6 Smart Life Hacks for Kids to Get an Early Edge in Life

Oh cool, why didn’t this occur to me yet? Isn’t that a common reaction to life hacks? Someone else always nails it before us. No, you are not a tube light.

Most life hacks are simple but absolutely brilliant. So, if it didn’t occur to you, it’s perfectly fine. They just hide in their simplicity. You didn’t miss an Oscar or a Nobel award.

Moreover, it’s perfectly okay to bank upon someone’s idea to make our lives easier than before. Since they are a blessing in disguise, let’s learn some smart life hacks for kids that can help them get an early edge in life.

Life Hack for Happiness and Wealth

Who wouldn’t like to see their kids be rich and successful in life? When rich and successful individuals were interviewed, they always stressed on the fact of giving it back. From Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, they are all doing their bit to make this world a better place.

Of course, their bit means quite a lot. The whole point here is to teach kids to do favors at school, playground or elsewhere, more often than ever before.

While good deeds can be done at any age, one’s best bet would be to coach their kids to start early. This is one aspect of life, where sooner is always better than later.

Just a single compliment can also make someone’s day. So, don’t let them underestimate the power of tiny favors.

In the bigger spectrum of life, tiny favors also matter a great deal. Don’t count out the value of happiness and satisfaction they would derive from helping others. It’s intrinsically rewarding to do nice things for others.

Wake up Early Life Hack

Let’s face it; most kids out there have turned into a night owl by choice. They miss out so much by being late on early morning life. They might go to school without breakfast, not find enough time for their homework, and they might also miss their train.

The bigger picture is all-the-more gruesome. They might miss the train of life. We are talking about a beautiful life that has all the good things in store for people who take the pain of waking up earlier than 90% of the population. Believe it or not, one of the common attributes of successful people is that they wake up early morning.

Rising early has a lot of benefits. One won’t miss out on important things that matter. One will sleep well, get enough rest, stay healthier, and also be an overall better person. Not to forget the fact that early risers are the most productive people out there.

Hence, they have a better chance to succeed in this cut-throat competitive world. Your kids might have to be a little creative over here to wake up early morning. One of the best hacks over here is to place the alarm clock far away from the bed. So, the only way to snooze the alarm would be to get up and move.

Once you get moving, you know that half the battle is already won. So, this simple life hack trick will not only force you to get up early every morning, but it will prevent you from slipping back to bed, and also life in general.

Life Hack to Get Lucky

We all want to get luckier, isn’t it? Some people seem to have all the luck in the world, while others seem to suck at just about everything and anything they touch or do.  So, what’s the trick to getting lucky? There are some life hacks over here to get lucky.

Listen, you need to get lucky in the mind first before you get lucky on the outside. Yes, that’s the little secret of getting luckier by the day. So, how do you get lucky in the mind? Good question. Let’s address the answer so that kids can feel and be lucky from an early age itself.

Being aware of the opportunities around is a surefire way to get lucky, and casting a blind eye to the opportunities around is a surefire way to get unlucky. For the sake of example, ask yourself this question. What’s your chance of meeting an investor if you stay confined within the four walls of your house?

Pretty much, zero. On the other hand, if you go out and take action, you will improve your chances of finding the right person who can invest in your idea or service. In other words, you will have to create your own luck.

Also, you must visualize success first before you actually succeed in the real world. Most athletes do the same. They win the battle in the mind first before they grab the medal in the battlefield.

The most important aspect over here is to focus on the positive things in life and to listen to one’s gut. Life doesn’t always go the way we want. It will always have its share of highs and lows. Our default setting is to think negative, when something goes wrong.

It’s what we think in the low moments of life really counts and determines the outcome of our lives in the near future. One should be willing to fail and try again from a different angle. Moreover, one should keep hustling till victory. Remember, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

So, remind this philosophy to your kids so that they know what it takes to get luckier in life. Sorry, there is no shortcut over here. Hard work is the only life hack that can do the trick over here.

Life Hack to Cut Distractions

The Internet is a blessing as well as a curve. The same goes for television. On the flip side, both Internet and television are silent dream killers. It appears that their full-time job is to distract kids and to rob them off good grades.

Thus so far, they seem to be winning every battle because kids are allowing distractions to distract them. Candy Crush or Twitter will not make our lives better. Agreed, we all need the Internet in some capacity, but it should not dominate the major share of our time.

