Musical Toys & Gear for the Kids Who Love Beats!

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Is your child interested in music? Did they show any sign of wanting to play a musical instrument yet? You can check out some of our favorite kids’ musical gear & toys below.

Music is prevalent in every culture around the world, both now and in recorded history. It is human nature to want to hear music, sing, and make beautiful songs about our experiences. For example, when you step outside you can hear music almost everywhere, from the movies, restaurants, stores, ceremonies, and even in elevators.

At home, many parents use music to sooth a fussy child, or play a happy song to express joy and engage in play. A smart parent will take this natural instinct to the next step, and provide a child with toys that encourage musical development, which of course foster other skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

There are many benefits to sharing music with children, starting with newborns and lasting until they reach their teenage years. One study shows that even at a young age, exposure to music can improve brain development around the language acquisition and reading centers.

Another study went on to prove that exposure to music can improve both mathematical learning and even generalized testing scores. In short, from the very beginning music will help a child make his or her body and mind work together, building skills to prepare them for attending school.

They may learn skills such as motor skills, emotional and social development, improve intellectual prowess, and even directly affect their language and literacy. Hearing music helps them to learn sounds and the meanings behind words. Dancing to music improves large and fine motor skills and helps a child practice safe means of self expression.

There are no downsides to sharing music with your child, and whether he likes simple melodies or is playing the piano like the next Mozart, nobody will doubt the major benefits your child will receive. The presence of music both enlivens and enriches the lives of children and families on a daily basis.