ultimate Spa Studio Stem Science Cosmetic Kit

Suitable for: 8 years and up

If the young girl in your life is interested in beauty and also has a passion for science this is an amazing gift. This set allows your daughter to become a chemist, they can create their own soaps, lip balms and lotions with the ingredients included. There are five different scents and an array of chemist utensils for your child to create with.

This is the perfect activity for a birthday party or for your child who just likes to create. This toy is recommended for children six years old and up. Girls love to create with the Spa set and then wear their creations and share them with their friends and family.

What’s Great About It: This toy helps your child see the correlation between beauty and science, as well as gets them in a creative mindset. Also, people loved the products saying the lip balm was hydrating and the scents smelled great!

​17. Kan Jam Game Set

Suitable for: 8 years and up

Shooting an object into a hole is an excellent way of encouraging hand-eye coordination and muscle finesse – and it applies to the Kan Jam game set, too. Basically, a Frisbee is slammed into an opening while others prevent it from getting in. The set already comes with goals, flying disc, labels and instructions, a must for people who have yet to play the game.

What’s Great About It: Playing the Kan Jam improves physical reflexes, balance and agility, as well as accurate shooting. Plus, it encourages team play while giving kids the chance to exercise outdoors – without them knowing about it.

​18. Lego Friends Heartlake Lighthouse

Lego Friends Heartlake Lighthouse

Suitable for: 11 years and up

This lego set is like a little dollhouse that allows your child to be creative by developing it on their own. The set includes two dolls, a lighthouse, ice cream shop and a house. All of the areas are removable so your child can play as they wish within the different areas of the toy.

Another reason we like this toy is that it will keep them occupied for a long time as they can move around the different pieces on the Lego stand. This set is very cute and a great way for your child to explore their imagination.

What’s Great About It: we love the incorporation of dolls with a Lego set. Legos inspire your child to build and rebuild, so for those young girls who like dolls this gives you the best of both worlds.

​19. Think Fun Gravity Maze

Suitable for: 8 years and up

Think of a logic puzzle and marble run in one game and you have a reason to buy it for your 11-year old girl. The goal – landing 3 marbles – may sound simple but the process of getting there is challenging, especially when solving the puzzle. Even adults will have fun playing it, an opportunity for a family bonding session. The set comes with a game grid, towers, challenge cards, target piece, and marbles.

What’s Great About It: We like it that it’s easy to set up and understand but challenging to play and win. Plus, it’s a great game for building problem-solving, planning and precision skills.

​20. OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

Suitable for: 8 years and up

Playing with robots is also a girl’s game! With this 14-in-1 Solar Robot, 11-year old girls can build on their basic and advanced skills in building robots, a step toward understanding science and technology more. There are no batteries required, too, since only solar power is required.

What’s Great About It: This toy encourages young girls to look at the possibility of robot toys alongside their dolls. Playing with it builds their understanding of science and technology, artificial intelligence, and solar energy, too. These may appear to be advanced concepts but there’s no better time than now.

Our Way of Picking these Products

With the thousands of choices available, even experienced parents will have a difficult time choosing the best toys and gifts for their young daughters. For our part, we used the following criteria to narrow down the choices:

  • The toys and gifts should withstand the uses for which these were designed for, such as a sturdy frame for the bike.
  • The items should actually be useful for an 11-year old girl, whether it’s for playing or for storing things or for personal hygiene.
  • Learning opportunities. The toys must provide them with the opportunity to discover, experiment and learn things that will be useful in their daily lives.
  • The toys shouldn’t pose any safety hazards from the materials used, the design and construction, and actual use.

We also read consumer reviews and tested a few of these items for ourselves. We didn’t want to leave anything to chance since kids’ safety is always a priority for every parent.

Keeping Her Developmental Milestones in Mind

At 11 years old, your child will be experiencing significant physical and mental growth because of the transition between being a child and a pre-teen. She will likely be in secondary school, a time when her social skills, mental acuity, and emotional maturity are likely to undergo significant changes, too. Indeed, this is a time filled with excitement and anxiety for both your young daughter and you, her parents.

A few things to remember that can help improve your relationships with your young daughter:

  • Her body will start getting the classic feminine shape, especially with larger breasts and wider hips. She may even grow as much as 3.5 inches and get her first period. She may become more conscious of her physical appearance.Be sure to respect her need for privacy, especially with her developing body. But it’s also important to talk to her about these physical changes in a positive way.
  • Her increasing cognitive capacity, language skills, and abstract thinking skills means that she’s looking at life in a different manner. She may have an easy time discussing the facts of events (who, where, when and how) in her life but not the reasons for them (why).You should encourage them to make more decisions about themselves or contribute to these decisions. You can also encourage them to discuss the multiple consequences of their actions and talk about their daily issues.
  • Her social and emotional skills are being tested more often, especially in school. She may still be disturbed by negative experiences, especially when these have an impact on their self-identity.You should make yourself as available as possible to explain the ways of the world and to guide them in about the right values to deal with their challenges. You may find them to be more independent but your guiding hand is still a must.

Of course, keep in mind that your young daughter’s sense of identity is closely tied with their physical appearance and worldly possessions. You can encourage a stronger sense of identity by giving her the right toys and gifts.


We hope that we have been of help in choosing your 11-year old girl’s toys and gifts. You will find that most of these gifts are sensible, useful and affordable so you have no problem buying them.

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