Best toys and gifts for 15 year old boys


Let’s admit that kids can become very demanding in toys and gifts, and there is no surprise in it. Kids are born that way. If your 15-year-old son is requesting you a gift or toy for playing, then do not worry even in the slightest. This article offers plenty of affordable options to cherish him and glow his face with joy and happiness. If he has just graduated or has some special occasion, that is the perfect time for a wonderful surprise. And do you know why these options are the best? Well, they have been picked with special attention to their age and reviews. You do not have to go for toys with hefty price tags. There are loads of stuff that you can get with lower prices yet better performance. Now, enough of talking, let’s see what option you have to gift your 15-year-old friend.

1: Denim Jacket 

Denim Jacket

Is winter coming? If yes, your 15-year-old son would definitely welcome a warm and nice-looking denim jacket. Besides being a trendy fashion among teenagers wearing denim, this jacket is entirely cotton-made with cotton lining. The cotton fabric gives the body a soft and comfortable feeling, and this jacket has a relaxed design. On top of that, this stylish and adorable denim jacket has a sherpa-lined cotton collar and button closure. Button closures are somehow better than zippers because zips tend to degrade with time and often need replacement. There are interior pockets, and these denim jackets are machine washable. Plus, there are multiple colors to choose from. 

What’s great about the product: Button closure is one of the greatest features because zips tend to damage after washing. After all, water negatively affects steel and iron-made products. Besides that, the jacket has several color options, is famous among teenagers, and is pretty stylish and warm. The sherpa-lined point collar and cotton lining with interior pocket is an amazing set of features. 

2: Foot Massager

Foot Massager

If your son is a player or a runner, this is the perfect gift for him. It would be a blessing in disguise because this foot massager will remove all the fatigue from his legs after strenuous efforts on the ground. This massager is designed to improve blood circulation and relax leg muscles. It targets the sensitive points of the foot sole to trigger positive responses throughout the body. It is an incredible way of reflexology therapy and has a remote plus screen functionality. With the remote, you can control the massage directions, speed, power, and modes like custom, automatic, and manual. All these parameters would be visible on the screen too. 

What’s great about the product: This foot massager will target all pain points, and no point will go untreated. It uses different techniques like kneading, pulsing, and rolling. You can set this on auto mode to enjoy a deep therapeutic massage and let it work on your foot sole, arch, and toe. Plus, the compact size makes it space-saving.

3: Spikeball 3 Ball Kit

Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit

This will be a perfect gift if your son likes spikeball games because of their association with physical and mental presence. This mini setup can be laid on tailgates, in the backyard, on the lawn, or even in the gym. The legs of this spikeball kit are foldable, making them super easy to transport and built to take abuse. This ensures that the product is durable and will last longer. This can be stored in your closet, trunk, or garage. With three distinct color balls, you won’t have to bother if one of your balls goes missing or crosses your neighbor’s fence.  

What’s great about the product : The legs of this spikeball set are foldable, making them easy to store in compact areas and more space-efficient. Plus, they are sturdy and can take heavy impacts. Besides that, there are three balls with the set. So, if one ball goes missing or gets damaged, you will have another one to use.

4: Smart Bluetooth Lightstrip

Smart Bluetooth Lightstrip

Does your son like lighting and styling the house with smart LEDs? If yes, why not glow his face with the joy he would have by having his light strip? This works on an AC power source, so you won’t have to arrange any step-down circuit or DC power source. You can use a Bluetooth extension to extend the length even longer. You can shape these strips, bend them according to your need and attach them to any solid surface. You can instantly create a perfect ambiance for your occasions with around 16 million colors. You can cut the strip accordingly and even reattach it with the Hue connector. 

What’s great about the product: The best feature is that it works with Apple Homekit, Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and Microsoft Cortana. With just your smartphone, you can control the lights and set the perfect lumination for your special occasions and mood. YOu can also choose the preset light scenes, and you won’t have to arrange a DC power source as they work on AC.

