Photosynthesis Explained for Your Kids to Get a Basic Idea

There is no better way to explain photosynthesis to kids than to break it down into two words, “photo” and “synthesis.” So, don’t let the big word scare them. When broken into two words, they appear absolutely non-intimidating.

Before we begin, here’s a tongue twister for you. Do you know the Greek word for light?

You might be surprised to learn that “Photo” is the Greek word for “light.” Half of the mystery solved, isn’t it? Here’s the other half resolved for you. In Greek, “Synthesis” means “putting together”.

Now, let’s jam these two Greek terminologies together to understand what photosynthesis is all about. Simply put, it’s making use of “light” to “put things together.” Easy as pie, isn’t it?

Photosynthesis Explained

To elaborate further on this subject, ask this question to your kids. What did you eat today and what did you feed your pets? Surely, you guys must have eaten something throughout the day. But wait, you forgot to feed someone. Still thinking? Did you feed your plants?

Ah! Plants are low maintenance, and they don’t eat food. Absolutely wrong! Ever wondered how do they survive? Here is the grand answer to the million dollar question. Photosynthesis is the mysterious answer to this question.

Yes, photosynthesis does the unthinkable job of helping plants be self-sufficient on their own. The dependence of plants on human beings has always been minimal due to photosynthesis. So, don’t be under the assumption that the plants on your balcony are breathing today because of your maintenance work.

Most of the photosynthesis process takes place in the leaves of a plant. So, their ability to harness sunlight and to convert it into food makes them standout from human beings. Maybe, you are jealous of them right now, or you will feel that way in a short while from now as you read more.

Photosynthesis Explained for Your Kids

Photosynthesis: Food ATM for plants?

Photosynthesis helps plants prepare their own food without moving an inch. Yes, no cost, no bargaining, no moving around and the food is ready to be consumed. All that they need is carbon dioxide, light, and water to stimulate the photosynthesis process.

Holy smokes, all three components are free and widely available for them. Every plant that exists on the face on this planet happens to be blessed with the photosynthesis characteristics.

Unfortunately, human beings don’t have an in-built food preparation mechanism, but plants do have them. Didn’t we say that you would feel jealous in a short while from now?

Anyway, that’s the magical part about photosynthesis. Photosynthesis makes use of some basic elements from nature and converts them into survival foods for the plants.

Is Photosynthesis the reason behind our existence too?

Truth to be told, there would be no plants without photosynthesis. Without plants, the human race would also meet its end. Plants soak all the carbon dioxide from nature and release breathable oxygen into the air. As humans, we need oxygen for mere survival.

If it had not have been for the plants soaking carbon dioxide from nature, our planet would have been as hot as Venus. Surprising as it may sound, we have to credit photosynthesis for our existence on the planet.

In fact, it won’t be an understatement to claim that photosynthesis is not only the guardian of the plants, but they are also our life savior.

Helping kids understand this basic concept will surely turn on their interest towards the subject. Overall, photosynthesis can be termed as a mysterious angel for plants and mankind.

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