3 Useful Tips to Protect Your Kid from the Wrath of the Sun

The sun will never stop shining, so how do we be sun smart? After all, we want the sun to do its work without letting the sunshine bother us. Since no mountain is too high for the sun, how do we protect our kids from the wrath of the sunshine?

To enjoy the sunny side of the sun without falling prey to its wrath, let’s follow the pointers given below:

Get Protection

Prevent your kids from being outdoors during midday, when UV rays are the strongest. If needed to be outside, let them be under the shade. Remember, UV rays can reach us even in the shade.

Therefore, it’s important to be extra cautious over here. Let your kids carry an umbrella. Also, make them cover themselves with light clothes such as long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Moreover, get them a hat and sunglasses to cover their head and eyes. Go for UV protection sunglasses.

Use Sunscreen

While sunscreen can help, it should have sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. If it has anything lower than that, then it would prove to be a waste of money. The higher, the better! Also, one should use enough sunscreen on all the body parts that are exposed to sunlight.

Remember, none of the sunscreens out there have an active lifespan of more than 4 hours. So, you might have to reapply them every few hours.

One can use waterproof sunscreens during swimming. Don’t let your guard down on winter seasons. Even on cloudy days, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can have a damaging effect on one’s well-being. Therefore, sunscreens should be used all-round the year.

It’s best advised to choose a product that your kids are willing to use consistently. Also, check the product label for the age limit before using them on your kids.

Walk the Talk

Not all kids may be receptive to the idea of sun safety. For them, it might seem like another senseless rule set by their parents to make their easy life hard. They might go out to play every day so it should not serve as an unnecessary chore.

Remember, it would be hard for you to sell them the idea of sun-care unless you practice it yourself. So, take care of yourself so that your kids can model you. Being a role model to them is a nice way to reinforce this behavior in your kids. So, let them impersonate you for good.


The sun’s battery is never ending. It will shine till eternity. So, it’s up to us to keep our kids immune from the evil effects of sunburn. Being sun-care savvy is not a buzzing trend, but it’s a necessity. After all, it can save a person from falling prey to skin cancer.

Kids with sensitive skin are more vulnerable to contract sunburns and other issues due to the damaging sun rays. So, stay safe and check out the tips given above for sun-care.

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