5: Wireless Mouse

Wireless Mouse

Things are going wireless, and it is time to give your son this incredible wireless mouse as a replacement for those wired mice with long twisty wires. This wireless mouse has extremely high precision and an optical sensor with around 16000 DPI. That makes the mouse super sensitive, and you can tweak the sensitivity as per your needs. On top of that, the mouse has dedicated buttons to adjust the DPI or sensitivity on the fly without opening the settings. The mouse has some LEDs inside it, and you can make the mouse glow with 16.8 million color options, which is mind-boggling. 

What’s great about the product: The mouse has ergonomic design and rubber side grips that are designed to reduce fatigue when used for extended periods. Plus, there are seven buttons that you can program and assign several macro functions to them. After a single full charge, the mouse can keep working for up to 50 hours.

6: A New York Yankees Cap

A New York Yankees Cap

If your 15-year-old son is a huge fan of New York Yankees baseball sports and religiously watches all major baseball leagues, this would be a perfect gift. This cap is made with cotton, and there is a strap closure for stability and adjustment as per your need. This cap with cotton twill is super easy to wash, and you can wash it by hand only. This will be an ideal gift if your son does not like the flat brim and stiff top designs on a cap. They fit great and are comfortable to wear. Plus, they are available in so many colors. 

What’s great about the product: This cap fits nicely and comfortably. There are several color options to choose from, and washing this cap is super easy. Besides that, this cap has an adjustable strap to make it fit according to your head size. And for those people who do not like the stiff top and flat brim, this would be a perfect cap for them.

7: Basketball


For a 15-year-old son who loves sports and playing outdoor games, a basketball would be a great gift for having fun and improving his health. That is because sports improve overall mental and physical health. This basketball is designed to take up the abuse and is made with a performance cover on it. It has a rugged cover design for a good grip on harsh surfaces. This basketball has a stylized granite design for a cool and awesome look. The inflation retention lining on this basketball makes it durable and sturdy because they have air retention. It has great grip and bounce and is easy on your fingers. 

What’s great about the product: The construction of this basketball makes it more durable to ensure that it can last longer. The air retention makes it durable, and this basketball has a granite design on it without compromising the quality and performance. It has a rugged cover construction to withstand impacts on rough and hard outdoor surfaces.

8: Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard

Some teenagers like to skate, and if your 15-year-old son is one of them, his face would definitely light up with joy by having this skateboard as a gift. It is not an ordinary skateboard but is powered by a 125-watts motor. This skateboard can run at ten mph on a lithium-ion battery for up to 40 continuous minutes. It has a good quality Maple deck of 5-ply and a 29.7-inch deck length. This electric skateboard can take up a load of 220 pounds and is perfect for cruising around the town. You can also vary the speed using the wireless remote. 

What’s great about the product: Firstly, it is an electric skateboard with a 125-watt powered motor. On top of that, this can run continuously for 40 minutes on the lithium-ion battery. It has urethane wheels for high grip and custom reverse kingpin trucks for added stability. With the geared rear-wheel drive, it has perforated grip tape. 

9: Lunch Cooler

Lunch Cooler

If your son loves to travel and go on picnics with friends and family, why not gift him something where he can preserve his lunch and food? This lunch cooler has a lid that can swing open to both sides for easy and quick access to the food. This cooler has a push-button lid design for one-handed handling, making it super convenient. It weighs only 3.7 pounds and has a tent-top design for easy carrying. The exterior of this lunch cooler has a rugged diamond-plate texture. It has a molded-in handle too. You can fit 26 cans or 14 quarts of 13 liters. 

What’s great about the product: It has an iconic design and a swivel lid. The lid can swing open to both sides for quick opening, and it prevents spills because of the secure lid. The exterior of this lunch cooler has a diamond-plate texture. The design is very appealing, unique, and portable, and it has a handle for easy carrying. 

