A Guide to Grooming Your Quiz-loving Kid into a Future Quizmaster

Does your kid have the potential to be the next quiz genius? It’s quite possible that your kid might be a quiz star in his school. With his subsequent victories, he might be enjoying a ravishing treatment in the school premises. However, there is a big difference in facing a novice and a national.

Facing championship caliber opponents is an entirely different ballgame. Beyond the school’s fence is the real competitive world, where the rivalry is cutthroat. So, how do you groom your quiz-loving kid into a future quizmaster who stays unfazed by current and upcoming competitors?

Compete Often

The real grind is in the competition. That’s when your kid will be on his toes while competing with others who are at their peak as well. Early days of competition will bring out the best in him. Every competition will make him better than yesterday. Kids who compete often wear bulletproof confidence, which offers them a winning edge over their competition.

Some non-knowledge related things can be learned only in the battlefield. As your kid matures at the tournament level, his learning, preparation, concentration, and focus will get better than his counterparts. More than the victory, the effort to win really matters. Winning or losing, the value that a competition brings is totally matchless. Competition is the surefire route to betterment. So, encourage your kids to go to quiz tournaments.

Work Hard

If you want your kid to be the very best at what he does, then you will have to make him study really hard. There is no short cut over here. The more one studies, the more one learns. Reading newspapers and general knowledge books are the way to go to be updated with historical and current events.

Remember, a good number of questions asked in the quiz are already familiar ones. Those who study hard have a good grasp over the answers. As a result, they are able to respond accurately and quickly, while others are still scratching their heads. Have a reward system in place to encourage your kids to work hard.

Tricks of the Trade

Winning a contest involves some smart play as well. So, be sure to teach your kids some tricks of the trade to help them steal victory from the jaws of defeat. For instance, if the game is nearing its end and your kid is losing by a large margin, ask him to be aggressive.

Even if he is 60% sure about the right answer, ask him to press the buzzer. Kids shouldn’t worry about the negative points at this stage. They should try to turn the tables in their favor by being aggressive. You never know, a few favorable rounds towards the end can prove to be a game changer.

Pay Attention at Class

Well, this one sounds obvious. But, how many students really pay attention at class? Look, most quiz content questions are academic. So, there is a pristine amount of information that your kids can learn at school. So, being a good, attentive student really helps over here. Praise attentiveness and find out what keeps them interested to help them to stay attentive during the class.

Have Fun

Preparing to be a future quizmaster can be a lot easier if your kid enjoys what he is doing. Remember, a quiz is the sport of the mind. So, don’t stress him too much by being a tough taskmaster. Instead, provide him with the right environment to make learning more fun and engaging. In this manner, you can be sure that your quiz-loving kid turns into a full-fledged quizmaster down the road.

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