How to Entertain Toddlers – A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

Entertaining toddlers can be harder than a full-time job. Fortunately, there are many creative ways to entertain toddlers without the need of reaching out for one’s wallet to pay for them.

You can keep them entertained with kid-friendly activities using objects that you already have around your house. So, don’t wait for twilight years to learn the art of entertaining your toddlers.

They aren’t going to be toddlers forever. Therefore, make the most of the moment.

If you are too consumed to think out of the box, here’s a comprehensive guide for parents on how to entertain their toddlers.

Homemade Toddler-Friendly Obstacle Course

For God’s sake, we won’t ask you to keep your toddlers busy with the smartphone. We don’t want them to be a technology slave from a very early age. Instead, make an obstacle course. Both studies and common sense state that they develop gross motor skills.

Moreover, there’s no better way to keep the house entertained than watching a toddler compete in a homemade obstacle course. It’s entertaining, fun, inexpensive and there’s no politics involved. So, let the game begin!

For obstacles courses, you can let your creative juices flowing. You can use blankets, bean bags, chairs, buckets, couch cushions or any other soft household item to transform your bedroom into a giant play zone. Once assembled, run with your toddler to the finish.

It’s easy to clean things up once the playtime is over. You can ask the older siblings to join as well. In this manner, you will be able to buy enough time for yourself to finish some other household chore or at least pamper yourself. Just relax with your stopwatch and enjoy the fun.

Creative Cardboard Spectaculars

With some imagination and eagerness, you will be amazed at what you can do with an empty cardboard. So, don’t dump the shipping packages yet because we are about to recycle them into versatile playing objects.

The fact of the matter is that there are many ways to re-purpose them. You can cut doors and windows in an empty cardboard box and make it a house or a car. It can be used as a canvas to decorate with crayons or markers.

Smaller ones can be used to make a shopping purse. Maybe, you can make a custom pet house, or a bed for your toddler’s plush toys or even a magnificent castle.

Remember, it’s free, it’s tough, and it’s begging to be put to good use. So, your creativity is your best friend over here to make ample use of the cardboard. So, dig out some unused cardboards from your store room, and start working on these cheap crafts to have boatloads of fun with your little one.

It’s easier than what you think. It’s all about getting started, and your imagination will give life to some awesome ideas.  Holy smokes, the cardboard is free, your mind is free. So, hold tight and have great fun without spending a dime.

Get Cooking

Some old fashioned activities can be great fun if you do it right. Kitchen activities generally interest them because it gives them a sense that they are actually helping. So, get your toddlers to the kitchen and let them be the mom’s little helper.

From chocolate puddings to pancakes, you can choose a dish that best fits your child’s interest and age. Whatever dish you choose, don’t forget to go shopping with them for the ingredients. Use your judgment to choose a task that is best suitable for the child’s age.

If they are less than one year old, then just let them observe everything. Simply talk to them while cooking and let them touch and smell the ingredients.

Start them young, and they could develop a lifelong love towards cooking. You never know, your little one could be a world class chef in the making.

Go Fishing

Most of the outdoor activities can dig a hole in your wallet, but not fishing. Fishing will not only lead to fun-filled times but also cherished memories.

It’s not just the toddler, but you can have a relaxed time as well with the beautiful nature without spending hundreds of dollars on video games or a visit to the theme park.

Just fill your car with basic supplies and spend the rest of the day having fun-filled fishing memories. Fishing will also give you the opportunity to teach valuable survival lessons to your toddlers. If the weather happens to be perfect, everything will be so much more fun.

It can intrigue their curiosity towards nature from a very young age. Of course, don’t forget the inexpensive boat ride for added fun and entertainment. So, are you ready to create some fishing memories with your toddlers?

Grow Indoor Plants

We all know kids love to get dirty. So, why not use their trail for their own advantage? Yes, plant something with them. They can get their hands dirty, they can have immense fun, and they can learn something.

You can make use of some old plastic containers for planting the seeds. Set the seeds up for success by routine maintenance. Engage them in the entire process so that gardening can prove to be an ideal, constructive playtime for them.

A good idea would be to plant beans because bean plants try to poke their heads out of the soil in less than a week’s time. Once the plant blossoms, picture it for memories.

Kids would absolutely love the attention given to their work. Moreover, it would be gratifying to watch their interest and curiosity in home gardening.

The Dress-Up Play Time

Dressing up right may not be in your toddler’s alley, but it would be great fun to watch them try their hands at fashion for the first time. Do not discount the idea of providing clothes from your own drawer.