10: Hooded Sweatshirt

Hooded Sweatshirt

Every teenager would love a hooded sweatshirt because it looks amazing and gives a handsome appearance. It is made with cotton and polyester, and the reason for that is both these types have their own specialties. This hooded sweatshirt has the best of both fabrics materials as it is made from 50% polyester and 50% cotton. This sweatshirt has a lace-up closure which further adds to its beauty. It has a classic fit with a brushed interior for cozy softness. For enhanced stretch and recovery, it has rib cuffs and a bottom band with spandex. It is durable because of the double-needle stitching and has a pouch pocket for storing your stuff. 

What’s great about the product: This hooded sweatshirt has double-needle stitched armholes, shoulders, waistband, cuffs, and neck. That ensures its durability and longevity. This sweatshirt is double-lined up for extra warmth and has a brushed interior that gives a soft and cozy sensation. It is made from polyester and cotton to make it perfect and durable.  

11: Slimfold Wallet

Slimfold Wallet

Your 15-year-old son is growing up, and he definitely needs a good-quality wallet with enough space to put his money and cards in it. This slim-fold wallet is made from coated leather with synthetic leather lining. An incredible feature of this wallet is its interior has an RFID-blocking fabric. So, your credit cards and valuable information would be saved. You can wet wipe this wallet to clean it up. This wallet has several compartments to put all your cards and coins in it easily. There won’t be any storage issues as this wallet has around nine card slots, two slip pockets, one ID window, and a bill compartment. 

What’s great about the product: The RFID technology that it uses is incredible. It uses fabric to block RFID signals which would keep your credit cards and their information safe from getting into the wrong hands. Reading card information is no longer a difficult task in this modern era. Plus, it has over nine card slots with one ID window, which is more than enough for such a pocket-sized wallet.

12: Formal Boots

Formal Boots

If your 15-year-old son attends seminars, marriage functions, or tends to present in his college, then having a pair of formal boots is a must. These formal boots have a rubberized sole, and its heel measures only one inch. These boots are very comfortable because they have a soft thermoplastic rubber outsole, and you can wear them all day long. It employs an Ortholite footbed, which enhances the performance by removing the moisture from the foot and shoe and softens the impact. For a flexible fit, these boots have stretch gore panels. These shoes are made to take the abuse and grind for the whole weak. 

What’s great about the product: These boots use an Ortholite footbed to reduce moisture from the shoe and foot, which mitigates the chances of foil-smelling and sweaty feet. Plus, the heel only measures one inch, and these boots use stretch gore panels for an easy and comfortable fit. It has a thermoplastic rubber outsole and a rubberized insole and is made from leather.

13: Magnetic Pen

Magnetic Pen

How about giving your son a pen that can be used both as a stylus and a pen? This magnetic pen is made from good quality metal and is entirely non-toxic. It has a smooth touch, strong magnetic attraction, and durability to last longer. There are two large steel balls, around 13 magnetic rings, two small steel balls, eight medium steel balls, two touch screen pen tips, up to 3 pen refills, and a gift box. That is a lot of stuff within a kit. The pen does not require these magnetic beads at all for work. You can use these magnetic beads for artistry. 

What’s great about the product: You can use this pen like a stylus, and it has a powerful magnetic field. This pen is entirely safe to use as it is non-toxic and contains steel balls and rings with tips and refills to make it used for longer periods. This is a perfect masterpiece for DIY decoration. 

14: Smart Watch

Smart Watch

This is a modern era, and watches have become smart now. If your son is tech-savvy and loves gadgets, he will love to have this smartwatch. This smartwatch has an HD display with vibrant colors and four satellite positioning systems to precisely track your position. You can view your calls and incoming text in an excellent way. This smartwatch has a super light and slim design. It is incredible battery timing and is a perfect gift for health-conscious people because it has a built-in blood-oxygen saturation measurement system. On top of that, this smartwatch is water-resistant, and it also keeps track of your open water swimming sports.  

What’s great about the product: This smartwatch has an incredible battery life and can run for days on battery. It has around 60+ built-in sports modes with an all-around health management system. It also measures the blood-oxygen saturation and heart rate and provides abnormal heart rate with warnings. On top of that, it also tracks your sleep and stress levels. 

