Best Toys And Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls In 2022

best toys and gifts for 9 year old girls

Reaching the age of 9 is a big milestone for young girls, especially because at this age, some will already be going through puberty. Your little girl will undergo a lot of changes in her body as well as in how she thinks and feels, but at the same, there’s still some of her childhood left.

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The teenage years are starting to beckon but the joy of being a child is still there. Precisely because this is a transition period, choosing the perfect toy for your 9-year-old is something of a challenge as well.

For one, the toys that you get should still be able to help them with their developmental milestones. At this stage they already have a lot of knowledge because of school, so the items they’re playing with must level up as well. Toys could also serve the purpose of working out their feelings about the changes that their body is facing, so it’s quite challenging to find the perfect toy.

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Product Name



Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids

  • 43-inch kite

  • Easy to assemble

  • Easy to launch

Angel Girl’s Bike

  • Specially designed to be a girl’s bike

  • Perfect gift

  • Strong steel frame and fork

Chalktrail for Bikes

  • Unique gift

  • Suitable for 9-year-old

  • Incredibly easy to attach

Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster

  • Message darts

  • Eegantly designed

  • Distance of 85 feet

Sketch Assorted Scent Markers

  • 12 uniquely scented markers

  • Unique scents

  • Really vivid colors

Magnetic Mini Tile Art

  • Magnetic Mini Tile Art

  • 10 pieces of 2×2 inch

  • Magnets and all the paint

Designed By You Fashion Studio

  • Aspiring designer

  • Encourage interests

  • Creativity For Kids’ Designed

Fashion Illustration Portfolio

  • Fashion Illustration Portfolio

  • Vision from the designer

  • Designed to encourage

Crochet Art Kit

  • Easy to follow

  • 14-page instruction book

  • Plastic needle

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

  • 14-page guide book

  • Contain a lot of little pieces

  • Carry-along storage bag

Best Toys & Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls

To make it a little less daunting, we have assembled a list of 20 gift ideas that you can choose from, to give to your 9-year-old:

1. Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids

There’s nothing quite as fun as flying a kite, and in this day and age of gadgets, this one will give your child the perfect reason to go and have some outdoor fun. The Huge Rainbow Kit for Kids by aGreatLife is easy to assemble, easy to launch, and very easy to fly. It helps develop perseverance and coordination, and encourages your youngster to make precious memories outside.

What’s Great About It: It’s a 43-inch kite, so it’s not flimsy at all. It’s also designed to have a durable fabric body, so it stays stable in any wind condition – except if there’s a hurricane of course.

2. Angel Girl’s Bike

Learning how to ride a bike is a big part of childhood, because there’s simply no comparing the feeling of zooming past streets with your hair flying behind you. Angel Girl’s Bike from Razor is the perfect gift to give your 9-year-old, as it encourages her to stay physically active and have fun at the same time. It also gives her a way to explore the neighborhood and go on new adventures.

What’s Great About It: This is specially designed to be a girl’s bike in terms of design, but the maker has also made sure that it’s made with a strong steel frame and fork, as well as solid front and rear hand brakes.

3. Chalktrail for Bikes

If you didn’t think bikes and chalk go together, think again. Chalktrail for Bikes is a unique gift that your 9-year-old will definitely not forget anytime soon. This makes riding bikes all the more fun, because as she rides it around the neighborhood, she gets to leave a trail of chalk and that allows her to create as much beautiful and funky artwork as she wants.

What’s Great About It: No matter what size the bike is, this Chalktrail will work. That means the whole family can join in on the fun. Also, it’s incredibly easy to attach, and you don’t need to bother with tools or any kind of assembly.

​4. Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster

Give your 9-year-old the chance to channel her inner Katniss with Nerf’s Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster. It may be elegantly designed, but it works just like a real bow that can fire arrows up to a distance of 85 feet. The arrows even whistle as they fly, so this one’s really ideal for imaginative play and some physical fun.

What’s Great About It: To make it extra fun for kids, the darts are special “message darts” and they can use a decoder to reveal the secret messages.

​5. Sketch Assorted Scent Markers

Why settle for ordinary markers when you can have wonderfully scented ones? Mr. Sketch Assorted Scent Markers is every 9-year-old girl’s dream, with 12 uniquely scented markers that they can use for writing, coloring, drawing, or in any of their various creative pursuits. With this set, you get raspberry, cherry, watermelon, apple, banana, blueberry, grape, orange, and other unique scents like licorice, fruit punch, mint, and cinnamon.

