A Quick Guide on Choosing Age-Appropriate Toys for Your Kids

Toy shopping is no joke. With overwhelming choices, you will realize that grocery shopping is so much easier than toy shopping. After all, the wrong choice of toys can bore, aggravate or even ruin your kid’s day. To avoid all the wet tears, you are better off choosing age-appropriate toys for your kids. Let’s guide you to do the same so that your hands are never full with wrong toys.


At this age, the vision is limited, but newborns are quick to respond to flashy objects and bright colors. So, you should be spending money on those toys that are able to stimulate their senses. It could be a hand-held sensory toy that makes a sound upon squeezing, or a soft book, or a non-breakable mirror, or pleasing musical recordings.

Something like wind chimes would be a good idea too since newborns love soft music. Simply hang it at a place where the newborn can watch its movement and listen to the sound. Just make sure that the sound is not as loud as a car horn.


With newfound mobility, toddlers are able to respond better to their surroundings. At this age, its best advised to give them toys that can be used in a variety of ways. Toddlers love to rip apart and put together any object that lay in their hands.

Interlocking blocks, toddler-friendly dolls, stuffed animals, water toys, cars, child size furniture, and plastic dishes can be introduced into their lives. Always make sure to read the product label to ensure that the chosen product is suitable for the kid’s age because some toys may have sharp edges that can cause harm to the child.


With increased motor skills and awareness, the child is willing to experiment a bit at this age. Therefore, preschool toys should be centered towards fun as well as learning. The fact that they could get bored more easily now, choosing the right toy becomes all the more important at this age.

Items such as dress accessories, crayons, puzzles, story recordings, building toys, board books, and stuffed animals can be considered at this stage. They can also be attracted to the same toys as toddlers, so the toy recommendations are interchangeable.

School Kids

Riding toys, kitchen sets, books, puzzles, toys with accessories, musical instruments, puppets, jump ropes, and educational CDs are some of the good toy options at this age.

It would be an ideal time to hone their skills by incorporating numbers, shapes, and alphabets in their play time to help them play and learn at the same time. Early education toys such as building blocks can be considered as well as they can help develop a child’s intellectual abilities.

Older Kids

As soon as our kids grow, their interests generally shift towards electronic items such as games, iPod, and cell phones. Some older kids might also show interest in art, puzzles, sports equipment, book reading, stamp collection or similar activities.

Keeping their likings in mind, you can get them a toy of their particular interest.

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