15: Customizable RGB Chroma Keyboard

Customizable RGB Chroma Keyboard

Those old-fashioned keyboards are not trendy anymore among teenagers, so you can gift this amazing keyboard to your 15-year-old son. This keyboard is entirely customizable. This keyboard has high-performance switches to provide tactile feedback of keystrokes and better responses. Plus, this keyboard has a comfortable soft-cushioned membrane, and it is durable enough to withstand around 80 million clicks. On top of that, the keyboard has an ergonomic magnetic wrist rest that is made with a soft-touch leatherette. This is incredible for comfort when using the keyboard for extended periods. The keyboard is entirely programmable, and you can remap your keys and define your complex macro functions.

What’s great about the product: Unlike other keyboards, this one has an ergonomic wrist rest for extended use. The keys support around 80 million clicks which makes this keyboard super durable, and it will last longer. There are around 16.8 million colors to make your own lighting effects. This keyboard also supports inner-device synchronization via software support. 

16: Mini Pocket Pico Projector

Mini Pocket Pico Projector

If your growing 15-year-old son likes to display his content or play a video from his laptop or phone, no matter where he is, this is an ideal gift. This is a mini pocket projector, and it is super easy to carry it along. It has a powerful super-bright display with 60 ANSI lumen brightness for better clarity and vibrant colors. This can easily be connected to several home entertainment devices. It can produce your content on the wall for up to 150 inches. An incredible feature of this mini projector is that you can use an HDMI and Micro USB cable to connect storage drives, cameras, laptops, computers, etc. 

What’s great about the product: The wide variety of connecting devices is an incredible feature of this projector. You can choose the wireless option to project content from your smartphone to the wall using Miracast and Airplay. It has a stylish and perfectly chosen colored body with a 16:9 projection. Plus, it also supports 4k resolution and a 1000:1 contrast ratio for vivid and brilliant display quality. 

17: Magnetic Holder Stand

Magnetic Holder Stand

This is a super fancy and stylish mobile holder that can make the use of mobile super easy for extended use. If your son has an iPhone 12 series phone and he uses it for extended hours, maybe for studying, this is what he needs. This holder also supports iPhone Magsafe cases, and you can adjust the angle as per your needs. You can also record videos where your hands will be free, and your camera will be fixed in a stationary position. The clamp securely attaches the holder to a desktop, table, or any other surface, and it has a non-slip cradle for better protection of your device. You can also position your phone in a 360-degree fashion.

What’s great about the product: It is great for video recording, and you can rotate your mobile in a 360-degree position. This magnetic holder stand attaches to several surfaces and has good magnetic power to hold your phone to avoid accidental falls firmly. This stand is super flexible, and you can easily bend it to your will. 

18: Shape Shifting Box

Shape Shifting Box

Does your son loves puzzles and creating shapes with his imagination? If yes, he will warmly welcome this shape-shifting box that has around 70+ shapes for your imaginative son. There are many great features, like around 36 rare earth magnets and award-winning patented designs with rounded corners. This one cube cab brilliantly transforms into several shapes to create many possible amazing shapes. It easily fits into the hand and has good quality with a unique design. It uses premium injection-mold plastic for added durability and has a tear-proof high-gloss surface. Each magnetic puzzle has up to four mesmerizing, unique, and artistic patterns. 

What’s great about the product: This box has a huge number of shapes that can be created which is more than 70. Plus, each puzzle has a unique and artistic pattern. On top of that, this brain teaser is made from premium plastic that was injection-molded and with a high-performance or matte surface. It is super portable and can easily fit into your hand. 

19: 3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen

This 3D printing pen is an amazing product because your son can create thousands of 3D shapes and can bring life to his imagination. Just plug in pen, insert the plastic, and start doodling around. It is compatible with wood, nylon, ABS, and PLA. The extruded heated plastic instantly hardens to create artistic creations and incredible structures. This 3D printing pen has around 15 different colored plastic and is refillable. On top of that, to get your son started, it also includes a guide. For superior doodling, it has improved reliability and durability. It has better speed control and has little chance of nozzle clogging. 