It could be your old shawl, tie or costume jewelry. Put your old bracelets, gloves, and hats to use as well. Items purchased from a garage sale or Halloween costumes can be used to fill the gaps if you were to fall short of clothes.

In addition to old clothes and costumes, provide them with a mirror so that they can watch themselves wearing the accessories. There is no way that they won’t look cute and adorable, even if they do a bad job.

There’s no harm in watching them turn into an occasional cartoon. Photographing them would be a great idea over here. You won’t get a perfect angle all the time, but it hardly matters. Photograph them to cherish the moment.

Blow Bubbles

Kids or adults, who doesn’t love to blow bubbles? The chances are that it must have been one of your favorite activities growing up. So, why not pass it on to your toddlers?

The best part is that you won’t have to drop your precious dollars to enjoy this activity. You can prepare your own bubble solution by simply mixing a few household ingredients. Just pour some dish wash soap into a cup and mix it with water. Stir them nicely and put them to test.

You might have to add little more water or soap to get the perfect bubble. A normal plastic straw can be used to blow the bubbles. Just cut one end of the straw into four parts for the perfect bubble formation.

Finally, pat your back because you are a creative, artful parent. You can expect loads of entertaining hours with bubbles.

Make Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes could certainly give life to some childhood memories. After all, paper airlines have been a hit with kids of all generations. It’s a sure-fire object that can provide hours and hours of cheap entertainment.

They are the easiest to make, and they can take flight within minutes. Just don’t hand over the final product to the kids. In fact, it would be a good idea to teach them how to make one.

Don’t make one in haste that will have a nose-diving crash within seconds of taking flight. Make one that can go the distance.

If you choose a paper with the right thickness, it will transform into a soaring jet. By experimenting with unique concepts, you can add a new unique touch to the airplane.

So, get ready to show your toddlers the power of a humble paper.

Dance to the Tune

Toddlers are ready to soak in everything. So, why not tune in some music and show them some dance moves? Dancing is such a delightful activity.

Less than half a year into the planet, babies can enjoy the rhythm. No studio renting, no guests, and no spending. Just you and your toddlers can have boatloads of fun dancing to the tune of their favorite song.

You can make them dance ready by having them wear show costumes or any other colorful attire. Have their playlist handy and be ready to shake a leg or two with them.

Of course, other family members can join the party too. The energy burning dance will not only benefit the kid, but will also help you drop a pound or two.

Snowball Fight

Yes, we are talking about a fight. Don’t fret. It’s not your regular fight but a snowball fight, which can be played without hurting any soul. All you need is a few newspapers to make round paper balls, which we will call as the snowballs. They are great fun to throw.

Since they are lightweight and soft, nobody is going to get hurt. The more papers are crumbled into a ball, the more fun you can have. You can create obstacles to hide behind to add to the fun factor. Some of the things that can be used as an obstacle over here are bean bags, pillows, and cardboard boxes.

The choices are literally limitless. Just make sure that the objects used are soft to ensure that your kids don’t get hurt.


Toddlers are good at messing things up. They love to color and create a mess. You can either get them a drawing book or plain pieces of paper to display their wild art.

You can teach them some basic painting skills as well. Simply cut some vegetables and dip them into the paint and stamp them on the drawing book to create amazing shapes.

Don’t judge them by their skills at their age; rather appreciate their efforts so that they stay engaged in their artwork. A toddler’s art won’t fetch a medal, but it will surely bring a smile on everyone’s face.

Moreover, toddlers will keep believing in their best work and continue to entertain themselves for hours and hours. Just be around them to ensure that they do not chew the crayons.


If you are really time crunched, then the best thing to do is to buy them some good toys, like toy cars and ride-on toys. Invest on good toys that can keep them entertained for long hours or else you might end up wasting hundreds of dollars.

Think of the money you have wasted on all the flashy toys that failed to get a second look from the toddlers. So, spend your money wisely on toys or games. Toys such as train sets, building blocks or puzzles can be considered over here for long hours of playing.

Such toys will keep their mind as well as their hands busy. They will also contribute to their mental health. Basically, stock their toy box with the right toys to keep them happy and entertained. Fun, educational, and engaging toys are the way to go. Of course, keep their ability and age in mind while shortlisting the toy.


Toddlers can drive us crazy. So, it’s perfectly ok for parents to grumble about them, but not without giving them a fair shot at entertainment. From the toddler’s standpoint, it’s not too much to ask from parents.

So, instead of signing them for up endless stream of dull classes, you can try some of the boredom busting activities enlisted above to keep entertained for long hours.

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