After all, life is made up of time and by robbing us of our precious time; it’s robbing us of a good life. So, how do we curb or eliminate these distractions? After all, poor performance in academic life can ruin one’s future.

Here’s a little hack that might help. Believe it or not, there is software that can be downloaded to prevent users from visiting particular sites. If you want to limit or prevent the urge of visiting social networking sites, then you can block them with the help of Cold Turkey software.

This is a great way to stay away from time-sucking sites. The best part is that the software can be used for free. What better way to boost your willpower? You are literally using the enemy’s weapon against the enemy.

So, this Internet restriction software can prove to be a great resource to improve the productive hours in your kid’s life by blocking all the distracting sites.

Life Hack for Better Writing

Writing dominates a major share of our lives at school and at work. So, it’s bound to help a person in the present as well in the future. So, why not upgrade our kid’s writing skills while you still have a chance. As they say, “Sooner the better.”

Remember, writing goes beyond being a writer. It’s a great tool for self-expression and creativity. One can be a better listener, a better thinker, better salesman, better learner, and overall better person by writing. Moreover, excessive writing has also been associated with good moods, low-stress levels, and overall well-being. Writing about future aspirations and dreams tend to make people happy.

So, how do we make our kids a better writer? You can’t expect a teacher to correct his/her mistakes, which are not a part of the academic curriculum. Moreover, hiring a private tutor can prove to be an expensive affair. So, here’s a little writing hack that can improve your kid’s writing with no expense.

Let’s introduce you to Grammarly. It’s a free grammar checking tool that will correct mistakes of our texts. It can fix 250 types of different writing errors. So, it’s difficult for mistakes to slip through this automated grammar checking tool. In other words, their line of defense is quite solid.

Literally, it’s like hiring a free proofreader for your work. From novice students to experienced teachers, anyone out there can take advantage of this free tool to write better than before. After all, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra set of vigilant eyes to monitor your kid’s work for perfection with zero cost on your wallet.

They do have a paid version for advanced error fixing, but the free version does a good job as well. So, there is no need to reach out to one’s wallet. So, set out for error-free writing by making use of this writing hack.

Life Hack for Better Sleep

What’s the key to good health? In today’s time-deprived world, sleep is one of the keys to good health. Sleep deprived people often complain about a horrible life. They are generally seen stressed, depressed, and disoriented. They are unable to live their lives to the fullest.

Overall, it affects their present and future life. Of course, we would hate to see our kids go through the same turmoil. So, how do we ensure good sleep in our kid’s life to make sure that nothing stops them from living their lives to the fullest?

Perhaps, no one bothered to tell you about sleep hacks yet. Most people are themselves struggling with sleep. So, try this 60- second sleep hack tonight to boost your sleep time. It’s a ‘4-7-8 Breathing Technique’ developed by Harvard-educated physician by the name of Dr. Andrew Weil.

He describes it as a “natural tranquilizer” that forces the body to get into sleep mode by manipulating the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our body. Here’s what you need to do to perform this technique. You inhale through your nose for the count of 4 and hold your breath for a count of seven and then exhale through the mouth for a count of eight. Repeat three times.

Sounds simple, isn’t it? Try it out. It’s as simple as it sounds. While you hold your breath for seven seconds, the oxygen flows through the lungs, and floods rapidly through the bloodstream, causing a calming effect. More or less, you see it work in the same way as meditation. It’s an ancient Indian practice that is used to regulate breathing.

Agreed, this might not work for everyone out there. But, it’s worth a shot. It’s free, it’s simple, and there are no negative effects. Most suggest that it takes practice for few months to be able to master the technique to perfection to actually fall asleep within minutes with this simple sleep hack.


These life hacks are incredibly simple. You can start incorporating them today itself in your kid’s life. Believe it or not, incorporating some or all of these smart life hacks can give your kids a competitive edge they need to stay ahead in the game.

Remember, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It gets tougher with growing age. Kids should be prepared mentally and physically to deal with the challenges of life. From changing the morning routine to being more kind with every passing day, these life hacks have the potential to change their lives forever, and set them on the path to success.

It will not only improve their everyday life, but it will also make their lives so much better down the road. So, start making the changes now because life doesn’t come with the promise of tomorrow.

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