Best Toys And Gifts For 13 Year Old Girls In 2022

gifts for 13 year old girls

The first year of the teenage years can be an exciting time for the teens themselves – new friends, new experiences, new responsibilities are on the horizon, after all. But teenagers can also be a big headache for parents because of their mood swings, peer pressure, and behavioral changes. Even the previously simple matter of choosing gifts has become more complicated!

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Your 13-year old girl is neither a little girl nor a young woman yet. She’s a young lady whose preferences in gifts may be somewhere between Barbie dolls and makeup, clothes and shoes to make her look like one.

Fortunately, there’s no reason to despair about getting the wrong toys and gifts for your newly-minted teenager. We have identified 20 of the best toys and gifts that 13-year old girls will love to receive from their family and friends. We can thank manufacturers for their insights into the 13-year old mind and, thus, their age-appropriate products.

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Product Name



Fujifilm Intax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

  • Film camera

  • Contemporary Polaroid camera

  • Contrast with straight-to-social-media

Altair 818 Hornet Beginner Drone with Camera

  • Ideal beginner drone

  • Designed for stability and balance

  • One-touch takeoff and landing

Gallery Studio Deluxe Art Supplies Set

  • Polished skill

  • Wide range of drawing

  • Coloring materials

SHANY Cosmetics All in One Makeup Kit

  • All-in-one makeup kit

  • Powders in different shades

  • Professional makeup box

Altair AA Auqua Fast RC Boat

  • Reaches up to 30 km/h

  • Remote Control

  • Range of 100 meters

Bose SoundLinkColor Bluetooth Speaker

  • Connect with peers

  • Bluetooth speaker

  • Reliable brand

Emori 50-Piece Color Nail Lacquer Combo

  • 50 bottles of high-quality nail polish

  • Different color

  • Nail polish remover pads

BaByliss Pro BAB2000 CeramixXtreme Dryer

  • Crowning glory becomes easier and faster

  • Easy-to-use hair dryer

  • Full-featured hair dryer

Temporary Hair Chalk-Washable Hair Color

  • Express themselves via their appearance

  • Wash out with a good shampooing

  • Safe and easy way to play

Nail Art Decoration Manicure Kit

  • Professional nail decorating kit

  • 69 pieces including paint stickers

  • Various designs to inspire

Toys & Gifts for 13 Year Old Girls – My Favorite Picks

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​1. Fujifilm Intax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

With a typical teenage girl’s penchant for taking photos of everyday things and activities, the Intax Mini 8 is a great gift for her, too. This is an automatic camera that provides instant prints of the shots – think a contemporary Polaroid camera in a cute chassis. This isn’t a point-and-shoot camera because its automatic exposure measurements mean your teenager has to set the right settings.

What’s Great About It: We like that there are paper prints of the photo, which can be kept as keepsakes, in contrast with straight-to-social-media of smartphones. The prints are also in full color with a professional look to them, as against point-and-shoot photos. Your teenager will love that it’s a step closer to her dreams of becoming a professional photographer.

2. Altair 818 Hornet Beginner Drone with Camera

Altair 818 Hornet Beginner Drone with Camera

Suitable for: 10 years old and up

For your technological savvy young men a drone is the perfect way to allow them to explore as well as gain an understanding of photography and drone flight patterns. The 818 Hornet is the ideal beginner drone, it is designed for stability and balance, even in windy conditions. It has one-touch takeoff and landing for ease of use and also has altitude hold capabilities to allow for the perfect photo.

The Hornet 818 has a 120 degree wide-angle high definition camera. You can use your phone to take photos up to 60 meters away. It is great for those long shots, your young man will become proficient with angles and photography but also have that adventurous touch with the drone experience. The battery life is around 15 minutes and is rechargeable.

What’s Great About It: This is great for beginners, this drone has the simplest control styles and is easy to navigate. The simplicity will allow the child in your life to find a new hobby and be able to progress in their skills overtime.

3. Gallery Studio Deluxe Art Supplies Set

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

The raw talent for drawing discovered in early childhood should be nurtured during the teenage years so that it becomes a polished skill. Your 13-year old aspiring artist will love this art supplies set because it provides a wide range of drawing and coloring materials. You can let her spend hours using the watercolor cakes, oil pastels, and colored pencils in creating her early masterpieces.

What’s Great About It: Aside from the 82 pieces of art materials, we like that everything can be stored inside a portable wooden case with dividers. Teenagers should ideally be taught about the value of cleanliness in their work area, even in their artists’ studios, especially in storing their supplies. The wooden case can be a tool in encouraging such cleanliness.

