6 Great Kid-Friendly Pets – An Adorable Addition to Your Home

Believe it or not, kids and pets are a match made in heaven. There is no pet out there that would wake up one day and stop loving your kids anymore. Pets motivate kids to play, be compassionate, and seek adventure in life. Time spent with our pets is never wasted. As they say, some angels choose fur instead of wings. So, let’s explore some kid-friendly pets that could prove to be a great addition to your family.


In some houses, it has become a time-honored tradition to own a dog. They are freaking awesome and loyal as a pet. A cute face and a wagging tail can improve your mood drastically.  Kids will never have a boring time with a dog around. Also, it will free them from the time they waste on electronics. Moreover, it has been proven that kids growing up with dogs have lower risks of eczema.

Having a dog in the house also improves our kid’s wellbeing. Since dog needs daily exercise, dog owners get encouraged to follow a healthy routine too. Not to forget the fact that they are excellent alert animals. They might even take a bullet to protect your family and your house. So, their loyalty cannot be questioned at all. Simply put, they are the best furry friends a kid can have.


There are some people out there who believe that cats make better pets than dogs. It doesn’t really matter which one is better as long as they are well trained to interact with human beings. Since cats do not have a loud personality like a dog, they do not get the credit they truly deserve. Cats love to play so kids can have a merry time with them. They like to be loved and cuddled. In return, they do not shy away from offering love and affection.

They require little maintenance, so taking care of them is an easy affair. Moreover, they don’t need a dedicated space. They can accommodate themselves at any corner of the room. Unlike other pets, your neighbors will never complain about your cat because cats like to keep to themselves even when they are not in the best of moods. For the most part, they are safe animals. So, you can leave them alone with your kids.


Talking parrots are amazing. They have an uncanny ability to mimic human voices. They will entertain not only your kids but also your guests. Just make sure that they don’t leak inside information to your guests. Moreover, they are smart creatures, and they look beautiful. Believe it or not, they are the fourth most accepted pets in the US households. Parrots can live long. Their lifespan is anywhere between 20 to 85 years depending on the breed and health care.

So, if you are up for a lifelong commitment, feel free to consider a parrot in your house as the next pet. Your kids are sure to have a blast. There are more than 300 different species of parrots. Some of them are quite wild by nature, and they hate human intervention in their lives. So, make sure to do some research about the breed, and you should be up for a fantastic pet.


They look cute, adorable, and they are lovely as a pet. Their charming look will make them appear innocent and harmless. Truth to be told, their looks can be deceptive. So, you might want to tame them right from birth to be sure that they grow up to be a kid-friendly pet. Once tamed, they should be good.

All they need is a small cage and some routine maintenance. They sleep during the night and are active during the day just like human beings. So, they won’t wake you guys up in the middle of the night. They have many positive qualities that can make your kids fall in love with them.


Fish make great pets for kids. It’s fascinating to have a small aquarium in the house. Of course, one needs to feed them on time and clean the tank periodically to ensure their longevity. Other than that, fish are tantrum free pets. Unlike other pets, you can enjoy pin drop silence with fish. Moreover, they won’t take too much real estate in your house.

They are cost effective, and your kids won’t have to entertain them ever. They won’t even care if the house is empty or not. Interacting with a fish has always been a relaxing experience for the owners, so kids are sure to reap some health benefits as well. Since a fish will never punch your kids, or injure them in any other way, it’s safe to bring them home.


Not everyone out there is a turtle nerd, so owning them puts some families in a unique class. Turtles are quiet, extraordinary reptiles that can make a great pet. They can live for more than a hundred years. Some of them can survive for well over 200 years. So, the pet can be passed on for generations. One should choose the species carefully before owning a turtle.

Moreover, it’s advisable to keep them in a different tank other than the fish tank because they can produce a lot of waste. At the right hands and right commitment, turtles can prove to be a fascinating and amazing pet. Turtles do not like being hand handled, but they can make great interactive pets. They are known to recognize their owners, which is a part of their charming personality.


Owning a pet can prove to be a highly rewarding experience. A great pet can surely leave a positive footprint in your kid’s heart. Not to forget the fact that they will leave a bundle of joy for years to come.

As an added bonus, they will teach your kids how to be responsible in life. One can’t go wrong by befriending a pet. Just make sure to check the legal terms of owning a pet in your state/city. You shouldn’t be interested in petting something like a Bear, for example!

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