What’s great about the product: It has temperature control mechanisms that were optimized for different plastic types, and it is a complete package with different colored plastic and a manual. The box also includes a power adaptor and maintenance tools. Plus, the heated plastic quickly hardens to create 3D structures, and the nozzle clogging is minimal in this pen.

20: Tennis Racket

Tennis Racket

For your sport-loving son, this racket would be a perfect gift if he loves to play Tennis which is a healthy sport. This racket has good performance and is made for that. This is also a piece of great equipment for beginners. It has a large 108-inch head for you to have a larger sweet spot during your match. This racket is lightweight and has reduced vibration, which is crucial for hitting the ball properly. It is made with nano titanium technology that ensures it will last for longer and is durable enough to hit the ball several times. It has a shaft made from aluminum, and the grip has a circumference of around 4 inches. 

What’s great about the product: This Tennis racket has sturdy and durable built and is made for longevity. Besides that, it has a 108-inch head and is super lightweight for easy carrying. It is designed to reduce the vibration for efficiently hitting the ball. On top of that, it used to have an Amazon Choice badge and is still carrying the same. 

21: Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

This sleek and stylish designed magnetic car charger will be a great addition to your son’s electronic gadget if he is a tech-savvy guy. This magnetic car charger supports iPhone 12, 13, and 14 series models and is also compatible with AirPods 3/2 Pro. You can also rotate your phone in a 360-degree spin without any danger of falling. It has a unique twist-lock design, and it won’t fall out. It has a powerful magnet that ensures that your phone does not fall during sudden breaks and accidental car stops. It only uses magnetic power to hold your phone. So, say goodbye to those cradles that come with sticky glue and clamps. 

What’s great about the product: It supports fast charging technology and does not use any sticky gel or clamps to hold up your phone. It has a powerful magnet that can hold your phone during sudden jerks of the car and can charge your iPhone 12, 13, and 14 series along with Airpods 3/2 Pro devices. The magnet does not affect cellphone signals, and your phone will be adjustable to any angle. 

22: Microphone


If your son has a YouTube channel or is planning to record video lectures to sell them online, he definitely needs a good microphone for better sound performance. This microphone has three output options: headphones, USB, and XLR. YOu can directly record using the USB cable, or you can attach it to a mixer using the XLR cable. This microphone has a cardioid pickup patterned capsule that aims to catch the sound from the front side more instead of the rear and adjacent sides. This reduces the ambient noise for your recording, podcasts, and voiceovers. It also has a stand to put this microphone on so that you won’t have to hold it in your hand. 

What’s great about the product: This microphone once managed to get a best-seller budget, making it worth trying. For zero-latency monitoring, it features a 3.5mm headphone jack. It has a solid construction with a heavy gauge mesh grille. The cherry on the cake is that this microphone does not need you to install any drivers. Just plug it in and get started. 

23: Bedside Shelf

Bedside Shelf

Does your son tend to read and use a laptop and phone frequently on his bed? If yes, why not make things easy for him? This bedside shelf is durable and powerful enough to bear the weight of most of his belongings like books, his phone, a cup of coffee, etc. This bedside shelf is extremely easy to install. All you need is to tighten the groove with the clamps, and that’s all. This 9-inch wide bamboo bedside shelf is great for making your bedroom clutter-free. On the upside, bamboo is an ecologically friendly material that is renewable. The boundaries are 1.5 inches high to prevent your stuff from falling, and it has four dividers to securely hold your smartphones and tablets. 

What’s great about the product: The bamboo material used for this bedside shelf is easy to clean and requires a damp cloth wipe. The installation of this shelf is also easy, and you just have to tighten the groove. It has four dividers to hold your smartphones, and the 1.5-inch high boundaries ensure that your stuff does not fall if you accidentally push them away in your sleep at night. 

