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Good News!! You are Pregnant

Big congratulations! What you have always wanted is now yours. Now that you know you are a few weeks gone, you are probably wondering what’s next? Well, it’s not rocket science, so you don’t have to be scared; take it one step at a time, and you will ease into the new feeling. At this time, you will start to notice changes both physically and emotionally in yourself. Some of these changes are favorable, while others may be unfavorable. 

Feelings during Pregnancy

As mentioned earlier, the changes can be physical or emotional. Interestingly these changes could vary from one trimester to the other depending on your body. But some of the prominent changes you would notice are listed below:  

  1. Morning sickness 
  2. Lower abdomen pain and general body ache.
  3. Strange food cravings
  4. Backpains
  5. Extreme Fatigue
  6. Skin reactions
  7. Larger breast.
  8. Backpain
  9. Swollen ankle and feet

Nine Months is a long time to wait

No doubt, nine months can seem like forever during pregnancy due to the unwanted changes in the body that you may feel. Nevertheless, it is surely worth the wait, and your little one will put a smile on your face once you deliver. At that time, you would smile and be joyful that it was worth the wait. But while waiting, there are one thousand and one things you could do to while away time, especially if you are not working. Some of such activities are listed below:

  1. You could learn a skill, e.g., knitting with a needle. With this new skill, you could even make a crotchet dress for your unborn baby.
  2. You could reach out to old friends and reconnect either physically or online.
  3. Netflix and chill is another great option you could explore. 
  4. You could spend time designing and make-up the room for your baby during this time. 

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