What’s Great About It: The markers come in really vivid colors and stimulating scents, so it makes writing extra fun. Also, the markers are very easy to grip and each one has a versatile chisel tip – which can be used for three different widths.

​6. Magnetic Mini Tile Art

One thing that kids this age love is the opportunity to create things by themselves and really contribute to the world around them. You can get them started with 4M’s Magnetic Mini Tile Art, which gives them 10 pieces of 2×2 inch tiles to play with. This tile art kit comes complete with magnets and all the paint (including the brush) that they need to make their beautiful creations, so you’ll see probably see their magnets on your fridge in no time.

What’s Great About It: The magnets are stronger than some of you would expect, so you the tile art really sticks. That also means that the magnets you create will really be durable and will last a long time.

7. Designed By You Fashion Studio

If you have an aspiring designer with you, there’s no better way to encourage her interests than with Creativity For Kids’ Designed By You Fashion Studio. This is basically a complete fashion studio kit that encourages young girls to come up with their own unique designs and actually make prototypes using the fabric, fashion design tools, and the other non-toxic components included in this kit.

What’s Great About It: This is one of the most hands-on designer kits for kids, because it really gives them the chance to create designs and work with fabrics. With this kit, they can dress up the dolls that they already have and come up with a fashion studio of their own.

​8. Fashion Illustration Portfolio

Project Runway knows that the most fashionable pieces began with a simple sketch – a vision from the designer that was once put on paper. This Fashion Illustration Portfolio is exactly that, and it makes this world completely accessible to your 9-year-old fashion guru in the making. This includes a hardcover sketch portfolio with 40 sketch pages, 8 Chroma Stix colored pencils, 5 stencil sheets, and 1 sticker sheet.

What’s Great About It: This is really designed to encourage even fashion novices to try it out, so the sketch pages are formatted and come with a textile guide. All the stencil sheets were also carefully designed to really guide your little one along.

​9. Crochet Art Kit

4M knows that crochet need not be hard, and this Crochet Art Kit is the perfect toy to make crochet accessible and easy to follow. As a guide for 9-year-old beginners, this kit has all the materials needed to create three crochet projects – either a handbag, coaster, place mat, or belt. There are 7 colors of yarn available, so your kid’s creativity and sense of style can really come out.

What’s Great About It: It doesn’t only come with the yarn, it also comes with all the other tools such as the crochet hooks and the plastic needle. As far as being a beginner’s set this does really great, because it also comes with a detailed 14-page instruction book.

​10. Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

The original spirograph was such a hit when it first came out in 1965, so there’s no reason why Kabootz can’t bring it back. Together with a 14-page guide book that contains step-by-step instructions, this 45-piece deluxe set includes everything that will encourage your child to come up with her own spiraling designs: a spiro-putty, design paper, 19 wheels, 3 pens, and many more.

What’s Great About It: Any spirograph set will contain a lot of little pieces, so this one’s great because it also comes with a convenient carry-along storage bag. This makes it easier to bring around wherever your 9-year-old goes.

​11. 120-Piece Art Set

When it comes to producing art, you’re sometimes just as good as the materials available to you, and that’s why this 120-Piece Art Set by Darice is a really great gift to give. For aspiring artists, this kit gives them complete access to all the tools that they may possibly need to beautiful and unique masterpieces. The variety that you get is awe-inspiring, so your little artist will have virtually everything she needs.

What’s Great About It: Even if your child has a preferred medium, this kit allows her to experiment with other forms of artistic media. It’s also quite convenient to have all of these materials in one snap-shut portable case that happens to be so sleek as well.

12. Spa Hair Chalk Salon Craft Kit

Being 9 years old is also about expressing one’s uniqueness and personality. This Spa Hair Chalk Salon Craft Kit by ALEX Toys is exactly about that – because it allows your 9-year-old to make her hair as colorful and as vibrant as she is. Aside from the actual hair chalk (in 5 colors), the kit also includes a beading tool, 24 metallic beads, and 24 hair elastics.

What’s Great About It: The hair chalk pens are completely and easily washable using simple shampoo, so there’s nothing permanent about it and there’s no need to worry. It also works with any hair color, and contains no harmful chemicals.

​13. Day at the Spa Deluxe Gift Set

Creativity for Kids has come up with this really great Day at the Spa Deluxe Gift Set, which gives your 9-year-old the experience of getting a full-on spa treatment. It has fully illustrated instructions to make it easier for your little lady to operate her own spa and get all the treatment she wants. This is great for imaginative play as well as for spa parties with her friends.

