6 Intelligent Ways to Make Your Kids Fall in Love with Maths

For many of us, it’s easier to be a politician than to be a mathematician. Maths can make smart guys look pretty dumb. There is nothing easy about Maths.

If we are finding it easy, we could be doing it all wrong. Perhaps, the only part of math that you might still love is counting money. Just because you sucked at Maths, don’t let the numbers torture your kids.

Believe it or not, it’s magically easy once you fall in love with it. Not to forget the fact that it sharpens the brain. What a dumbbell does to your biceps; Maths does it to your brain.

So, leave your age-old grudges behind, and discover some intelligent ways to make your kids fall in love with Maths so that they don’t think of it as a mental abuse to the human mind. So, let’s get to the math.

Make It Fun

When things are fun to do, everything appears easy and doable. Most kids are petrified of math because they find it downright annoying and complicated. All of that ends when the fun begins.

If your kids do not have a firm hold on numbers yet, you can play a song and sing numbers and tables with them. In this manner, the learning will have a strong hold on their minds. It’s the tutor’s job to make math engaging by involving interactive activities and games in the learning program.

Make It Practical

Maths need not be taught on a piece of paper all the time. Its practical use is endless. Practical application of Maths helps kids realize the importance of Math in the real world where they exist.

You can introduce them to numbers by teaching them how to read a clock. You can teach them about distance while walking on the streets with them. All the sign boards along the way can be used to teach them different shapes. Over time, they will be able to master things easily.

When math is put to practical use, it engages them and lets them learn things quickly. Moreover, it catches their curiosity and holds their eagerness to learn more.

Incorporate Screen Time

Technology doesn’t have to be the demon all the time. As long as you ensure restricted playtime, integrating technology in mathematics can prove to be the game-changer. As a matter of fact, lots of schools out there are inching towards it.

Today, there are loads of math apps available in the market that can make learning so much fun, engaging, and fruitful. Kids will barely notice the time gone.

The challenging games and other fun-filled learning concepts found online are a nasty kick to the old-fashioned route of learning, which merely involved reluctant dumping of information through the student’s throat. Everything said and done; technology has great power to entice kids to fall in love with Maths.

Our kids won’t have to be the slave of Maths any longer; they can be the ruler by conquering every problem thrown on their way, thanks to the new-age intriguing educational websites for kids.

Introduce them to Mathematical Toys and Games

Kids and toys are best friends, aren’t they? Why not take their friendship to the next level? So, bring home some educational toys or games that require logic, planning, or problem-solving approach. Counting cubes, cash registers, math dice, math-based board games, the choices are plentiful.

Once toys are brought into the equation, the end result is bound to be a positive one. So, let them play with numbers, science toys and mathematical ideas.

They will never know that they are secretly mastering the toughest subject on the face of this planet, which had their parents shivering as well. Hands-on play while learning; it doesn’t get any better than this.

While shopping for toys, you can also turn a mall visit into an educational tour by familiarizing them with currency counting and by letting them read price tags and exchange notes with the vendors.

Motivate Them to Get Over

By nature, Math problems can drain one out. Needless to say, some complicated problems can stress your kids too much. Teach them some stress busting activities such as deep breathing or thinking about fond memories to diffuse the stress.

Once they regain their focus, they can start working on the problem. A stressed mind won’t achieve much, so continue to motivate them whenever they appear stressed.

Remind them, how many times they had fallen to the ground before learning how to ride a bike. Over time, motivating memories will switch their minds, and they will be able to combat every stressful problem better.

They will stay in the game, conquer the problem and fall in love with it once they stand undefeated on their feet.

Dump Your Past Grudges as well

Maths might have given you a migraine-sized headache back in the days. Well, if you have any unsettled business, it’s high time you dump it now for the betterment of your kids.

The fact of the matter is that unless you learn to love math yourself, your negative attitude will affect the child’s mentality as well. No matter how hard you try, the ambiance in the air will tell it all.

Actively explore the tips mentioned above so that you can latch on to something that might make you fall in love with the subject as well. Do it for the sake of your kids, so that you can convey positive vibes when you are teaching them the subject.

So, don’t let them inherit the hate because that could really prove to be a major roadblock along the way.

Last Words

As you can see, starting a love affair with Maths is not impossible. In fact, it’s relatively easier than what most people think. There is a way to outsmart it, and the way to do so is through pure love and affection towards the subject.

You might be surprised to see your once-reluctant kids humming through some of the math problems, which seemed liked an uphill task in the past.

That’s the beauty of falling in love with Maths. As they say, “Great mathematicians were not born, they were made.” These guys simply loved Maths like nobody else.

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