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Brainstorming on gift ideas for a newborn can be hectic; it is so hard because the newborn cannot talk or describe the gift they want. Neither do you know them enough to know what they would love. All you are left with is your intuition and discretion to decide what’s best for the baby. However, it is not enough to select any baby product; it must be done cautiously and intentionally. The goal is to make sure the gift you end up buying is very useful for the baby and safe to use. The part of it being safe is extremely important and must be paid attention to greatly. 

Getting a gift for a baby can be arduous and daunting, especially if you are a first-time parent. But you can still stay on top of your game to deliver something practical and beautiful at the same time. You should strive to see that your gift should add value to both the parent’s and baby’s life simultaneously. For this reason, a short guide on how to select the best gift for a newborn baby is highlighted below.

How to select the best gift for a newborn baby?

This task can be overwhelming, but it should be easy-peasy for you with the information in this section.

  1. Check the gift label to ascertain the age bracket that such gift belongs to. This is because some gifts, although eye-catching, may be physically unsafe to a newborn. You do not want a sharp or heavy gift, so the label helps you clarify that. 
  2. Ensure that it is a gift that is durable and even the newborn can grow up into using and loving more over time. 
  3. If you are thinking of a toy, make sure it is shareable, i.e., as the baby grows, other babies can also be a part of the fun with the toy alongside. 
  4. Select a gift that is also chemically safe, i.e., free of harmful chemicals, in case the baby ingests it without your knowledge. Dyes, BPAs, PVCs, are some of the chemicals that your gift must be free of. 
  5. Lastly, ensure you keep the baby’s gender in mind if your gift isn’t unisex.

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