24: Mini Drone Quadcopter

Mini Drone Quadcopter

If your son loves toys and significantly advanced toys like robots and drones that can capture an aerial view of the ground, he will love this. This mini drone has a good quality image processor to take good quality videos and photos. This little flying object can capture 5MP photos and record videos in HD 720 with a maximum flight time of 13 minutes. This mini drone has two antennas for better transmission of videos. It has a good quality construction and features a high-capacity battery for maximum flight time. The kit includes a micro USB cable along with removal tools for the propellers. 

What’s great about the product: This mini drone has good construction, and it can record videos in HD 720 format. This can also capture 5MP pictures. This drone is equipped with two antennas for better transmission of video data. Besides that, it used to have an Amazon Choice badge which means that the buyers are happy with this mini drone quadcopter.

25: Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

If your son like photography, which many teenagers do, then this phone camera lens kit will be a great addition to his photography accessories. These are clip-on lenses, and they are portable and can be easily attached and detached. These lenses have soft rubber to guard your phone against scratches and bumps. To make these lenses more durable and long-lasting, they are made from good-quality aluminum. You can extend your phone’s capabilities by clipping the macro lens for close-up images. This set is also compatible with the dual camera system, and they can zoom up your image for detailed shots. The wide-angle lens has a 120-degree wide-angle for maximum landscape capture. 

What’s great about the product: Any smartphone whose camera is not greater than 13mm in diameter is compatible with these lenses. They have soft rubber to protect your phone against scratches, and you can take detailed and close-up shots with its good-quality macro lens. The wide-angle lens also offers a good angle of 120 degrees to ensure the maximum landscape is captured.

26: Bluetooth Cube

Bluetooth Cube

There are many 15-year-old boys and teenagers who love to play with a cube, and if your son is one of them, this is what you can gift him. The thing that is different about this cube is that it is technology-enabled and uses Bluetooth. It is a new generation cube that records all of your movements using Bluetooth and displays it on your phone. That is a new and appealing way of engagement. It also lights up in the dark and has a companion mobile app. You will also find the tutorials, and you can see how well you are doing on your mobile app in real time. 

What’s great about the product: This cube uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version, which is better signal quality and less battery consumption. It is entirely a new and unique concept, and it also lights up in the dark, which makes it even more unique and appealing. It has a set of mini-games, and you can keep track of your progress along with real-time monitoring on the companion mobile app. 

27: Foam Football

Foam Football

Sports is one of the most famous forms of entertainment across the world. If your son loves to play soccer, giving him a nice foam football will definitely make him happy. This foam football is easy to throw and catch. It is made with good quality and can take the abuse from using it indoors and outdoors. So, you do not need to worry if you are planning to play with your friends outdoors. You can easily throw spiral passes and catch them. This foam football is made with semi-soft foam and has an easy grip for better handling. On the upside, it is water-resistant too. 

What’s great about the product: Besides once having a Best Seller badge, this foam football is made from semi-soft foam and is good for throwing and catching in spirals. On top of that, it has an easy grip for better handling and can take up the abuse from playing it both indoors and outdoors. The water-resistant construction gives you enough time to get to some dry place without damaging this foam football. 

28: Marvel Super Heroes Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel Super Heroes Infinity Gauntlet

Is your 15-year-old son one of the fans of the Avengers movie? If yes, how about giving him a Thanos gauntlet for an immersive building experience? This gauntlet is themed on the hand of Thanos, a very dangerous character from the Avengers movie. It has very fine details, and its rewarding installation will escape your son from daily stress. This captivating gauntlet has all the Infinity Stones on it and also features a stand with which a descriptive tablet is attached. This vibrantly colored gauntlet with movable fingers is designed for the left hand because Thanos used to wear it on his left hand. The instructions are easy and can be assembled without any issues.

What’s great about the product: The Marvel gauntlet has movable fingers and features Infinity Stones with vibrant colors. As Thanos used to wear it on his left hand, this gauntlet also comes for the left hand only. The construction of this gauntlet is easy, and you can follow the instructions. Plus, you can attach a descriptive tablet to its sturdy base.