​4. SHANY Cosmetics All in One Makeup Kit

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

Teenage girls are beginning to experiment with their looks via makeup applications. Start your own teenager in the right ways to apply makeup with this all-in-one makeup kit from Shany Cosmetics, a reliable name in the industry. The kits contains everything that your teenager will want to have in her first full makeup set – blush, eye shadows, lipsticks, and powders in different shades, as well the tools for application.

What’s Great About It: Aside from the makeup itself, we liked that everything can be organized inside a professional makeup box. Plus, the kit was designed for professional makeup artists – no little girl shades here!

​5. Altair AA Auqua Fast RC Remote Control Boat for Pools and Lakes

Altair AA Auqua Fast RC Remote Control Boat for Pools and Lakes

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

Does your ten-year-old have an interest in boats and water sports? This is the perfect gift, especially for those summer birthdays and events. The Altair remote control boat reaches up to 30 km/h and has a range of 100 meters. You do not have to worry about the boat when it capsizes as the remote control has an option that allows you to flip the boat right side up. One of the features that current users love is the engine that allows water to flow through to cool the boat.

This toy boat is sleek and loved by the children who use it, it is perfect for a day at the pool or the lake. The Altair boat package includes two batteries, a boat stand and a remote control. The battery life is long and will keep your child entertained!

What’s Great About It: It is perfectly safe for children, the propeller does not turn if it does not sense water and all problematic parts are covered well to ensure your child’s fingers stay safe. Also, it has great ease of use. As there are no barriers to entry on the boat your child will be using it immediately!

​6. Bose SoundLinkColor Bluetooth Speaker

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

Music is an integral part of a teenager’s life because it allows her to express her feelings, connect with her peers, and be in tune with the trends. Your gift of this Bluetooth speaker will make her more attached to music – and you never know if you have a musician in your hands, too!

What’s Great About It: We like that it’s from Bose, a reliable brand in the audio industry. The speaker also comes in a wide range of colors while its sound is clear and crisp with a rich bass. The Bluetooth capability means that your teen can use it without needing cables and wires, a convenient feature when she likes to listen to music anywhere.

7. Emori 50-Piece Color Nail Lacquer Combo

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

Aside from makeup, teenage girls are also experimenting with the appearance of their nails. No wonder then that nail art-related gifts like this nail lacquer combo set are popular. The set comes with 50 bottles of high-quality nail polish, each bottle with a different color, and nail polish remover pads.

What’s Great About It: The 50 colors of nail polish is impressive. Each bottle also has a kid-friendly brush applicator for fast and easy polish application. But we don’t like that the bottles don’t come with their own storage bag or display rack, which can be purchased separately. With so many bottles, it’s so easy to lose track of most of them, even spill them.

​8. BaByliss Pro BAB2000 CeramixXtreme Dryer

Suitable for: 13 years old and up

Teenage girls are becoming more conscious about their physical appearance, especially their hair. Caring for their crowning glory becomes easier and faster with the BAB2000, an easy-to-use hair dryer. Be sure to guide your teenager about its proper use for best results (i.e., no burns on the scalp and hair).

What’s Great About It: We like that it’s a full-featured hair dryer that a teenager can use to dry her hair within 30 minutes or so. Among its features are 6 speed and heat settings, infrared technology for fast yet gentle drying, narrow barrel design, and sliding control button.

9. Temporary Hair Chalk-Washable Hair Color

Temporary Hair Chalk-Washable Hair Color

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

If your young teen has a creative side these hair chalks are perfect to allow them to express themselves via their appearance. These chalks only last around three days and they wash out with a good shampooing. They are easy to use by just drawing on your hair and come with an array of colors to mix and match.

You don’t have to worry about the color of your hair as they apply and show vibrantly on any color hair, from light to dark. This is a great gift for an explorative and stylish young girl!

What’s Great About It: The early teen years are a time when your child wants to explore with their features and style. This is a safe and easy way for them to play with their hair color without it being permanent!

​10. Nail Art Decoration Manicure Kit

Nail Art Decoration Manicure Kit

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

This professional nail decorating kit is the perfect gift for the young girl in your life. As girls get more into beauty, painting their nails can be a fun way to express themselves. The set comes with 69 pieces including paint stickers, rhinestones, sequins, powder and different types of brushes.

This set is easy to clean and transport as it arrives in a carrying box that has separate containers inside to keep everything organized. The set also comes with instructions and various designs to use to inspire your child. This gift will get them excited about beauty as well as allow them to be creative.

