7 Classic Ways to Ensure Everlasting Happiness in Your Children

Nothing beats the smile on our kid’s face. The whole world appears bright when our kids are happy and smiling. It’s one of the happiest feelings to live with. After all, they are the sunshine of our lives. Since happiness can be termed as a by-product of good parenting, how do we ensure everlasting happiness in our children?

Seek Fun Proactively

Let’s admit it; life isn’t a fairytale. It will have its share of highs and lows. While it will give us plenty of opportunities to smile, it will also provide us more or fewer opportunities to cry. So, we will have to teach our kids to proactively seek happiness during the rainy days of life. They need to look for opportunities to be happy so that they can cling on to something. The key is to look for it, and our mind will automatically gravitate towards it.

When they say, laughter is the best medicine, it’s absolutely true. The more we laugh, the happier we get. It actually brings about some chemical changes in our body that shake off all the doldrums. The same goes with smiling. Our facial muscles trick us into believing that we are happy and this immediately improves our mood. So, train your kids to laugh and smile over little things to ingrain the right frame of mind to secure everlasting happiness at all times.

Seeking Gratitude

Gratitude is the cornerstone of happiness. It’s said to be the highest form of appreciation towards life. Remember, seeds of discouragement and resentment do not take root in a heart filled with gratitude. Unhappiness cannot stand gratitude. They can be declared as lifetime enemies. So, kids should be taught to be grateful towards everything that they have in their lives. The best part is that gratitude does a great job at attracting positive things in life.

Teach your kids how to begin and end each day with gratitude. Gratitude should be their attitude. Remember, there is always something in life to be or feel grateful about. So, kids should be taught to be grateful for whatever they have in their lives no matter what. Gratitude unlocks happiness like nothing else.

Stop Comparison

Just like gratitude opens the door for happiness, comparison unlocks the door for unhappiness. We all have certain flaws. Nobody out there is perfect. So, if our kids look for some incompetency, they will always find something. Any comparison will only make matters worse. Happiness is lost instantly when we unfavorably compare ourselves with others. As a matter of fact, a comparison is said to be the fast track to unhappiness.

Remember, a sunflower can never be a rose and vice-versa. So, educate your kids by letting them know that comparison is the thief of happiness. Since we are naturally inclined to compare ourselves unfavorably to others, comparison will surely steal our peace and well-being. Moreover, social media takes comparison on steroids mode. So, don’t let your kids get fooled by the Facebook feeds.

Serve the Community

Giving away things to others can sometimes give more happiness than treating ourselves. The emotional reward of helping others cannot be explained in mere words. So, encourage your kids to take part in activities that can benefit others. They can join any community in the neighborhood and seek to work as a volunteer. They could simply be painting a house. They could be lending their old books or clothes to the underprivileged ones.

Whatever they do, their involvement as a volunteer will fill their heart and mind with pride and happiness. You can join forces with them to keep them highly interested in serving others. They will gravitate to be a better human being as they grow up with a helpful heart. Not to forget the fact that simply recalling a generous act can change a person’s mood.

Eating Right and Sleeping on Time

By eating and sleeping right, one can stay immune from a host of health issues. Kids are dependent on us for their eating and sleeping habits. Therefore, we cannot afford to mess up with their eating and sleeping hours. Kids should be taught to eat the right foods to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life from a young age.

Moreover, kids should learn to sleep early so that they are better prepared to embrace the new day with full faith, hope, and confidence. Timely food and sleep will refuel their mind and body, and kids are bound to stay calmer and composed. As a result, they are sure to experience more happiness in life. These healthy habits will help them forever.

Be a Good Role Model

Our kids are definitely not good listeners, but they never fail to imitate their parents. Knowingly or not, you could be teaching a lot to your kids through your behavior. If you are always gloomy and unhappy, don’t expect your kids to be a happiness magnet. So, walk the talk by being happy at all times.

Believe in your Kids

Belief has taken the man to the moon. The simple act of believing can make a lot of difference in your kid’s life. So, believe in your kids so that they become the best version of themselves. When you see something good and true in them, do not fail to express your admiration. Also, provide them with all the support they need. They could end up with a happy, fulfilling life with all your support and assistance.

The Floor is yours!

Remember, happiness is not tied to winning or any other activity. So, you are not making an investment towards their future. It’s more of a frame of mind. Happiness can be cultivated just as easily as unhappiness. Your own actions will determine the extent of happiness your kids will draw from their minds. You don’t have to always mold them according to your understanding in life. Let them have adequate freedom so that they can lead their lives with everlasting happiness.

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