29: Spider-themed Robot

Spider-themed Robot

If your growing 15-year-old is an enthusiastic kid and loves to assemble and learn about robots or mechanical stuff, then it would be a good gift. This spider-themed robot can be fully detached and assembled again. Your young scientist can develop more curiosity by assembling this spider robot. The installation of this tabletop robot is super easy. All you need is a small cross-head screwdriver and one AA battery to fuel it up. It also includes an instruction manual to set it up and see it do the tricks. It will serve well for fostering mechanical skills and creativity in young and enthusiastic minds.

What’s great about the product: This product once had an Amazon Choice badge which tells us that people were happy and satisfied because it helped their growing learners to learn mechanical stuff. Besides that, the installation is easy, and you can detach and assemble it again and again. It is also great to see acrobats of these spider robots as it is a tabletop robots.

30: Dual LED Microscope

Dual LED Microscope

It is an incredible gift if your son loves to see things in detail with greater magnification, which is impossible with a phone’s camera and the naked eye. This microscope has high illumination, and the light shines on the object under consideration from top and bottom for clear visibility. You can easily shift to the lower lights for viewing biological specimens and to the upper ones for 3D objects. Along with 50 included accessories, you will get around ten prepared slides with several biological specimens to get you started. On top of that, you can also create your own specimens on the blank slides using a cover, eye droppers, and tweezers. 

What’s great about the product: In this set, you will get a mini geode and a petri dish for your plant lab. It has two optical lenses to provide a magnification level of 20x and 50x. You can also inspect the life cycle of an included brine shrimp experiment. It includes shrimp eggs, an instruction manual, a hatchery station, full-colored STEM learning manual too. 

31: Handheld Electric Massage Gun

Handheld Electric Massage Gun

If your son is into sports or goes to a gym, he definitely needs proper rest and massage for optimal recovery, and this mini massage gun would prove to be a blessing in disguise. It might surprise you to know that this powerful massage gun can run for 150 minutes on the battery. On top of that, it uses QuietForce technology and has three different speed levels. This makes it ideal for every body part because you can set the speed for that part. This beneficial tool is compact and portable. It employs ultra-quiet deep penetrating technology and advanced sound insulation and has a premium design. 

What’s great about the product: The compact size with a powerful massaging force is what makes this product great. You can resolve your cramps and knots on the fly. This portable handheld device has three different speed levels: 1750 PPM, 2100 PPM, and 2400 PPM. Besides that, an incredible feature is that it can run for 150 minutes on a battery. 

32: Rechargeable Laser Tag Set

Rechargeable Laser Tag Set

It is an incredible game set to play with friends and have a memorable occasion. This set is packed with loads of amazing features. The gun has a target sensor, several weapon buttons, an LED for representing the team, shooting FX, and even a mute button. It also features an LCD that displays your battery, ammo, and health while playing the game, among with a flashlight button. With a front and back vest, you also get a charging station, and you won’t need to worry about buying batteries again and again. To make the game more exciting, there are three target zones: the back, the chest, and the gun. 

What’s great about the product: This advanced laser tag set uses the HUD concept and features stealth mode, adjustable lives-per-game settings, night flashlight, solo, team mode, and child-safe infrared emissions. The guns and vests are paired together, and team data is automatically synced. You can monitor the status on the LCD of your vests and guns even during a heated battle. 

33: LEGO Batman Car Building Toy Set

LEGO Batman Car Building Toy Set

No wonder your 15-year-old son is fond of cars and especially sports cars that look fancy and stylish. You can gift this set to your son to recreate the iconic, stylish Batmobile from zeros and enjoy putting things together. The appearance is super adorable and includes two light bricks for a glowing effect to boost the game. It has an eight-cylinder engine with flame and moving pistons that further adds to its realistic design. Other cool features include the opening of doors, hoods, differential on the rear wheels, front steering, and a spinning flame, all to bring this Batmobile to life. The red and yellow light bricks glow the engine and grille to make it look like a real Batmobile in action.