What’s Great About It: This set contains over 30 pieces, so it’s really quite remarkable and has everything you can possibly look for in a spa kit. From nail polish, nail art, and press-on nails to your buffer, file, and cotton balls, there’s nothing more you can ask for. It even comes with a satin spa bag to hold everything together!

​14. Mega Box Rainbow Rubber Band Refill Pack

Never underestimate the power of rubber bands. Rainbow Braid’s Mega Box Rainbow Rubber Band Refill Pack gives your little girl about 8,400 rubber bands to work with, and these bands come in 28 different colors. She also gets 100 beads, 12 charms and 500 clips, so the artistic possibilities are endless.

What’s Great About It: The sheer variety and volume of loom bands and other materials that you get with this set just gives you so much flexibility, and the creative boundaries are almost non-existent. The materials are also high-quality.

​15. Do-it-Yourself Wear Friends 4Ever Jewelry

Little girls love wearing their own jewelry, and all the more if they made it themselves. ALEX Toys’ Do-it-Yourself Wear Friends 4Ever Jewelry has everything your 9-year-old needs to make 22 friendship bracelets. That’s more than enough for an entire group of friends.

What’s Great About It: This contains 4 color-coded looms, embroidery floss in 22 various colors, beads, and many more. You get an instruction book as well as a carrying case to boot, so this can be brought anywhere.

​16. Giant Rocket Balloon Set

With this Giant Rocket Balloon Set from Toysmith, your 9-year-old can inflate 85 latex balloons with the included air pump and do whatever she wants with them – whether it’s to launch them in a projectile or use it for a party. The balloons can be inflated to as long as 40 inches each, so iw will keep your child entertained and amused for a while.

What’s Great About It: The balloons were made with the highest quality and safety standards, so your little one can enjoy this as much as she wants to.

​17. Ozobot 2.0 Bit

This toy will knock all other toys out of the park, because it literally gives your little girl her very own programmable Ozobot robot that measures just over 1 inch. It may be tiny but it’s as powerful as can be, given that it can be programmed to race, dance, play games, do other activities, and so much more.

What’s Great About It: This is completely programmable so your little girl can create her own games and activities using the Ozobot.

​18. LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall Building Set

Shopping malls are always fascinating for girls, even if it comes in a LEGO set. The LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall Building Set is a n amazing 1,120-piece LEGO set that includes 4 mini doll figures and so much detail that will keep your little girl’s eyes and hands busy for a while.

What’s Great About It: LEGO sets have always been useful in training your child to be creative and to solve building problems by herself, but this set takes this to a whole new level, simply because of the sheer quantity of pieces.

​19. Girls Only! Secret Message Lab

The Girls Only! Secret Message Lab by SmartLab Toys introduces your little on to the job of secret messages, mystery codes, and having someone to share those secret messages with.

What’s Great About It: This is ideal for group play, especially for a pair of really close girls. It uses invisible ink to write the “secret messages” with, and fosters friendship and trust among your 9-year-old and her peers.

​20. The Sleepover Party Game

Visiting your friend’s house to sleep over has always meant maximum fun, and that’s especially true if you have The Sleepover Party Game from Endless Games. With this in your 9-year-old’s possession, she and her friends will never run out of activities (this comes with about 200) and fun ways to spend their time.

What’s Great About It: The challenges in the cards inside this game will really make your little girl’s sleepovers extra fun and memorable for everyone. The variety of activities that you get is simply astounding, and she’ll never be bored at any sleepover ever again.

21. SUNLIN Dance Mat

SUNLIN Dance Mat

Dancing is when exercise meets fun! If you love to see your girl dance and she loves to show it to you, then this is the perfect gift to make it fun for both of you. SUNLIN Dance Mat provides non-stop fun and entertainment for your 9-year-old as she dances away to the amazing built-in music and flashy, colorful lights!

What’s great about it: SUNLIN Dance Mat is ultra-durable, toxin-free, and soft-padded, which means it can easily survive countless dancing sessions! It has 3-levels of difficulty to keep your daughter engaged as she improves her moves and is super easy to fold and store away.

22. Unicorn Jewelry Box

Unicorn Jewelry Box for Girls

Unicorn Jewelry Box is the perfect home for all her precious pearls and earrings. If your daughter loves jewelry and unicorns (duh?!), then your search ends here. It is as beautiful as it is practical, with plenty of space and compartments for all kinds of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and tiaras. It comes with bright colors, uplifting music when you open it, and a happy little unicorn on top. It also comes with a unicorn-themed necklace and bracelet so she can start accessorizing right away!

