17 Helpful Tips for Your Kids’ Dental Care & Oral Health   

Dental care and oral health hygiene is the best way to protect your kid’s smile. Also, it’s the best way to stay immune from tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and a bunch of other dental problems. Here are some helpful tips towards kid’s dental and oral health care.

Get Dental Checkup Done Early and Often

Agreed, dental visits don’t come cheap. However, neglecting dental care can prove to be a costlier affair. Just like adults, kids need periodic dental checkups as well. By the time the first tooth pops out, you should schedule the first appointment with the dentist. The first visit often lays the foundation for a good oral hygiene care.

Before a minor dental issue turns into a larger problem, a dentist will dig into the mouth and ensure that everything is developing normally and correctly. Get your child accustomed to two dental visits every year from an early age. This is a surefire way to develop lifelong healthy oral habits in your kids.

Teach them to Brush/Floss Independently

Just like spoon-feeding has to stop at some age, kids should learn how to brush independently around the age of six. It might take more years for them to get to floss on their own. Ideally, by the age of 10, they should be able to floss independently as well.

Don’t drop your guard on them. Some kids tend to lie. So, make sure to have a periodic check on them to ensure that they are following their dental routine religiously and correctly. Also, replace their old brush with a new one every few months. If the cavity has already developed, show it to the dentist to undo the damage.

Make Dental Chore More Acceptable 

Now, it’s hard to make kids fall in love with dental hygiene, but we can definitely strive to make it more acceptable to them by choosing a toothpaste and toothbrush of their choice. Your best bet would be to hunt for child-friendly flavors and colors that might appeal to your kids. Of course, make sure that your little one doesn’t swallow the toothpaste.

Choose the Right Toothbrush

 Today, a toothbrush is available in all kinds of sizes. So, it’s important to know the right size to get the best results from brushing. It pays to check with the dentist regarding the right toothbrush for your little one. If the toothbrush is too small or too big, it may not be able to get the job done.

Lead by Example

 Practice healthy eating habits and brush/floss your teeth as per your dentist’s recommendations so that your kids learn the importance of following a healthy dental routine for good oral hygiene. Lead a healthy trial for your kids so that they find it easier to adapt to a good oral regime.

Diet Magic

Diet issues often lead to dental problems. So, restrict sugary treats as much as possible. Also, use a straw while drinking soda as it minimizes the extent of teeth decay to a certain extent. Feed them with plenty of raw vegetables because veggies do a good job at cleaning the teeth as we chew them.


Remind your kids to brush/floss. Kids have a tendency to forget oral hygiene until they are reminded of the same. You may want to brush/floss together if you doubt that your kids have a tendency to forget about oral hygiene.

Be Gentle 

Brush gently with light pressure and small movements. Excessive pressure can hurt them. Moreover, always maintain eye contact and closeness while brushing their teeth.

Motivate Them

Motivate your kids to brush and floss regularly and reward them every week for their efforts. You could reward them with small stickers or play toys.

Health Breakfast

Give them healthy breakfast because it has been noticed that kids fed with fulfilling healthy breakfast have reduced cravings for sweets during the course of the day.

Gum Cleaning

 Even before the first tooth arrives, you might want to clean the baby’s gums to remove all the food debris and to help them transcend into a good oral healthcare routine down the road. One can clean the gums with a clean white cloth.


Make them brush twice a day. They should be brushing their teeth every morning and at night as well before going to sleep. There should be no exception to this rule. We don’t want their mouth to be a breeding ground for bacteria by brushing their teeth only once a day. Growing up, we all know how hard it is to deal with tooth decay and pain.

Sleep Precautions 

Kids should not be allowed to sleep with a bottle in their mouth because the milk and juice inside the water bottle can cause tooth decay.

Serve Water 

Always, make it a point to give them a glass of water to drink after every meal to wash off all the foods stuck in the mouth.

Avoid Sugar 

Nothing hurts our teeth worse than sugar. All the sugary treats can make way for cavities and dental decay. So, try to avoid sugar intake as much as possible.

Befriend the Dentist 

Your kids have to feel comfortable at the dental clinic to ensure that they turn up at least twice a year for a routine checkup. Therefore, it makes sense to befriend the dentist so that he/she can make you guys feel comfortable. Some dentists can make the whole experience fun by befriending your little one.

Childproof Home 

Kids are prone to dental injuries because of home furniture and other objects. Try to make your home childproof, so that they do not sustain undesirable injuries. Steer away the furniture and other items with sharp edges from their way until they grow up to reduce the chances of injuries.


Keeping a check on sugar loaded foods, encouraging healthy oral habits, and periodic dental visits can go a long way in contributing towards good dental hygiene in your kids. So, give your kids the best start they deserve in life!

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