What’s great about the product: Besides once having an Amazon Choice badge, the set is packed with loads of cool features. These include a spinning flame, differential on the rear wheels, light bricks to add lighting effects for a realistic appearance, and front steering. The eight cylinders with movable pistons are an awesome feature and take the fun to a whole new level. 

34: Inflatable Chair

Inflatable Chair

These inflatable chairs are super lightweight, and they are great if you suddenly make a plan to stop and sit for a couple of minutes. It is mind-boggling that this inflatable chair can support a person of up to 250 kg. The round armchair is very comfortable to sit on and is a great accessory for your son’s adventures. Just pull in the air evenly and inflate it again to get started. When you are done and ready to move, release the air, fold it, pack it, and that is it. The string fabric and durable polyester make it a good item for your picnics. 

What’s great about the product: You can easily inflate and deflate it, and the best aspect of this inflatable chair is that it is comfortable for sitting for up to a 250 kg person. It is lightweight, portable, and made with good fabric and polyester materials for longevity. When you are done sitting, release the air and then fold it to move on to your next adventure. 

35: BrainBolt Brain Teaser

BrainBolt Brain Teaser

If your son loves to take up challenges, then this is the time to give him the perfect brain teaser. This mind-melting and brain-twisting game change the light abruptly, and you will have to remember the sequence in order of the light. This brain teaser has a solo and a team mode too. In the solo mode, you are against yourself in a tough situation. However, you can add your friend to the puzzling match, too, for more fun and see who is more good at remembering the sequence. For instant game action, three AAA batteries also come with the set, and that is all that it takes to fuel the mind-twister up.

What’s great about the product: This BrainBolt brain teaser managed to get an Amazon Choice badge, and Amazon labeled it that way because buyers are satisfied with it. Another incredible feature of this set is that it has two modes: solo and team. In the team mode, you can invite your friend to join in the puzzling game and race up against each other for added fun.

How To Buy Product Guides?

  • Price

The price is an unspoken factor that most people look for, and that is quite natural. No one would want to buy a gift with a hefty price tag. The thing is that you can find plenty of gifts that are affordable and have good reviews.

  • Quality

Quality matters a lot because that justifies your purchase. If the item has poor quality, buying it won’t be a good idea as it will soon be damaged or useless, flushing all your money down the gutter. Always find what the product is made of to ensure the best purchase. 

  • Reviews

Reviews tell you a lot about the product. It tells you whether the people are happy and satisfied with the product’s performance and quality. It also tells you whether the price is according to the quality.

  • Durability

For longevity of the gift, the product has to be made with premium and high-quality material to make it durable. Always buy products that are sturdy, durable, and can last for longer.

How to choose these products?

  • Safety

Safety should be the first priority. Safety does not just mean that the product should be safe for health or skin. It also should not affect your mental health or make you addicted. The product should also be age-appropriate. 

  • Easy to use

Look for gifts that are easy to use. If they require some sort of installation, it should be easy enough for someone with no tools. Plus, look if the product comes with an instruction manual for a better understanding of its use.

  • Quality

Compare the products to get the best fit. If one gift is cheap but has low quality, do not go for it because it will last for a few days only. Quality should always be of utmost importance.

  • Reviews

Read the reviews and have a look at the rating people gave to that product. You can quickly get an idea about the product’s quality and durability by reading what people are saying. However, there always will be a minute number of people for which the product does not meet their requirements.

  • Price

One thing that you should realize is that you can get plenty of gift options that are affordable. Those won’t go heavy on your pocket and will make your kid happy simultaneously, bringing the best of both worlds.


There you have it. An exhaustive list of toys that you can give to your growing 15-year-old buddy and make his day. You might have noticed by now that you do not have to empty your bank accounts to bring a smile to your son’s face. There are many affordable toys and we have saved you the trouble, and time of finding them. Either show the list to your enthusiastic son or follow the buying guide to choose the gift yourself for a surprise.

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