7 Brilliant Tips to Keep Your Kids’ Toys Organized

Kids and toys are inseparable. As much as kids love their toys, they don’t care much about their upkeep. More than often, their toys are seen all over the place. Organizational skills are definitely not in their books. To top it all, there is hardly a one-place-fits-all toy storage space in our house. So, how do we keep our kid’s toys organized?

Cut back on the toys

The best way to cut back on the toys is to spend more time with the kids. Other than that, all your efforts will be in vain. The list of toys and the subsequent clutter will keep on growing month after month. No matter how good of a fighter you are, you will surely be on the losing end of the battle. After all, how can you save no to the grandparent’s gifts? By doing so, you would be depriving them of the joy that they get from giving gifts to the little one.

So, kids will always have their share of abundant toys by way of gifts, insistence, tears, sympathy, and so on. So, you will be up against an upcoming army in a never-ending war against toy clutter. So, spend more time with them because your time will be far more valuable than the most expensive toy in the kid’s closet. Otherwise, be ready for regular de-cluttering by identifying and retaining the most important toys, and getting rid of the rest. Important Note: Don’t get rid of their treasured toys. It will prove to be a surefire recipe for tears.

Nothing on the Floor Rule

Setting up a stringent rule does help a great deal over here. Other than the furniture, the rule should be that there should be nothing on the floor. Initially, kids might not be really receptive. However, some degree of nagging and pestering can get them on track. Get them into the habit of cleaning the room on their own. Give them some extra time and control to do so as long as they are getting the job done. Remind them of the rule before bedtime so that it gets ingrained in them. The goal is to make the rule a necessity as opposed to having them think of it as an optional thing.

Make it easy for them

The easier the task, higher is possibility of compliance. Of course, keep in mind the child’s ability to pick items from the floor. If it proves to be too complicated, they won’t do it. Make it an easy affair to ensure non-reluctant participation. Give them a plastic container or a tub to easily put toys in them to make their job a no brainer. In fact, have multiple toy baskets or bins with labels to help them put away toys easily at the right place.

Work with them and not against them, and let the kids be kids. Let them throw things around while they are playing. When they are done, pick up the toys along with them. Rather than having the clutter buildup for few days and then spend some agonizing hours to clean them up, it’s advisable to spare some time in the morning and evening every day to clean all the clutter quickly and easily. Having some system in place does help a great deal over here.

Set a boundary

Toys should go where they belong. So, have a dedicated space in your house for the toys. Not having a dedicated space for toys can feed cluttering. It would serve as an easy excuse for the kids to dump things wherever they want. You can have a closet or a simple container for storing their items. Once the space is full, you will know that it’s time to discard some items. Help your kids understand the principle of purging toys often, when there is no room in the closet for more toys.

Rotate Toys

Instead of purchasing toys, consider renting them. It’s a great way to introduce new toys in your kid’s life without spending a boatload of cash. In fact, it’s a novel concept that has proven to be a hit in the recent years. Getting toys on rent not only eliminates the storage issue but also allows kids to play with a variety of toys every month. Kids can learn, play and pass on the rented toys. There are loads of toy libraries out there that can make this possible. So, contact one of them to rotate the kid’s toys every month to reap all the benefits mentioned above. Once you start rotating the toys every month or sooner, you will realize that your house is so much clutter free.

Reward Organization

Kids are motivated by incentives. If you give them a solid reason to clean toys, they will surely get the job done like a pro. Offering incentive is one of the surefire ways to get a positive response from them. It’s best advised to track their cleaning routine. See how often they put their toys away properly. If they do a good job for an entire week, reward them with a treat or a new toy of their liking. Praising and rewarding kids for their positive behavior can cultivate good long term cleaning habits in them.

Be a Smart Shopper

Believe it or not, most parents don’t have a shopping budget for toys. As a result, they end up overspending. Not to forget the fact that they unknowingly make way for clutter in their house. So, have a toy shopping budget in place to curb toy clutter. Moreover, shop for toys that have multipurpose use so that you can limit the arrival of toys in your house while still allowing your kids to have maximum fun with limited toys.


Kids are generally showered with gifts from their parents and loved ones. With endless toy collections, it appears that the toys are all ready to swallow the entire house. Across the globe, parents are seen complaining about their kid’s toy. It’s an epidemic that bothers most parents out there. Without an efficient plan, organizing kid’s toys can prove to be a nightmare. So, get those toys under control by following the pointers mentioned above.

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