What’s Great About It: Not only do they provide everything you need to do your nails in the most beautiful of ways, they also provide a cleaning brush and remover for when you are ready to take off. Users have bragged about the quality of the stickers and how their nails look good for a good amount of time.

​11. Vlando Jewelry Box Organizer

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

With the small pieces of jewelry that you’re now giving your teenage girl, she will love this jewelry box. The faux leather is durable enough to withstand regular handling, aside from being beautiful to look at. The two compartments, three drawers and ring holder provide sufficient room for her bling, too. The velvet interior lining and small mirror adds style to the overall look.

What’s Great About It: We like that it’s small enough to place on a side table yet large enough to hold a teenager’s collection of jewelry, whether it’s the genuine or the faux kind. She can also organize her collection, thanks to the multiple storage options.

​12. Nike Women’s Revolution 4 Running Shoe

Nike Women’s Revolution 4 Running Shoe

Suitable for: 12 years old and up

A new pair of shoes is always a good idea for a gift. For those young ladies in your life who may be outgrowing their childhood tennis shoes, these Nikes would be the perfect addition to their closet.

These Nikes are lightweight, have good support and fit true to size. They have a soft foam midsole that provides great cushion for any type of activity. They come in up to 12 different colors depending on your child’s preference.

What’s Great About It: If you are unsure what to get the young girl in your life, they will appreciate these comfy and cute shoes. They can wear them to school, during athletics or any time they are just playing around.

13. Fugetek FT-568 Selfie Stick

Suitable for: 10 years old and up

With social media, the opportunity to share photos with families and friends, even just acquaintances, is a must-grab opportunity for teenagers. With the FT-568 selfie stick, your 13-year old can take dozens of photos for updating her social media accounts – selfies, mostly. Aside from the smartphone itself, the selfie stick ranks high on a teenage girl’s must-have list.

What’s Great About It: We like that it has plenty of features aside from being a selfie stick, thus, enhancing the photo-taking experience. The FT-568 has Bluetooth capability, which allows for remotely controlling many Apple devices. Aside from the usual smartphone, the selfie stick can also handle GoPro cameras, DSLR cameras, and handheld cameras. We also appreciated its 4-four feet extension, 300-hour battery time, non-slip handle, and secure device holder.

​14. Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush

Suitable for: 13 years old and up

Again, hair being her crowning glory, a teenage girl will love this detangling brush as a gift, perhaps along with the BAB2000 hair dryer. Your own teenager will appreciate the lesser amount of time spent on detangling her long tresses, thanks to the gentle yet effective action of the conical bristles.

What’s Great About It: We observed that the conical bristles provided gentle brushing strokes even as these untangled hair after a bath, as well as a gentle massaging motion on the scalp. With many teenage girls, untangling hair can be a messy affair, especially for wavy or curly hair, so this brush is a must. Plus, the ergonomic design makes it so easy to use on her own.

15. Alki’i Warm Winter Fleece Bottom Pants

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

Even teenagers who think they are invincible can experience cold in their lower extremities. The Warm Winter fleece pajama pants should solve the issue, especially during autumn and winter. The design is just so stylish, chic and cool that your teenager will want to wear it outside, too, perhaps when running errands.

What’s Great About It: When worn, the 100% polyester fabric is soft on the skin yet provides a warm barrier against the cold environment. Parents and teenagers alike love that it comes in seven different designs while the outer drawstring ensures a comfortable fit. This is a practical gift that can go well with the terry robe.

​16. Timex Weekender Watch

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

With their increased attention to their physical appearance, teenage girls are also starting to use jewelry. Instead of just beautiful jewelry, savvy parents give them useful jewelry, too, such as this Timex watch. This is a cool and chic watch with a slip-thru strap, white face with black dial, and polished silver case.

What’s Great About It: We like that it’s a Timex, a brand known for its accurate ETA movement so teenage girls can keep track of the time better. The Indiglo lighting makes it easy to see the time in dim and dark conditions, too, a must for following curfew hours. But it’s just resistant for up to 100 feet so your teenager shouldn’t swim while wearing it.

​17. Justin Bieber Someday Eau de Parfum Spray

Suitable for: 12 years old and up

Say Justin Bieber’s name in a group of teenagers and you’re likely to get loud screams of joy and adoration. So, when you give your teen this eau de parfum spray, you’re racking up brownie points as the best parent in the world. Almost every teenage girl we know is a Bieliber!

