Safe Swaddling Tips: Easiest Ways to Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddling is a common practice when bringing your new bundle of joy home from the hospital. It reminds baby of being in mom’s womb so he feels safe and cozy and can fall asleep and stay asleep easily. The problem is, many parents don’t know the right way to swaddle baby and they don’t realize that if they do it wrong, it can cause serious harm. When done incorrectly, it can increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Whether it’s your first time swaddling a baby or you want to brush up on your swaddling skills, try some of these tips for an easier and safer time swaddling baby.

Use a swaddle that makes it easy for you

Traditional swaddle blankets can be confusing and ultimately lead to improperly swaddling your baby. Use a swaddle Woombie baby swaddle that takes the hard part out of swaddling. Just place your baby inside and zip up! The Woombie works so well because it mimics the feeling of touch, warmth and cuddle, re-creating the womb environment baby felt prior to birth. This is important for calming baby and preventing flailing arms.

Place baby on his or her back to sleep

Placing baby on her stomach is a big no-no. It can cause baby to rebreathe his own exhaled air which can lead to SIDS. The most important thing to remember is back is best.

Do not over swaddle

If you are using a regular blanket, you must be careful to avoid over swaddling your baby and never use double blankets. This can make your baby overheat – another risk factor for SIDS.

Don’t swaddle too tightly

Again, with traditional swaddle blankets, it’s easy to swaddle baby too tightly. This can also make baby overheat and can lead to hip dysplasia. The Woombie allows baby to have a good hip range of motion to prevent against future hip issues.

Stop swaddling once baby is ready.

If you find your baby is starting to roll over, this means it’s time to stop swaddling. There are different ways to transition your baby out of the swaddle, such as using an arms-free swaddle like the Convertible Woombie.

Speak to your pediatrician for more swaddle safety tips.

This post is written by Karen Barski, who is a baby swaddle expert with a focus on educating parents about safe sleep for babies. She invented the award-winning Woombie baby swaddle (a zip-up swaddle to help baby fall asleep and stay asleep more easily). As a Registered Nurse and Certified Infant Care Specialist, Karen has worked with thousands of parents providing them with smart tips on a wide range of baby topics. When she isn’t busy inventing a new baby product, she enjoys spending time with her family of 5 kids, traveling, and practicing yoga.

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