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Flavorsome Slow Cooker Recipes for Kids

3 Flavorsome Slow Cooker Recipes for Kids

If you have a food critic in your house, you better don’t drop your guard. We present to you some flavorsome slow cooker recipes that are perfect for your picky eaters. After all, your kids need something yummy at the eating table after a hard day’s play or study. So, let’s get going. Slow-Cooker Beef … Read more

Teach Your Kids the Important Aspects of Fire Safety

How to Teach Your Kids the Important Aspects of Fire Safety

Fire knows nothing about mercy. Our first mistake could be our last. Therefore, there is no messing around with fire. Fire accidents are sure to bring in tears. On the other hand, safety is the only means to bring in cheers. If kids don’t work safely, they would be hurt greatly. Since safety has no … Read more

Respect the Privacy of Your Teenage

How to Respect the Privacy of Your Teenage Son or Daughter

If you are reading this, you are not invading our privacy. By all means, privacy is a personal right. As parents, we are dead serious about our privacy. However, we fail to realize that our kids need their share of personal space as well. Being a parent does not give us a passport for privacy … Read more

kids fun summer activities

Help Your Child Grow This Summer With These 3 Fun Activities

School may be right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to go shopping for pencils and notebooks just yet. There’s still time for a little more summer fun! Even better – there are a few extra-curricular activities your kids will love that can even carry over into the school year. For example, … Read more

Martial Arts that Kids Can Try

5 Best Martial Arts that Kids Can Try

Given the fact that we would happily take a bullet for our kids, how can we ignore their personal welfare? If you are intuitively looking for a new activity for your kids, why not try martial arts? Maybe, you think that martial art is not right up their alley at the moment. So, you might … Read more

Kids Familiar with Casual Puns

How to Get Your Growing Kids Familiar with Casual Puns

Drinking vodka and water together causes kidney damage. Rum and water combined together cause liver damage. Take any whiskey and mix it with water, it will cause heart, brain, or organ damage. There’s something terribly wrong about water. Of course, pun intended. Hopefully, you had your smiling moment after reading this pun-intended text. Actually, it’s … Read more

Climate Change in Simpler Words

Climate Change in Simpler Words – the Kid-friendly Version

The world is frying like a chicken being roasted in an oven. Of course not! However, there is no denying the fact that our planet is getting hotter by the day. There is no better time to explain climate changes to our kids than today because they will most likely outlive us. So, they are … Read more

Best Dog Breeds For Kids

5 Best Dog Breeds for Kids – A Quick Look

Looking for a family oriented dog that’s gentle as well as protective, or a new addition to the family that can spread love and happiness? No, you are not creating a scene or asking for too much. With young kids in the house, it’s a reasonable demand by all means. So, don’t worry. Your demand … Read more

Flavorsome Lunch Ideas for Your Insatiable Kids

3 Flavorsome Lunch Ideas for Your Insatiable Kids

Kids care less about nutrition and more about taste. Therefore, satisfying their taste buds 365 days in a year can prove to be an outlandish task. Moreover, our kids may not appreciate the effort that goes behind every dish. So navigating through the kitchen to meet their insatiable afternoon appetite can sometimes make you go … Read more