What’s Great About It: We’re not Bielibers ourselves but we have to say that the Someday eau de parfum is a nice scent for 13-year old girls to wear. It’s a combination of floral and fruity tones including mandarin, pears, and jasmine with a vanilla finish – a refreshing scent suitable for teenagers.

​18. TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Bathrobe

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

But a terry bathrobe with a hood isn’t something a 13-year old girl can be excited about! Keep in mind, however, that oftentimes the best gifts for teenagers are practical things. This Turkish cotton terry bathrobe has practical uses from its daily use after bathing to its occasional use at the pool or beach. Your teenager will appreciate that her gifts are more practical and less whimsical.

What’s Great About It: We like, as your teenager also will, the excellent softness and absorption of Turkish cotton. Many even say that it’s almost like being caressed by clouds when used on the skin while the protective hood shields the face.

​19. Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat

Suitable for: 10 years old and up

With girls being more picky eaters and more conscious about their diets, this diet-related book is an excellent gift to get your teenager started on a healthy diet. Plus, it contains over 70 easy-to-do recipes that will add to her current repertoire of fried food.

What’s Great About It: Yes, we love it that the book’s authors are also teenagers so they know how to touch base with their core readers. We also like it that the book contains the basics of cooking that can be used for other recipes not included in it.

​20. Hughapy Soft Mermaid Tail Blanket Sleeping Bag

Suitable for: 8 years old and up

Who says that 13-year old girls don’t fantasize about being mermaids? Yes, they still do but in different ways than from they were pre-teens. With this mermaid-inspired sleeping blanket, your teenager can continue fantasizing about being Arielle while enjoying a nap.

What’s Great About It: The soft yet durable 20/80 cotton/polyester fabric makes skin-to-fabric contact so comfortable. It’s also a versatile blanket – open it and it’s a blanket, wrap the sides and it turns into a sleeping bag. The mermaid tail is a bonus.

Methodology Behind Picking these Gifts

Don’t be upset about your teenager’s changing needs. If you know her personality including her interests and hobbies well, you should have an easier time choosing the best toys and gifts for her.

For our part, we considered several factors in choosing the abovementioned toys and gifts. First, we considered the reputation of the manufacturer for safe toys based on non-toxic materials, durable construction, and safe design. We chose Nike and Bose products partly for this reason.

Second, we actually tested many of these items to ensure that, indeed, these work as well as can be expected. For example, we tested the ease of application and removal for hair chalk as well as ease of handling for the hair accessories (e.g., hair dryer and detangling brush). We also read consumer reviews so that we have a feel for the likes and dislikes of parents and teenagers alike.

Third, we considered the age-appropriate features and functions of the products. We chose products based on the positive reception that these can get from teenagers, such as the Justin Bieber eau de parfum.

We obviously considered the overall quality, especially in terms of utility and beauty, of the products. We also factored in the cost since most parents have a budget for these things.

The Teenager in the Cusp of Adulthood

Many parents dread the teenage years for good reasons. But it isn’t all doom and gloom because good parenting skills, such as honest communication between parents and their teens, can increase the chances for relatively happy transitions. These transitions are from pre-teen to teen and from teen to adulthood, which are considered among the most crucial for a successful life.

Here are a few things that parents of 13-year old girls can expect. Bear in mind, nonetheless, that each teenage girl develops at her own pace so comparisons should be avoided, when possible. These are general things that can happen to your new teenager.

The physical changes are becoming more apparent because of the onset of puberty. Your teenager will likely be more physically active, even as her body begins taking on the feminine form (i.e., larger breasts, wider hips). You will also spend on sanitary pads and tampons since the first menstruation begins at this age.

But with the physical changes come a few issues. Good personal hygiene becomes a larger issue due to the increased awareness of her physical appearance. Your teenager will be more conscious of her hair, skin and nails, thus, makeup and cosmetics are great gifts.

The behavioral changes can be worrying for parents but these are usually normal coping mechanisms. Your teenager, for example, may be more sensitive in her feelings with a need to be left alone. You may also see an increased interest in boys, clothes and shoes, and social events.

Parents are also worried about the increasingly rude behavior of their teenagers. The stronger need for challenge authority also manifests itself at this stage. But don’t be become so stressed as to stop understanding your teenage daughter.

Like her infancy, this stage will pass, too. So hang on and enjoy the ride!


We hope that we have given reliable information about 13-year old girls and the gifts that are appropriate for them. We can only recommend based on our personal experiences, too, so the final decision remains in your hands.

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