What’s great about it: Unlike most other music jewelry boxes, Unicorn Jewelry Box is built to last. The vibrant colors, coupled with the uplifting music, when opened, will truly create a magical experience for your daughter every time she opens her jewelry box.

23. Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Crafting is known to greatly enhance creative abilities and problem-solving skills. If your daughter is big on art and craft and loves to create, the Charm Bracelet Making Kit is the perfect gift for her. The kit enables her to create beautiful pieces of jewelry like clip-on charms, dangles, earrings, bracelets, necklace pendants, keychains, and anklets. It also functions as an excellent party activity for her and her friends.

What’s great about it: Everything you need to create the jewelry is included inside the box, so there’s no need to run for additional tools or supplies. Moreover, it uses a simple screw design for assembling jewelry, so there is no need for complicated tools or glue (hence, no mess!).

24. Glow in The Dark Blanket

Unicorn Blanket for Girls

Cozy snuggles and magical dreams are the mottoes behind Cozy Wanderer’s super soft, extra-large, and extra-glowy glow in the Dark Blanket. The blanket is made from premium, soft, fluffy, flannel fleece with an exceptional unicorn-among-the-stars design. A good night’s sleep is essential for your 9-year-old’s healthy growth and development, and a cute blanket with an elegant unicorn upon it certainly helps. Since it is glow-in-the-dark, it is particularly helpful for kids who find it difficult to sleep because they are afraid of the dark.

What’s great about it: While most glowing blankets glow for only 2-3 hours, Cozy Wanderer’s Glow in the Dark blanket can glow up to 6 hours after only 20 mins of direct sunlight. The durable fabric becomes softer and stronger with every wash and never pills, frays, fades or loses its bright glow.

25. Girls Nail Polish Kit

Girls Nail Polish Kit

9-year-old girls love to dress up and look pretty, which is why a Nail Polishing Kit is the perfect gift for them. Not only does it help create magnificent manicures, but it also helps them express their style and creativity the way they want while improving their attention-to-detail and fine motor skills. Nail Art is colorful, enjoyable, and an awesome group activity that even the moms can partake in!

What’s great about it: The nail polishes provided are non-toxic, non-corrosive, and easily removable. Everything needed to create breathtaking nail art is included in the package.

26. Fluffy Slime Kit

Fluffy Slime Kit

Slime is a great way to add some fun and creativity to your 9-year-old’s play sessions. Ice Cream Parlor Slime DIY helps you make Fluffy, Butter, Cloud, and Foam Slimes with tons of colors and sprinkles! Slime has been a playdate classic for decades and you cannot go wrong with this 25-piece kit. Like the other listings on this post, this slimy gift also helps your daughter boost her creativity, and imagination, but it also adds a unique kind of fun and flair that non-slime gifts just can’t.

What’s great about it: The slime provided contains no allergen and has been lab-tested for your kid’s safety by both US and EU standards.

27. 3D String Art Kit

3D String Art Kit

3D String Art Kit is another big hit among kids and parents who love to create beautiful arts and crafts. The kit helps you create an inflatable DIY light-up string-art star lantern with 20 multi-colored LED bulbs. It is an amazing family project to undertake with your kid, especially during festive seasons, and the final result will help light up your house in a very special way. The lantern is a perfect addition to your Christmas and other festive decorations.

What’s great about it: Dan & Darci, the brand behind the product, is so confident of your kid’s satisfaction with the product that they are offering a 100% refund, no questions asked, in case it fails to satisfy you.

28. PinkSheep Little Girl Jewel Rings

PinkSheep Little Girl Jewel Rings

The PinkSheep Little Girl Jewel Rings contains 24 rings of original and trendy designs packed in a cute pink box for that perfect dress-up game night! Dressing up is one of the most popular activities for girls under the age of 14, and cute rings are the best accessories for it. With sunflowers, unicorns, and dinosaurs, this set has something for every young princess out there.

What’s great about it: The ring sizes are adjustable, so you can buy them without worrying about whether they will fit your daughter’s fingers or not, even after she grows up a few inches. They are made of high-quality acrylic and metal and are nickel free, which makes them safe and durable with very easy maintenance.

29. Monobeach Princess Tent

Monobeach Princess Tent

A dream-come-true for most 9-year-old girls, the Monobeach Princess Tent is the ultimate gift for many young princesses. The princess tent brings her fairy tales to life in the best possible way while also providing a beautiful and private place for your princess to read, relax, and entertain herself. The tent can accommodate up to 3 kids at a time, which means she can easily have her friends or younger sisters over for a classic tea party! You cannot go wrong with this one.

