3 Magnificent Magic Tricks to Inspire Awe in Your Kids

Technically speaking, anyone can do magic tricks. Of course, there are some magic tricks that you will never know how to perform, unless you turn into a pro. As with any other profession, some trade secrets remain safe in the hands of a professional. Let those trade secrets remain the domain of the pro.

What we will unveil is some simple, yet magnificent magic tricks to inspire awe in your kids so that you can keep them entertained for long hours without disturbing your full-time job. So, are you ready to amaze your kids with some magnificent magic tricks?

1. Non Bursting Balloon Trick

Forget countless hours of practice to master a magic trick. We will get you started right away within minutes. Whether it’s a birthday party or any other event, it’s generally incomplete without the balloons. So, this magic trick will come handy to impress kids anywhere and everywhere. Ideally, a balloon blasts when it comes in contact with a sharp object.

But, not with this magic trick! All you really need is a balloon and a thin long needle to perform this trick. A wooden skewer or a pointed metal can also be used if you don’t have a long needle. If you can arrange for some dishwasher liquid that would be great as well. So, let the magic begin.

Start off with a bold declaration that you are going to pierce a balloon without bursting it. You may want your kid or someone from the crowd to try it out first. As expected, they will burst the balloon on their attempt. Now, it will be your turn to show them the magic. You will perform the same thing, but the balloon will stay intact. Here’s the secret spice to this magic. Towards the end of the balloon, where the color is darker, the air pressure is lesser than elsewhere.

If you pass the needle or any other sharp object through that area, it will pierce the balloon without bursting it. Simply apply some dishwashing liquid on the long needle used for piercing the balloon to ensure that it passes more smoothly. Remember, if you prick the balloon elsewhere it will burst, and your gimmick will be busted as well. So, pierce it at the right area where the air pressure is low.

Magnificent Magic Tricks To Inspire Awe in Your Kids

2. The Crayon Magic

This is another simple magic trick that you will leave your kids in admiration. So, get ready for another spellbinding performance of a lifetime. Here’s what you are going to do. You will ask your kid to pick any crayon color from the box, while your eyes are away from him, and you will guess the color by reading his/her mind. Don’t worry; you won’t have to spend time and money on a mind reading course.

You are good to go within minutes with this fine magic trick of ours. All you need is a crayon box to perform this trick. Optionally, you can dress like a magician to make everyone feel that there is a real magician on the floor. Ok, let’s get to the secret of the trick.

Hold the crayon box in your hands and put your hands behind your back. Ask your kid to pick any crayon from the box and place it on your hands. Remember, your back will be towards the kid, so you will not know which crayon the kid has chosen. Feel the crayon on your hands and then turn towards your kid. At this point, your hands will still be positioned behind your back, but you will be facing the crowd now.

The trick is to scrape a little bit of crayon with your fingernails so that some wax gets stuck in them. With one hand still behind the back, wave the other hand in front of the child’s face telling him/her that you are mind reading now.

Remember, the waving hand will be empty, but it will have a little bit of footprints of the color secretly scrapped through the nails, while the hand behind the back will hold the crayon so that the crowd feels that you don’t know which crayon it is.

Do some ‘abracadabras’ stuff for added effect while you take a sneak at your fingernails of the waving hand to identify the crayon handpicked by your kid. So, there you are! Like never before, you shall be able to impress your kid with this cool mind reading trick.

3. Finding Lost Card

This is a simple card trick that involves finding a “lost card” from a deck of cards. Ahead of the trick, you will split the deck of cards into two. One pile of cards will have all the red color cards such as the hearts and diamonds.

The other pile of cards will have all the black color cards such as the clubs and spades. Divide the cards into two piles in advance so that the crowd does not know about it. Place both the pile of cards on the table and ask your kid to pick a single card from one of the piles of cards. Ask him/her to memorize the card and place it back without showing it to you.

Now, here’s the trick. You will ask the kid to place the card back in the other pile of card. Ask him/her to shuffle the cards till heart content. It would be easy to reveal the secret card because you will immediately notice the odd card out.

For instance, let’s say, your kid had picked a card from the pile that contained all the black cards. You had asked him to place the card on another pile that contained only red cards such as the diamonds and hearts.

So, it will be easy to pick the only black card in the pile of red cards. Just make sure to pause for some dramatic effect as if you are deep studying something. Practice a bit, and you will be able to nail this act like a pro.

Magnificent Magic Tricks to Inspire Awe in Your Kids


These magic tricks are easy to perform, and you can get them right on the first attempt itself. However, it’s advisable to practice a bit in private to be stage ready. The more you practice, the easier it gets. If you put some practice hours behind any magic trick, it will look more natural. You will surely be able to impress your kids and his/her friends with these simple and magnificent magic tricks that can be mastered in just about no time.

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