Outdoor Toys for Your Energetic Kids

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To ensure your child gets some time away from television, computer games, and screens, using these toys can be the impetus they need to get up and go out.

Toys are a great thing to have around the house, because they can encourage learning through play, and help develop cognition, cooperation, and grow strength and motor skills. Outdoor toys are even better because they take the idea of physical health to a whole new level. A child playing with toys outdoors improves their exploration and spatial awareness, learns to react to unplanned events, grows their problem solving skills, increases social development with friends and family, and gains a full appreciation of the benefits of nature.

Being outdoors has many tested and studied benefits for your whole family. It has been shown to improve vision and decrease the chance of nearsightedness in children, so you won’t have to purchase glasses. It promotes social skills through unstructured play; after all, not every kid can go down a slide or fly a kite at the same time. It can increase attention span and has even been proven to reduce symptoms of ADHD, encouraging your child to concentrate and focus like never before.

Being outdoors reduces stress because it is relaxing and gives your child a physical outlet for any stresses weighing him or her down. Finally, being outdoors can provide the very important Vitamin D through sunlight, a vitamin that can prevent future bone loss, diabetes and even reduce the risk of heart disease.

Whether it be spring, summer, or fall, these toys help you make the best of good weather and beautiful natural scenery. You can help your child learn to swim during the hottest days, and pretend to camp in the backyard on cool fall evenings. These toys can even go along with you on vacation, if you are going to the beach or pool or park.