What’s great about it: The tent is made from high-quality polyester taffeta, which is easy to clean, comfortable, durable, and ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.

30. Kids Washable Makeup Girl Toys

All young girls adore their mom’s make-up, but it would be a nightmare for her skin if you let your daughter use her lipstick! Make-up is an essential part of dress-up games that 9-year-old girls so enjoy, and therefore, it is important that they use safe and easily-washable cosmetics. This toy make-up kit helps your daughter look beautiful without harming her skin, fulfilling her fantasy of looking just like her mother! It’s a pretend-play paradise!

What’s great about it: The cosmetics are non-toxic, have no preservatives, and are easily washable, making them safe for use, even on toddlers.

Things to consider when buying gifts for a 9-year-old:

The key to buying gifts for 9-year-old girls is that the gift should be fun and engaging in a constructive way. A colorful present that helps your little girl learn and grow as she plays is the perfect combination. We have made all our recommendations keeping this aspect in mind.

A few other things to consider are:

  1. Price: – If you think a product is over your budget, check for similar items from competitors on Amazon. Someone may offer a similar product for a better price.
  1. Quality: – It is essential that, whether you buy a box of paint or a dancing mat, the product is well made. Check for any toxin warnings on paints and slimes or durability complaints for electronic products like dancing mats.
  1. Reviews: – Amazon reviews can significantly inform your buying decisions. Checking both the positive and the negative ones will give you a balanced view.
  1. Durability: – It is no fun if the latest box of joy that you bought for your little girl breaks down within a week or two. Check for long-term reviews that comment on durability so you have a fair idea of what you can expect from the product you are about to buy.

How I Picked these Specific Items

Narrowing down the extensive list of toys available for 9-year-old girls is not exactly easy, but it’s definitely doable. The priority was to choose what’s age-appropriate and what can help a 9-year-old smoothly transition towards the next phase of her life, which is puberty and the teenage years. We took a look at the design quality of the toys, as well as their durability and safety. It’s important to get toys that last the test of time and that really have a good reputation based on feedback from old users. Of course, we only chose toys that were manufactured by toy makers that are trustworthy and whose name is well-known and credible.

With all of these important factors in mind, we have come up with a list of 20 toys that really narrows it down for you. The first 4 are toys that deal with their physical development and that encourage them to be more active. We then focused on 7 toys that tap their more creative side, usually arts and crafts projects that really require them to work with their hands and build something from scratch. The next 4 toys are still creative, but focus more on and hair and fashion. We also chose toys that target their building skills, cognitive thinking, and other important milestones. The last 2 toys are ones that they will enjoy best with their friends, and highlight the importance of friendship and meaningful connections with others.

How Your 9 Year Old Girl Develops

Some 9-year-old girls will already be going through the early stages of puberty, and this is a significant milestone that definitely causes a lot of changes. The hormonal changes will cause changes in the body, and you need to be aware of this so you won’t be surprised. For one, girls this age will start to grow taller and weigh more than their male counterparts. This is why it’s important to find ways to make them more active and engaged in a healthy lifestyle. Finding toys that encourage them to be more physically active is one way to do it.

Hormones also affect the emotions, so you will also have to guide your 9-year-old on how to deal with emotional stress. In particular, peer pressure can become really strong at this stage of their life, and they will struggle with keeping to their identity or changing it because they need to conform with what their friends may be saying and doing. This is a period when they need to discover themselves and really establish what they stand for, but that also means you should expect them to start becoming more independent from the family and spend more time with their friends. This is all part of growing up.

Peer pressure aside, the friendships that they have at this stage will only deepen some more, and they will be able to form meaningful connections with friends that share their interest. Emotionally, she will have a stronger sense of empathy especially to the ones that she’s really close with. This is also the time when 9-year-old girls start becoming curious about boy and girl relations, although very few will admit to this.

Intellectually, your 9-year-old’s brain is prepared for more difficult lessons, because she will be getting ready for junior high school and eventually high school. Her problem solving skills are more highly-developed at this stage, her memory is a lot sharper, and she will have an enhanced imagination and creativity.

Because of continued exposure to school and to many other activities outside the home, 9-year-old girls will definitely have improved communication skills and an expanded vocabulary. They can communicate well not just with their peers but also with adults, so this is also a good time to keep engaging with o her and really forming an open relationship wherein she knows she can trust you for anything.


Once your little one reaches this age you will both clearly have to go through a transition period, and because of this choosing the right toys to give can be admittedly overwhelming. There’s no need to be daunted though, because with the help of this list that we’ve put together carefully for you, all you have to do is take your pick.

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